Friday, June 28, 2013

Fitness Friday...Time for Mama

Now that Summer is here, I have joined the ranks with other say-at-home moms and dads.  While I do honestly love my children...I would love if they could give me one hour while the sun is still up when I can run or workout ALONE!  However, with the hubby unable to walk due to his knee surgery and the fact that they wake up the moment the sun breaks over the horizon, that is not my reality right now!  While I wish I could do this...

I can't!  I also know that I am not alone with this so here are some things that have worked for me in the past and am going to continue using!

Wake up early...Like I said above, this doesn't always work perfectly!  The girls have recently decided now that I am on vacation that they are going to wake up at 5:30.  I had given myself the pass yesterday and today to sleep until 5 but it is looking like I need to go back to my 4am wake-ups!  Lets be honest...waking up early sucks at first but once you get used to it you're good.  I like to get my runs/workouts in early before anyone wakes up since you never know what gems are going to come your way!  I can face it a lot better after a workout! 

Babysitter...I know it sounds crazy but hire someone to come watch the kids while you go run.  It would really be just an hour, or two depending if you also want to shower (details!).  This way you don't have to feel bad asking the grandparents/friends/neighbors for the 5th straight time.  You can go and do what you need to do!  I have changed my schedule this past week so that I can utilize the kid room at my gym.  For an hour they are just a few feet away playing.

Bob it up...One of the best ways for me to get in a run these days is if I bring my lovies along with me!  Now yes it takes planning (working around naps, bringing enough snacks and entertainment) but it is one heck of a workout pushing them and they can be outside in the fresh air.  I started with a Bob single jogger that I had to put on at least 80 miles a month!  Now we are sporting the Dualie and are already racking up the miles!  I have a 3 mile loop close to our house so if Em needs the potty we aren't too far!  If your kids are older, have them grab a bike and go!

Break it up...This weekend I have 12 miles on tap but I know I won't have someone to watch the ladies for the full 2 hours.  My plan is to break up the mileage between pushing them and running on the mill...just writing that makes me tired but you have to do what you have to do!  Breaking up the run is not ideal but occasionally it can work!

Be creative in your planning.  It can be a great time to teach your children the importance of being active not just for your physical health but your mental health as well.  Sarah and Dimity hit it on the head with their new AMR shirt...
 What works for you?  How do you manage all you need to do AND get in time for you?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

TTT...Summah Summah Time!

BOOM it's Thursday!
Grab your iced coffee and enjoy this week's random three!!

Lifting arms optional?...Yesterday was my first appointment with my trainer.  She did a lot of assessment just to see where I was strength-wise and showed me the proper form for the most common kettlebell moves.  After foam rolling the crap out of my legs, we moved on to the rope (the people on the Biggest Loser always make this look easy), and then the kettlebells!  I am proud to say I only bashed my ankle once (figure 8s) and this morning I woke up with some sore shoulders!!  For some reason my shoulders/biceps are areas that even though I train hard they are rarely this is a score.  I can lift my arms tomorrow!

Flying by...Yes I know that my summer break only started yesterday but I already feel it flying by!  Could be that every time the sun is out, we are out...leaving the house an array of towels, flip flops, and random shells!  Today is foggy so after we go pick some strawberries at a local farm, we are totally tackling this house...and our summer bucket list!!!  Next week we are headed to my hometown for the 4th and then VBS the following week.  Em loves being with her cousins and running all over the property at my parent's house.

Paddle board...Last summer while I was sunning/flopping my giant belly on the beach, my sister an I saw a class using paddle boards.  They would paddle out and then come back on shore and do squats or other exercises.  We vowed that this summer we would get out there and try out paddle boarding.  Watching friends surf when I was a teenager, I always wanted to surf too so this may be like the 30 year old version!!  Any suggestions?  Do you surf/paddle board?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

First day of summer break....sounds like the perfect time to make these bad boys mine!!!  
First personal training session with kettlebells....DOMS are always a little easier to handle soaking in the ocean!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Motivation

