Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Today's three things are completely random but all running related.....Just in a random mood today!

I signed up for a jelly bean virtual race over at Run with Jess. You can choose the 5k or the 10k and it is for the week before Easter. Click on the picture for more details and to join. I am seeing a theme with my virtual races lately......cupcakes......jelly beans. I think this giving up sugar for Lent is getting to my brain! I have decided to cut back on my racing in order to show my family that they come first. I don't plan on cutting back my running but the racing was becoming a burden. I'm going to do some big races (I still love the thrill and fun of a race) and then try to do lots of virtual ones. If you know any, let me know! This one sounds great and lots of great sponsors!!! I signed up for the 10k and since it is during school break I should have no problem getting it in. There is also a prize for best costume so the wheels are turning!!

Does anyone else have a problem with callouses? I have had one on the outside of my left big toe for almost 2 years now (goes to show when I last had a pedicure) and just recently, like within the past 2 months it has really started to hurt when I run. It even has started to change my foot strive I feel. I know I need new sneakers (they almost have 500 miles on them) but any suggestions on what else to do? I'm nervous to file it down in case it makes a blister but it is really starting to hurt no matter what shoes I wear, well except for my Uggs but that can't happen!

This afternoon I am going to go to a few stores to find the girl a blue sweatsuit for our "Team Blue" race on Saturday. I would love to find her a blue tutu but don't know where to tutu??? I will post some pics as soon as I get it all together. I am leaving from work tomorrow so I am running out of time. I am such a procrastinator! My sister and nieces are running too! I am planning on racing and then looping around to meet up with them and pick up any stragglers with the stroller! It should bring a lot of laughs either way!!! Oh and since my sister is a rockstar photographer there will be lots and lots of photos! Do you hear that Amy?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless about Weather this Wednesday

First thank you so much for your honest responses to my post the other day! I know it is going to take time but we will get to a place that works for both of us! Thank you for your suggestions!!! You guys rock!

Ok so let me tell you something that doesn't quite rock....the weather. No April Fools here in New England we have a snow storm forcasted for Friday!!! This has left me wordless......well not for long! I am trying to soak up the sun today and am taking Em for a run to the park this afternoon. Maybe we should run to the beach since we may never see it! I'm so thankful that she loves to be outside! The only good side of snow in April is that it doesn't last long! My feeble attempt at being positive about a winter that won't end. One of my first graders has been asking me how many days until Spring....I tried to explain the whole weather thing to him but finally ended with, "Good question!"

This is one of the big challenges of Spring racing just never know about the weather. I know I've told my story before of the Noreaster that was my Boston Marathon experience with 30 degrees at the finish and how it was 80 degrees the next year. You just never know! I'm hoping the weather will rebound for my 5k this Saturday so Em and I can run together as Team Blue......working on the outfits today!!!

Have a great Wednesday and soak in some sun!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

What is Normal???

Ok bloggy buddies I need your input here...and yes there will be lots of questions! I know that the running joke is that "Runners are different!" but I am wondering...."What is normal?"

Where is this coming from you may ask....well I have been really struggling my emotions lately between being a Mom and wife and being a runner. My whole life I have been a competitor and it easily transferred to my running. Each year though it seems to grow....a new challenge, new pr, new distance to conquer. I know that from reading so many of your blogs that I am not alone but when the two worlds collide (running and being a mommy &/or wifey) what do you do?
How do you show your family that they are important to you and still run as much as we do...races every month, long runs every weekend...???

Running these past years have taught me so much more about myself than I have ever known. It has shown me an inner strength that I never knew I had and has given me an identity outside of being a Mom and wife. I praise God for each of these roles and they each give me great joy which is what makes me feel guilty to also praise Him for the way running makes me feel.

I struggle to explain this to my hubby who feels the most burden by my running and racing schedule. He posed this question to me this weekend and I it has really made me think a lot about it. "Is it normal to run and race this much?"

What do you think? We are all women...strong women and whether or not you have children I know that your running impacts someone you care about dearly. We train, we race, we run, we strive to do better and better to reach that pr, we push ourselves to the limit only to finish and plan for the this normal and if so how do you explain it to your loved ones?

