Friday, June 28, 2013

Fitness Friday...Time for Mama

Now that Summer is here, I have joined the ranks with other say-at-home moms and dads.  While I do honestly love my children...I would love if they could give me one hour while the sun is still up when I can run or workout ALONE!  However, with the hubby unable to walk due to his knee surgery and the fact that they wake up the moment the sun breaks over the horizon, that is not my reality right now!  While I wish I could do this...

I can't!  I also know that I am not alone with this so here are some things that have worked for me in the past and am going to continue using!

Wake up early...Like I said above, this doesn't always work perfectly!  The girls have recently decided now that I am on vacation that they are going to wake up at 5:30.  I had given myself the pass yesterday and today to sleep until 5 but it is looking like I need to go back to my 4am wake-ups!  Lets be honest...waking up early sucks at first but once you get used to it you're good.  I like to get my runs/workouts in early before anyone wakes up since you never know what gems are going to come your way!  I can face it a lot better after a workout! 

Babysitter...I know it sounds crazy but hire someone to come watch the kids while you go run.  It would really be just an hour, or two depending if you also want to shower (details!).  This way you don't have to feel bad asking the grandparents/friends/neighbors for the 5th straight time.  You can go and do what you need to do!  I have changed my schedule this past week so that I can utilize the kid room at my gym.  For an hour they are just a few feet away playing.

Bob it up...One of the best ways for me to get in a run these days is if I bring my lovies along with me!  Now yes it takes planning (working around naps, bringing enough snacks and entertainment) but it is one heck of a workout pushing them and they can be outside in the fresh air.  I started with a Bob single jogger that I had to put on at least 80 miles a month!  Now we are sporting the Dualie and are already racking up the miles!  I have a 3 mile loop close to our house so if Em needs the potty we aren't too far!  If your kids are older, have them grab a bike and go!

Break it up...This weekend I have 12 miles on tap but I know I won't have someone to watch the ladies for the full 2 hours.  My plan is to break up the mileage between pushing them and running on the mill...just writing that makes me tired but you have to do what you have to do!  Breaking up the run is not ideal but occasionally it can work!

Be creative in your planning.  It can be a great time to teach your children the importance of being active not just for your physical health but your mental health as well.  Sarah and Dimity hit it on the head with their new AMR shirt...
 What works for you?  How do you manage all you need to do AND get in time for you?


  1. Waking up at 4:30 works for me. Although my kids are now starting to wake at 4:50. Thankfully I have a very understanding hubby that realizes I need this time. LOVE the AMR shirt. I may need to get that one too!

  2. I found that being flexible in my workouts and knowing that not sticking to my schedule is not the end of the world, is the most important thing. I used to be a morning runner, but found that going for a lunchtime run (when hubby's home) is often the only chance I'll get. Or, like you, splitting runs in two if I do go in the mornings and Baby Girl gets whiny in the jogging stroller. Or running on the gym's treadmill at 19:30 on a Friday night... Whatever works :) .

  3. Great tips for those looking to FIT in the time :)

  4. Great tips! Early morning just as the sun rises is what works for me. Unless they're forced no way will my family be awake and the rest of the world is just starting to stir when I return home from a run or finish a workout. I don't know how I would do it without my solitude of early morning.

  5. I think sometimes it is just hard to figure out times and it is a lot easier when you have a functioning second person around! Looks like you have a great plan started, i have many times in the past paid a babysitter to watch the girls while I run!

  6. Great ideas for parents to help get them going. It could become too easy to just give up trying.

    Another idea could be a trade with another mom. Watch her kids while she runs (or does whatever), and she watches yours in return.

    I don't have kids at home, but I do get up at 4 am. Have to in the summer, need to because of work, actually enjoy the early time.

  7. I wake up at 4:15. Okay, I set my alarm for 4:00 and snooze a bit every single day. I got to stop snoozing but at least now I am forcing myself to take my resting heart rate as I lay in bed postponing getting up.

    GYM! Fortunately I can have up to 2 hours of my time to run but don't often use the full 2 hours.

    Home treadmill. It sucks since it is at a constant incline but I have done a 15 miler and 20 miler. That sucked. Sorry, it did.

    Breaking up runs: Now my break up may be home treadmill and gym treadmill. Darling daughter is too big for her stroller and you would think we would have safe running/cycling roads here. Not really. I would have to pack up her bike and drive down to a local park with a loop which may be 0.3 miles and going in circles around that after driving 45 minutes to get there makes me cringe.

    And then, I thank all my lucky stars for the rare days dear hubby is home to watch darling daughter and run outside in the fresh air! Sometimes I even get a friend to watch darling so dear hubby can run with me (perhaps 4-5 times a year).

  8. With school now out, I'm going to rely on getting up at a crazy early hour. Luckily my BRF lives next door so we can also trade off covering each other's kids.

  9. Haha! Love the note...hilarious!

    I wake up EARLY and while its tough most days, it's the only "me" exercise time so I jump on it! But when my husband is on days and leaves at 4am, my workouts are in my workout room or living room while the kids play & talk with me :-)

    I gotta do what I gotta do to get it done! Great tips for all of us busy Momma's :-) I also let the boys ride bikes while I run but with the heat, we have to wait until 8pm to start...and it's still blazing hot!!!

  10. Early mornings are the way I fit everything in - only way to have enough time for my workout and my boys!!

  11. These are really great tips and I LOVE that shirts. I definitely do make it a priority but am also flexible in terms of when I fit it in. I have a general idea of what I want to try to accomplish but I know that sometimes something may come up and I may have to push my workout later than night.

  12. Summertime is much harder to fit in my workouts with my boys home. I really love waking up early to get my workouts in but lately its been so difficult to drag myself out of bed in the morning so I get it done while they are in camp.

  13. Nancy, I am totally sending this post to my friend. She just got into the Nike Womens Half Marathon and is a bit unsure about how she is going to fit it all in. This is a great cheat sheet for how to get it done while still having a work and mom life! Thanks!