A little late posting today...a true reflection of this weekend...busy but filled with memories!  This quote came to me when I was getting ready for work today.  Do you remember those No Fear shirts what had quotes like this on them?  Am I dating myself?  Either way...My goal is in September.  3 months to train hard and get to my goal.  3 months to work around the many obstacles in my way and get to that starting line stronger than before!  It's going to take work....scheduling...early and late nights....but #IWILL get there!!
What goal do you have your sights set on these days?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fitness Friday...ZOOMA Training Group

One of the things as a ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassador that has been awesome to experience is the power of a group....power of determination...the power of women (sorry boys)!  Last year I was so inspired hearing so many of the runners stories about what got them to the starting line in Falmouth and watching them grit it out as I cheered at the water station!  I'm so excited to be actually running it this year (last year there was a good chance I would have gone into labor had I traveled the 13.1 miles) and getting to get the full experience of ZOOMA...i.e. wine and massages at the finish! 

Want to join me?  Don't forget to use the code CCAMB4 when you register for a discount!

One thing that I would LOVE to do but am not able to since I am wearing my Nurse Nancy hat this summer is the training groups run by Bayside Runner in Yarmouth and Plymouth. 

If you live near either of these two locations so yourself a favor and sign up!!  Not only will you have a supportive group to run with two days a week, but you will be able to work with a skilled coach to guide your training to the start line!  You don't even need to be training for the ZOOMA race to participate in the group.  There will be a 10k and a half marathon training group in each location.  The Yarmouth store will be doing their runs on Thursday and Sunday while the Plymouth store runs Tuesday and Saturday.  Kick off is July 1st so get your rear in gear and sign up!!!

Can't you just see yourself lounging here this September basking in your post race glory?!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Work It Out Wednesday

I'm keeping this short and sweet since this week multitasking is at an all time high...I didn't however want to let this go by without mentioning it.  I mean what kind of blogger would I be?!

Since having Aub, I have made a huge effort (especially lately when sleeveless and short are starting to enter my fashion vocab) to incorporate a lot more strength training.  While I could honestly justify carrying Aub in the carrier (seriously she weighs just shy of 20lbs and then that GIANT carrier must add at least 10lbs) as weight training, I know I need to do more.  This week I started Blonde Ponytail's Summer Shape-Up Plan and I couldn't be more psyched! 

They are killer workouts!  She's awesome and is now a new mom to a beautiful baby girl (and already looks AMAZE)! 

Last night however, I went outside my comfort zone (yes I love classes but I am always nervous on the first day) and went to a Team class at my gym.  We did 9 exercises for 45 seconds on and 10 off for 3 rounds.  Let me just say these brightly colored balls of lead are deceiving....

They look cute and nice but they kick my butt!!!  I left with a giant smile on my face and a personal training appointment for next week...I mean when the trainer says, "I can see that cute, rocking body in there" how can you not book an appointment on the spot?! 

Have you ever used kettle bells?  What is something you've gone out of your comfort zone to try?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Running with my Girls...My New Normal as a Mother Runner

Meet the girls...
Beauty #1

Beauty #2

Yes I realize that if you are a follower of this blog there is a good chance that you have already met these ladies, however, today is a reflection on how these two beauties have changed my running life.  I was thinking of this post as we ran this past weekend in the Mackenzie's 5k for Crohn's Disease.
I found myself giggling at how different life is now...from the ponytail pulling to the extra 70lbs I was pushing, we had a blast and Em even thought we won!...I mean actually walked over to the table and asked them if the trophy was for us (never lacking in confidence that one!)  We did pass a few snarky ladies who said, "Don't worry she'll lose steam and be walking in no time!"....Oh heck no!!

Pre-race prep:
Before mommyhood this entailed me waking calmly making sure I had enough time to have a relaxing breakfast that was perfectly cooked and ready.  I had more than enough time to get dressed (since I knew where all my running gear was located at all times), pack my small bag with a change of clothes (don't want to sit in sweaty clothes for the drive) snacks, GU, and water just for me. myself. and I.  I would saunter out the door with more than enough time on my hands looking perfectly quaffed and ready to tackle the race.