Edit note: My hubby is in support of me running it is just the amount that I have gotten to that is becoming a struggle to balance.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hands down Em LOVES her cousins and 6 years ago today my sister and brother-in-law stood in a small town in China and added one of Emma's favorite people to our family! Today is my nieces "Gotcha Day"! I can honestly say our life is richer with Maya in it! Besides being an amazingly strong little girl she has one of the most contagious laughs ever! She could eat her weight in ice cream and is as bendy as a Gumby! She loves to help and has more patience with her cousin than I have ever seen! I love watching them all together....they just giggle and laugh and play! Perfect! Maya Jane I will forever thank God for the day you came to us! Happy Gotcha Day!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

This is what I woke up to not cool Old Man Winter....Go AWAY!!!

This week I have been trying to reflect on the things that I have learned from the half this past weekend and what my plan is for the next few months with running, etc. This Thursday you get the pleasure of two lists!!! Lucky day!

What I learned from my half marathon:
1. I am way stronger than I many times I think my mind gets in the way of my body. This race I relaxed and just ran and boom I scored!! It was such a shock to me and really gave me more confidence in my running. Tuesday I went for a run after the hubs got home and I maintained a 8 min mile pace and sometimes faster for 6.2 miles. No longer am I going to doubt myself (well I'll try not to) with my running!

2. Hills suck....ok so I already knew that but having to face a huge, long hill after already running 12 it kind of drives the point home!

3. Running is fun....again something I knew but it was driven home during this race. Again I just relaxed and had fun. There were hilarious signs along the way, fun music on the ipod, and sun. Crossing the finish line with a huge smile on my face said it all. (I completely realize that if this race had been really hard I probably would have felt differently but it is always good to be reminded!)

Goals for April and May:
1. More weights....I have to believe that the weather is going to warm up so I am going to need to firm things up a little. I have been really focused on miles, miles, miles so I am going to need to change things up to fit in weights.

2. 10k PR....I am running a 10k the day before Easter with my friends that begins on a bridge. It is going to be so fun and I haven't run a 10k in many years. I am hoping to get a PR out of this one!

3. Get a 40 mile week...With vacation coming in April I hope to get in a bunch of miles. I am looking forward to the challenge!

Well one more day and then the weekend is here! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

McDonalds, Cupcakes, Skittles, and M&Ms!

Got your attention didn't I?! No this isn't a list of my favorite prerace goodies...just what is going on in Fancy Nancy's world today!

First up......McDonalds...or shall I say Mcrunner! This guy ate McDonald's for 30 days and then proceeded to kick butt in the LA marathon coming in 27th!! It was all for a great cause, The Ronald McDonald House. You can follow his story, if you haven't already heard about it all over Facebook and the internet here. I don't know about you but if I ate McDonald's for 30 days I would not look like this no matter how much I ran:

Next up....I finished the Cupcake Marathon this weekend!! I signed up for the 26.2 miles and told my hubby I would be running another marathon. You should have seen the look on his face! All said and done I logged the miles in 4 runs and checked another race off for Run for the Bling of It! Here is the proof in pictures!

Also I was a winner this weekend....and not just for my PR. I won Stephanie's Rainbow Giveaway!!! Yahoooo! I'm totally hiding the Skittles until Easter! You should check her out at Thorns Have Roses. She's awesome!!!

Finally M&Ms....I mean Eminem! Here is the playlist I used for the half this weekend. Totally random and at times embarrassing but it did the trick!!!

"Love Don't Run" by Steve Holy
"Love the Way you Lie" Eminem
"Eye of the Tiger" Survivor
"On the Floor" JLo
"E.T." Katy Perry
"Shots" LMFAO and Lil Jon
"It's Goin' Down" Yung Joc
"Blow" Ke$ha
"Let It Rock" Kevin Rudolf
"Till the World Ends" Britney Spears
"Like a G6" Far East Movement
"The Time" The Black Eyed Peas
"Stronger" Kanye West
"Lose Yourself" Eminem
"We R Who We R" Ke$ha
"Dynamite" Taio Cruz
"Raise Your Glass" Pink
"Only Girl" Rihanna
"What Them Girls Like" Ludacris
"Airplanes" B.o.B
"Firework" Katy Perry
"Club Can't Handle Me" Flo Rida
"Heartless" Kanye West
"The Way I Are" Timbaland
"DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" Usher
"Live Your Life" T.I.
"Hard" Rihanna
"I Know You Want Me" Pitbull
"Loser Like Me" Glee Cast
"Imma Be" The Black Eyed Peas

