Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in the Life

When your day starts at this hour...
The possibilities are endless!

After my daily devo and prayer...followed by some time of email reading to shake out the cobwebs, I change and head to my happy corner in the house....

I really need to add some color down here....I smell a project!!
I usually throw in a load of laundry on my way by the washing machine (are all moms constantly doing laundry?) and start my workout of the day.  I either try to get in as many miles as possible before either someone little wakes up or it is time to get in the shower, or weights.  Today's workout was BBB upper body workout (Tina is famous for her butt kickings!).  Cardio will come later today.  Then I head upstairs, finish up lunches, and get this baby going....

before it's to the shower I go!

I'm dressed and ready within a half hour....breakfast is always on the go (Pumpkin Chai Designer Whey smoothie!)
My commute is about 35 minutes (a little more after getting a speeding ticket oops!) and I then spend the next 6 hours molding the young minds teaching ESL for high school and elementary school.  They are great kids and keep me on my pics for obvious reasons one being I like my job and would like to keep it.  Posting pictures of students is a certain no no!!

After work I fly to pick up Emma from school...never fails I get stuck behind someone old and not in a hurry (there are a lot of those types of people here!).  A quick play in the school playground with a friend then it is off to pick up chickie #2!  Home again and I'm cleaning out backpacks and planning where to put the ginormous self portrait Em made while the ladies have a snack.  Change of the clothes and we're out back...running around the yard playing "Mr. Fox".

No more crawling for this little lady!  Sad.....
Even Aubs is in on the game...she loves it!!  Wednesdays we head to my inlaws for family dinner and today is a treat because while the ladies catch up with their grandparents, I get to squeeze in my run.

Much better than waiting until 8pm!!!  Plus this weather is awesome!!!  Back home...ladies in bed and hubs and I veg on the couch before I need to start packing lunches and my bag for the gym before I crash into bed.  Gotta rest to do it all again!!!

There you have day in Fancy Nancy Land!  


  1. That's early even for me! Yes, all moms are always doing laundry. It's just something you're constantly "throwing" in or out of those machines.
    Have a great day!

  2. That is ridiculously early! Coffee please!

  3. Am I the only one that thinks that's late? Kidding, I actually slept until 4 this morning. I'll be back later to read the way you're doing this!

  4. Fun way to do the post - with the updates as your day progresses!

  5. holy early!!! I thought 515 was early lol

  6. I don't know how you people start days with a "3". Oy.

  7. Ok I think i am missing everyone doing day in a life today?

  8. I can barely do the 5 something hour, let alone 3!! I'm in awe. Hope it was a good day at school!

  9. Alright, I'm going to agree with everyone else that thinks you get up early! :) Your smoothie sounds delicious!

  10. holy dedication Nancy!

    I would be a terrible person to be around that early in the morning, and for the entire day to follow. haha! Great job!!

    So, btw, I just figured out that I could have registered for Zooma because my race is this weekend and not next weekend. D'oh. So all my friends are running Zooma and I'll be out on a 16 mile training run alone. So sad. Maybe I should bandit it? hahaha!

  11. I have a happy place and a Keurig. Love them both!

    I would love to have the Pumpkin Chai Designer Whey smoothie recipe :)

    1. Jill I brew 4oz of chai tea, banana, pumpkin pie spice, a scoop of vanilla bean designer whey, big spoonful o pumpkin, and ice!

  12. you are my sister in the early rising.


  13. OMG! You wake up early! I feel bad now for complaining waking up at 6am. LOL! :)

  14. i am amazed by you moms! working, working out, raising kids... you all inspire me!

  15. Whoa you are an early riser! I so wish I could be functional at that hour :) I'm definitely going to try your Pumpkin Chai smoothie - sounds heavenly!