After mommy hood...I wake up at an ungodly hour in order to get in a quick breakfast before one of my beauties wakes up (usually unsuccessful...they can hear me breathe I swear!).  This leads me of course to getting their breakfasts ready and fed to them while I sneak in a bite here and there of a burned English Muffin that I wasn't paying attention to!  I chug down some coffee while I pull on my race outfit that was laid out the night before and try to find my missing Saucony (which is usually in my daughter's closet since she was trying it on) and my Garmin which is probably in the car from the last race!  I stumble out the door trying not to run over my sauntering 4 year-old carrying her sister in the baby carrier, my running bag with a jacket if I'm lucky (mostly used so that my sweaty clothes don't ruin my seats!), and a baby bag packed with enough snacks, bottles, and clothing options to last us a week on the road!

Race time:
Before mommyhood I would arrive to the race with plenty of time to visit the expo (if I hadn't already the night before....because really no one to lug around but me), get my number, and have it pinned and centered on my shirt.  I would take a leisurely jog around to warm up and stretch in order to line up right on time!  The race is all about me. myself. and I as I watch my splits closely and push myself as I leg out another great race!  Not to mention the fact that I am perfectly hydrated and fueled (due to the fact that I don't need to share it with anyone!)

After mommyhood (this is from our experiences Saturday) we arrive at the race a little too early since by the grace of God we got out the door on time!  After picking up our bib, I then proceeded to panic a bit knowing I had too much time to fill and restless beauties that wanted OUT of the stroller!  Out come the snacks and a walk around the school hosting the event in an effort to put Beauty #2 to sleep (no luck)!  We stumble upon a blessing ahead...a playground!  We climb and swing and slide until just minutes before the race is scheduled to begin.  I wrangle both beauties into the Dualie again as they both yell their displeasure.  Snacks and bottles fly as I try to fill their bellies before it's go time.
We're very serious about hydrating!
Running along is a myriad of scenes from screeches of joy to screeches of pain due to Beauty #2's obsession with pulling ponies!  One final push as we fly through the shoot knowing a potty break is needed NOW!

You can see the difference right?  Time and calmness!  Don't get me wrong.  I had a blast running with the ladies Saturday as I do a lot of the time.  Saturday morning long runs entail me getting in as many miles as possible within the time frame that I have.  Running while pushing 70+lbs managing snacks and technical difficulties with the iPad has become my new norm...and while I have days when I crave the days of running having only to worry about myself, I wouldn't trade these days for a second! 
 It is not lost on me that this girl time is fleeting fast and that there will be a day when they are passing me!  For now I will giggle at what a difference a few beauties make and be thankful for faster running times (after all having to fit 13 miles into 2 hours requires speed!)!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Motivation

We all have daily limitations that we face....physical, mental, time, name it.  The strength comes in not letting them limit you!  This week is a doosy....hubby going into surgery, Em's last day of school, loads of meetings, you name it but I'm not letting it limit me!  Yes it will take some crafty planning of workouts and my food will need to be prepped and ready to go quickly, but I can do it!  Today, while hubby and Em watched a movie before bed, I is set for the week to just grab and go...workouts are on the calendar...Limitations will not get me!!!
How will you rise above your limitations this week?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fitness Friday...For my Dad

My Dad has always called me his "Pal".  He's always signed his cards, Love: Your Pal.  When I was younger he would steal our crayons and construction paper and make us cards for Valentine's Day.  He was my softball coach for most of my life and on my last college softball game, he left the hospital, traveled the 2 hours to the game, and took the game ball.  Later that week he presented it to me filled with quotes and Bible verses that we had quoted to each other over the 15 years of my softball career.  I can clearly remember one day when I was young playing in the garage while he worked on something...calling out for help and he came running over in a split second to help.
My Dad also has struggled with Crohn's Disease for 46 years....for the entire length of my parent's marriage, they have dealt together with the highs and lows that the journey of Crohn's provides.  If you are unfamiliar with the disease check out the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation website here.  I can not even imagine what it has been like for my Dad to live each day with this...and there have been countless days when I didn't think he would live any longer....a game he would not make, graduation he that would have an empty seat, an isle I would walk alone, and a granddaughter he would not hold...but somehow God has kept him here.  Today he gets most of his nutrients from TPN and hasn't actually ate a meal in 10 years.  He struggles to have the energy to do all the things he once loved but each time his grandchildren walk through the door, no matter how bad he feels, he lights up and begins joking with him.
One of the hardest parts for me as a child of someone with Crohn's Disease is that helpless feeling watching someone you love suffer....not knowing when the next flareup would rage through their body.  This Father's Day I will not be with my Dad (we are celebrating next weekend) but tomorrow I am doing something with our girls to honor my Dad.  I will be running in the Mackenzie's 5k for Crohn's Disease.  It's a small, local 5k with a cause so extremely dear to my heart.  I can't take Crohn's away from my Dad....I can't make this one thing that I hate go away...I can't find a cure...but I can run.  I can run for my Dad and anyone out there that faces Crohn's each day.  I can run...and maybe one day Crohn's will be gone!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Race Pics...Friend or Foe?