Told you it was random....and a touch embarrassing! Have a great day all!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Bedford Half Race Report

Ok so after loafing around the house for the rest of the day, I am feeling very proud of my time from yesterday! The best way to describe this race for me was that I was in the zone...big time! My pace stayed consistently for 12 miles from 8:22-8:36 min miles. Mile 12 was basically a hill the ENTIRE mile so that was a little slower! Of course the competitor in me was thinking whether or not I could have broken 1:50 if it was not there! Either way I is how the day shook out!

I woke up with plenty of time to get myself moving but somehow felt like I had no idea what to do! It was weird....didn't know what to eat for breakfast and actually forgot breakfast until we were almost ready to leave! The hubs was on the fence about going since it was going to be chilly and hard to wrangle a 2 year-old for 2 hours alone. He decided to go and Em got all excited about going to Mommy's "big race"!! She kept saying she was on "team blue", Mommy was on "team pink", and Daddy was on "team green". She was so excited and a lot of the way there she would start cute!!!

We got there in plenty of time for a potty stop and number pick-up. Once I was all set we headed outside to wait. Em was running all over and even stretching with me. She was so excited!!!

"Team Pink"!! Had to sport my lucky Supermom Bondi Band!

When it got close we headed up to the starting line.....I kissed them goodbye....and headed into the corral to start. I would say this was one of the most comfortable starting lines I have been in in a while.....not a lot of crowding and pushing around. I hate being squished at the start! The gun went off and we were off!!! I kept repeating to myself "Just run your your race...." to keep me from getting swept up in the rush. It worked...I settled into an 8:30 pace and as I said earlier didn't deviate too much from that! One strategy that I used was finding people along the way to help me keep a pace....thanks to the girls running in purple for miles 1-3, the girl in the camo for miles 4-7, the really tall man for blocking the wind around mile worked great and gave me just what I needed. I FELT GREAT!!! I kept waiting for the wall to come but it didn't. I was jamming out to my music and had a great time! I sprinted to the finish and was surprised to see how much I had left in my legs! I could have done without the GIANT hill at mile 12 but overall it was a great race! It was even better to find my family at the finish!

Some observations from today......This is a huge race for people running the Boston marathon...I saw lots and lots of charity runners getting ready for Boston and the hills are good practice.....there are parts of New Bedford I would not want to run alone if you know what I was very well organized.....I like running in the middle of the street (random) gets me going (I know I owe you all a playlist!).....knee high socks with crazy patterns and bright colors have flooded running (lots of bright colors everywhere!)....shirts were nice since they had men's and women's sizes

I will leave you with my loot.....Em insisted on wearing my medal all the way home!

Of course I had to add it to the desk this morning!!!

This was my 2nd race for Run for the Bling and also part of the Cupcake Marathon (post to follow). Up next on the schedule......5k for my old Nursery School with Em....we'll be Team Blue!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Race Report....short version

Praise the Lord for another PR in the books! Thank you all SOOO much for your encouraging words! Now I'm off to hubs is so good making me a "victory" lunch! Long version to follow!!!

Race Day!

Well today is my first half in 2011 and boy I couldn't be more nervous!!!! After scouring many sporting stores I finally found a pink the pink and black continues! Playlist is all set complete with Pitbull, JLo and many others (I will post it later)! I couldn't be more prepared....then what is up with my nerves???? This is my first solo race in 10+ years....nuf said! As my Jill said last night....I'm strong....I've got this! I'll let you know tonight!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

If you Give a Running Mom a Sunny Day.....

If you give a running mom and her girl a warm sunny day...
They'll want to go for a run
And when they get going, her girl just might yell "Go!"
When she hears this the running Mom just might want to go faster
And going faster will make the trip to the park faster
A fast run equals more time at the park
More time at the park means having to go faster to get home in time
And getting home in a rush will mean not stretching for Mom
No stretching for Mom will make her want to plop on the couch after dinner
And sitting on the couch she'll watch the weather report for the next day
The weather report says sunny and warm
And if you give a running mom and her girl a warm sunny day
They will want to run to the park!!!