Tell me this....when you see this
staring at you while you are running in a race, do you look like this
or maybe like this?
Sorry Boring Runner but this was just perfect!!
I have always subscribed to the rule that you can be this side of dying during a race but once you see that shiny lens on the horizon you need to paste on a smile and stride along like you own it!  Now let me recognize that those who get the email that their race pictures are ready to view, very rarely open the email and love what is staring back at them!  However, lately I have been noticing an unhealthy trend with me and my race pics!  I am going to go ahead and blame it on a reverse body dysmorphic disorder.  When I'm running, I feel like me...the prebaby me...and when I get the race pics back I am reminded that I in fact don't look like that just yet.  Exhibit A...a text to my sister!
The unhealthy part is that I allow this image staring back at me to take away the badass feeling I had about the race.  A perfect example of this was my last half marathon where I rocked a 2:02 finish...and then looked at the race pics and felt awful.  No more!!!  I have decided to not look at the pics any longer.  I know how I feel about the race and I am going to leave it at that!  I am NOT an image at the other end of a lens!  I am a strong running mom and I need to continue to remind myself of that!!

What do you do with bad race photos? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Motivation

As a working mom of two little girls, I certainly have my share of excuses.  Lately with my hubby getting hurt (possibly tearing his meniscus in both knees), I have had my fair share of excuses I could throw into the ring.  This week they are gone....this week begins the week where those excuses are no longer strong enough!  #IWILL get the job done and overcome the excuses laid before me!
What's your excuse for not working out?  
How will you be stronger than that excuse this week?

Friday, June 7, 2013

#WhatsBeautiful...Digging Deep to the Finish

Well I fought the heat...and the heat won (for now!)!  When we arrived at the Girls on the Run 10k in Rhode Island and got out of the car, I knew it was going to be a hot one! 

Already at 75 degrees at 8am, the day was already 20 degrees warmer than the previous weekend and with bright sun was going to climb even higher (It was 99 degrees at the finish!).  I looked over at my sister with my face already covered in sweat and said something to the effect of, "Oh buddy it's hot!"
Since this race provided me with more than enough thoughts running through my crazy runner mind, I will give you the good, bad, and ugly!

  • pink and favorite color combo was also the color combo for the race.  Win!
  • Very well organized and easy to find/navigate.  This is the 4th event I have done that Trimom Productions has done and they really do a great job!  They have other events (running, tri, and duathlons) in RI that I would love to check out!
  • Water stations...on a very hot day I was more than happy to see all the water stations (they even had ice cubes in the waters...drink the water and put the cube on my head!)  Plus the boys and girls helping at the water stations were just adorable!  It almost helped me forget I was this side of dying!
  • The first 5k...It was challenging with rolling hills but I focused on one girl and tried to keep her in my sights and was able to finish the first 5k in 26 minutes and change.
  • I finished...period.  My sister also finished the 5k and while she didn't hit her goal time (she hates the heat even more than me...we're blaming you Mom!) I couldn't be more proud of her!  She was diagnosed with a back problem that basically was going to keep her from walking last year and she has now run over 100 miles on a quest to 500 in addition to losing 30+ lbs! 

  • The temperature...Ok this is the last time I'm going to whine about the temp but it was the second day of a heat wave and my body was just not acclimated to running in that kind of heat considering it was just 65 a few days before!  I gained a whole new level of respect for all you racing in the southern part of the country where it gets "melt your face" hot!  
  • Hills...Do I sound like a broken record yet?  This course was get a ticket for your local roller coaster rolling!  One day I'm going to run out on the Great Plains or Chicago or something!  I am on it though...I am done letting hills kill me in races!  I'm not moving so I need to get on it!!

  •  The second 5k...Without going into great detail and to keep from sounding whiney lets just say the second half entailed walking the aforementioned hills, throwing up twice, contemplating cutting it short and just running the 5k, and planning my escape via the pond!  I said to my sister at the finish that the wheels not only fell off the bus but it went into a ditch!  
Did I hit my goal time?  Umm yeah try my slowest 10k EVER!  Did I feel great?  Yeah not so much!  But...I finished!  I didn't give in to the thoughts to just stop...throw in the towel and be done.  I kept pushing forward towards my goal and that to me is #WhatsBeautiful!  Determination and not accepting the limits in front of me!!
After the race I said..."I'm never running this again" but in true form yesterday I was thinking, "I'm totally doing that one next year and making it mine!!!"
I'm part of a sponsored campaign for the What's Beautiful program and I'd love for you to join my Team Limitless!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Three weeks left of school and three randoms just for you!  

Worn...Let me premise this with I know the things that are causing me to be worn are small in comparison.  Have you ever gotten to the point where you say, "Ok I'm all done!"?  When you just don't think the hits will ever stop coming?  Perhaps this is where God needs to take me so that I throw up my hands and He can just come in a take it on like it should be...but boy oh boy could there please be an easier way?  A lot is too personal to post and is really not my story to tell, but those people who live in bubbles are starting to look less kookie!  Poor hubs went to the doctor yesterday and the diagnosis is a torn ACL and torn meniscus requiring surgery this summer.  I know this is so hard on him and I really feel awful.  I wish I could take it away but unfortunately I can't!  Add to that some tough news about Emma's school (we will just be eating pb&j all year to make tuition) and our family needs a time to just rediscover what it feels like to just have fun without stress!  Sorry for the Debbie Downer but it is what it is!

Morning...Today I'm home to bring Aub to the doctor (see told you it was just all done!) and I'm hoping to sneak in a morning run before the hubs need to leave for work.  As the school year draws to a close, I can feel myself start to crave those early morning outdoor runs...before the world wakes up!  I love the way the world looks and even smells that early in the fresh and ready for another day!  Coincidentally that is how I usually feel after one of my morning runs...ready to take on the day!

Hit those Hills...So tomorrow I will write about the 10k that kick my butt but one theme that is coming up in almost all my races is that the hills kill me.  Now one thing that is true is that as long as I live in New England (and that is probably for the next 50 years) I am going to run hills.  I also know that my September ZOOMA Half Marathon (register to run with me and use the code CCAMB4 for your discount) has hills.  If I'm going to rock that race, then I'm going to have to train hills.  Heck if I'm going to run period I'm going to have to train hills!  Yesterday I ran around our neighborhood and realized that it is pretty hilly...then again everything seems hilly when you're pushing a dualie!  I've been scoping areas to find hills I can do repeats on.  I'm coming for you hills!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Running Day!!!

I could probably fill in a million of these about what gets me to lace up my Sauconys and go for a run!!
Today I'm pulling out the big rig so the ladies and I can go for a run around the neighborhood!  
How will you be celebrating today?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Winnah Winnah Chicken Dinnah!!

Thank you all for entering the Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway!  The winner is......
Still registering...use the discount code at checkout for 15% off!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Motivation

The month of May brought me a lot of great blessings but as the month flew by so did my discipline with what I was eating.  I choose what I wanted in the moment over what I wanted the most, which is my post baby bod back!  I am disappointed with myself in a way that I forgot how HARD I worked after I had Emma to lose 70+lbs and got complacent with my bad habits.  Last week Carla had an amazing post about broken glass in our lives and it really challenged me to get my discipline back!  June for me started me back on clean Paleo eating...because the beach is calling and I want to answer!!!  I'm choosing a skin I feel myself in over a treat I want now!  I'm choosing liking pictures I see of myself over food!  I'm choosing the feeling I get knowing I had discipline in my life over settling for foods that are in front of me!
What choice will you make this week?
What you want now.....or what you want most?