Yesterday Em and I couldn't get home fast enough...both of us were psyched to get on our run! We had an amazing time and the hubs even met us at the park! I love being her Mom!!! I also decided that I should just run the half on Sunday pushing Em...I managed to get in 5 miles in 43 min and felt great! Go figure....I'll leave you with a pic...she came out of the living room with 2 Elmos, her water, a book , a snack, and her flute and said, "Ok I'm ready!" Too funny!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Good morning!!! Thank you for your responses for new mantras...Love them!!!! Today is the first day where I'm giddy about this great weather! It is supposed to be warm....well 50 degrees and sunny! Yesterday Em and I were talking about running to the park. I don' t know who is more excited her or me!! She did make sure to remind me that I needed to bring snacks for her and she would run at the park. Too funny! Since I can seem to stop thinking about this race....sorry are three things I'm running through for Sunday!

1. What to wear what to wear! Yesterday (yes I am a procrastinator!) I went out in search of a pink running skirt. No such luck. I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully get something. I want to wear my Supermom Bondi Band which has seemed to bring me a lot of luck so I wanted to match. It is forcasted to be about 45 degrees but cooler at the coast. I was hoping to break out the shorter pants but not looking like that will happen. This course winds along the ocean at parts so it will probably be a little on the cool side.

2. Keep my eyes on the prize! I have been visualizing myself running it and reaching my goal. Not sure who will be there but I am visualizing myself getting over those two big hills and running strong to the finish!!! When I have been doing my runs this week I have been keeping calm and thinking of the bigger journey!

3. Working out the play list. I am a huge fan of music when I helps distract me but also makes me go faster I feel especially when a good song comes on. I have played out my last half play list to death so a new mix is needed. Jlo and Pitbull just came out with a new one...hmmmm...I love anything with a good beat! I crack myself up at some of my picks. My high schoolers would think I was very hip listening to songs they love!
Any suggestions....what songs get you fired up!

Well Happy St. Paddy's Day! Like any good English/Portuguese girl I went to work decked in green! Growing up with a red headed best friend with the last name Quinn I always wanted to be Irish and have my mom make corned beef and cabbage. Didn't happen but one year I got to be in the St. Paddy's Day parade in town....lots of laughs!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Words for Wednesday

I think the Little Engine that Could was quite the progressive thinker...I mean we all need a little "I think I can" in our life. Thank you all so much for the encouragement you gave from my last post! It really means so much!!! I know that Runner's World did an article last month on running mantras and many people have posted about it. I have always said, after my warm-up, "Time to go to work" and sometimes I turn to "You've got this!" but I'm looking to see if I can upgrade my mantra to really kick me into gear so.........

What do you say to yourself to kick into get you through a rough patch??

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Head Above the Rest

Well one more week to my next half marathon and I am having panic attacks....WHAT? Has this happened to anyone else but me? It isn't that I can't cover the distance or that I can't do well's all mental for me. Looking back over my last three halfs, it has been my mind that has gotten in the way of reaching my goal of breaking 2 hours. The last half I came in at 1:54...the difference...I relaxed and just ran! Most of my head games plays out as chest pains, head aches, and stomach cramping...not fun! What am I worried about....... not breaking 2 hours
not finishing (not even rational!)
people thinking I'm not a good runner (another non-rational thought)
When I was younger and played many many hours of softball, I was always trying to do better than the game before. My Dad used to tell me, "Nance just do your best and let God do the rest!" I think that I need to focus on that. I've done the training, put in the distance, followed my speed days, and now I need to just run. Heading out for 10 miles...hopefully panic free!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ten on Ten

Ten snapshots of the day on the tenth of March....I tried to do it every hour but I was testing most of the day so I couldn't very well take pictures of the kids! Enjoy!
6am post run...5 miles but my foot is strangely sore....hmmmm

On my way to work....blurry cause well I was running late! What else is new!

My desk...getting ready to test...guidelines, pencils, tea...

Probably should have done my hair for this day...oh well...sign at my desk says "Bang Head Here!" It gets a lot of use!

So skip to the end of the day...usually get stuck behind a slow driver while on my way to get Em...Today...a student's usually someone of a much older generation

Finally make it to get Em! Gotta love big sunglasses!

Poor Elmo...take a lickin and keeps on tickin!

Much of my life as a mom I feel like a donkey loaded ready to walk the Grand Canyon...maybe I should be a sherpa or something....anyone else always carrying way too much? Diaper bag and bag of clothes for charity.

The mantle I am always looking for ideas for...anyone????

What a great way to end the day! Heading off to Grammy and Bumpa's for dinner! Oh yeah Elmo had to make the shot!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....almost

No folks this isn't a picture from the fall...this is what is left when you don't rake your leaves in the fall and let the snow cover it for least Em looks like she's having fun!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Totally Random Tuesday

This week I am testing all of my students...I'm all for higher quality of education but many times it equals lots of hours spent giving standardized tests to kids...which equals Fancy Nancy wanting to poke her eyes out! With all this time my thoughts are so completely random so enjoy the ride!

Music....Yesterday's treadmill run was awesome and the belly felt terrific! I was cruising along to my music and a song I haven't heard in a while came on...reminded me of my Boston Marathon. It was Dropkick Murphy's which if you're from Boston you know is like the Boston Red Sox team. Well the song was "Shipping Off to Boston" and I can remember listening to it imagining myself powering up Heartbreak Hill. Fun Boston! Downside of the mill run was that it was uneven and now my back is twingy...wah wah!

What to wear...I am beginning to think about what to wear for my half in two weeks. The only problem with races in New England in the Spring is that you NEVER know what the weather will be like. Sunny and 70' one day and sleeting the next. I think I'll have to come up with two options and go from there...any suggestions?

Fat Tuesday...Get it all out today cause here comes Lent. I am Protestant and not Catholic but we have always given something up for Lent. Every year I ask my hubby what he is going to give up and every year he says becoming a running joke now after 10 years! I am going to give up sugar as one thing but I am also going to give up yelling. Now I'm usually not a yeller and I never yell at Emma but I have a Portuguese temper like no other and unfortunately my hubby takes the brunt. This year for Lent I am going to give up yelling with hopes that after 40 days I will be a much mellower version of me! Are you a giver upper for Lent? What are you going without for the next 40 days?

I'll leave you with a disturbing picture that I came across yesterday. As a Pats fan I have always thought that Tom Brady was a cutie...little girly but a cutie none the less...then he got mixed up with his wifey and has really taken a turn for the worse. When I saw this I said..."You're kidding me right?!" Come on Tommy take a shower and get a hair cut!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday all!!!

This weekend was a great way to wrap up my week! I picked up Em on Friday afternoon and headed east to RI to visit my family there. Let me just way how much I like that drive better than before when I had to screw through Boston to get there...much more relaxing and far less traffic! I made a pact with my sis on Friday that if she would watch Em during my long run on Saturday then I would be her slave for the party!!! It meant a long 13 miles for me and an extra toddler for her to chase but Em just LOVES her cousins so it was a given!

I hadn't run much this week since my belly and I weren't friends but I was determined to get in 13 Saturday to kind-of gauge where I am for time since New Bedford is 2 weeks away. I love running at my parents' coming home! I headed out not quite sure what my route was going to be but I was pretty sure I knew a point that was 6 miles out. I headed by the beach and did some window shopping along Thames Street (made mental notes of some places I would like to go shopping in) and checked the Garmin....3.85 miles....WHAT!!!!??? I knew a 15 mile route but was remembering my little one and my sister with the 3 girls...I got to 11 miles by the time I reached my parents' house and proceeded to run up and down their very steep hill and basically around in circles until I got to 13.1. The hill was good training since I remember New Bedford having a killer hill around mile 12 but I felt my time wasn't great since I had no real direction for about 2 miles. 2 hours and 2 minutes later....not what I wanted but I think with a definite course and race day I'll break 2 hours.

Funny story...during my run I was going up a pretty steep hill by the beach when I began to pass this older woman who looked like she was doing the dead man shuffle. Well the lady saw me and started sprinting up the hill and proceeded to look back at me and yell something! I was shocked and couldn't stop laughing....never a dull moment!

The rest of the weekend was great....lots of belly laughs, happy shrieks, Em following her cousins around, and Abe Lincoln party planning! This week I'm hoping to really ramp up my miles so that I can get back what I missed last I am adding weights this week even if it kills me!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh Thank Heaven for Friday!

This has been one of those weeks where I am limping into Friday! Stress levels have been high and thus leading to angry belly issues....people say just relax so then I stress about not relaxing! You can see why I am so excited for the weekend right?!

Yesterday the Em that I left in the morning was replaced by her evil twin. I mean I seriously thought I had my invisible suit on...she just did whatever she wanted! The hubs came and brought her for dinner with his parents while I cried on the couch. Days like this make me feel like a bad mom. I know it is irrational but I also know that many of you have felt this way before. Terrible twos or whatever stage your child is in, some days need a reset button! I only allowed myself a few seconds of a pity party before I decided that I needed to know that kind of run where each worry falls off with each drop of sweat!

I wasn't sure how it would go since my last two runs had to be cut short due to a cramping belly. I started off slow and gave myself about 2 miles to warm up. Then it happened....I got in my happy place! I could have run forever but I wanted to get home to put Em to bed so I got in 5.5 miles....very happy!!!

This weekend Em and I are headed to RI for fun and hugs and a long run in a familiar place! My niece's birthday party is this weekend...Abe Lincoln theme since he is her favorite person of the month(My sis never backs down from a challenge). I can't wait!!!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

You know those posters that say Everything I Know I Learned cat, or my kids, or what have you. Well for Three Things Thursday here is mine:

Everything (well 3 things) I Know I Learned From Blogs

1. Photograph'll be thankful to have fun pictures to share with everyone whether it be races, family, food, you name it....just take a picture.

2. Listen to your many out there inju
red or taking a hit from this flu is better to cut back and heal than push forward and risk your health

3. Looking colorful and cute is ALWAYS ok....I have been inspired by so many of you with your compression socks, cute skirts, and sparkle skirts. I am hoping to sport one soon!

I could really go on and on....
What have you learned from blogs?

On a fun note...I just signed up for a cute virtual marathon...check it out here!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....almost

You know what would be a great way to reduce run until I don't want to pull all my hair out....tell that to my raging stomach that cramps right up after 3 miles! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ABCs of Moi!

I've seen this post all over bloggyland and decided to jump on board the train! Especially since there is not much to speak of with me. Last night I went to the gym to run and the stomach revolt started again. JERK! I was also sweating like "a fat stinkin' hog" which is a term that began in high school but I will not tell the source since it will make me sound like a girl straight from the movie "Mean Girls". I plan today after work to go get the Prevacid like the doctor told me and try it out...can't be missing miles due to an angry tummy!

(A) Age: 32
(B) Bed Size: Queen
(C) Chore You Really Dislike: just never ends! I swear it multiplies like rabbits!
(D) Dogs? no but I LOVE big hairy dogs!
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: well just caffeine!
(F) Favorite Color: pinkalicious!
(G) Gold or Silver? silver
(H) Height: 5' 3"....I found out last week that I shrank a whole inch!!! Wtf am I 90 years-old?
(I) Instruments You Play: None
(J) Job Title: ELL Teacher and Coordinator
(K) Kids: Emma 2 years-old
(L) Live: grew up in Newport, I live in Cape Cod, MA
(M) Mom's Name: Prudence....Pruddy for short!
(N) Nicknames: Nance, Welcome, Pippi, Blueberry(my catching gear was all blue....thus blueberry)
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Fibroid surgery and Emma's birth
(P) Pet Peeve: People who go slow in the outside lane....MOVE OVER!!
(Q) Quote from a Movie: "Of course it's hard! If it was easy then everyone would do it!" A League of their Own
(R) Right or Left Handed? Righty.
(S) Siblings: 1 kickin sister....older!
(T) Time You Wake Up? 4:30....not naturally...there is nothing natural about that hour!
(U) Underwear: Yes and that is all there is to know!
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: None. I love them all.
(W) What Makes You Run Late: trying to do too much in too small a time....always trying to fit in one more thing....but I'm usually on time
(X) X-Rays: back
(Y) Yummy Food You Make: I'm a pretty good baker...I can make a killer brownie!
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: I'm a big fan of the lions...and the gorillas make me laugh when they do gross things (lots of field trips to the zoo for this elementary school teacher!)