Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Totally Random Tuesday

This week I am testing all of my students...I'm all for higher quality of education but many times it equals lots of hours spent giving standardized tests to kids...which equals Fancy Nancy wanting to poke her eyes out! With all this time my thoughts are so completely random so enjoy the ride!

Music....Yesterday's treadmill run was awesome and the belly felt terrific! I was cruising along to my music and a song I haven't heard in a while came on...reminded me of my Boston Marathon. It was Dropkick Murphy's which if you're from Boston you know is like the Boston Red Sox team. Well the song was "Shipping Off to Boston" and I can remember listening to it imagining myself powering up Heartbreak Hill. Fun song...so Boston! Downside of the mill run was that it was uneven and now my back is twingy...wah wah!

What to wear...I am beginning to think about what to wear for my half in two weeks. The only problem with races in New England in the Spring is that you NEVER know what the weather will be like. Sunny and 70' one day and sleeting the next. I think I'll have to come up with two options and go from there...any suggestions?

Fat Tuesday...Get it all out today cause here comes Lent. I am Protestant and not Catholic but we have always given something up for Lent. Every year I ask my hubby what he is going to give up and every year he says nothing...is becoming a running joke now after 10 years! I am going to give up sugar as one thing but I am also going to give up yelling. Now I'm usually not a yeller and I never yell at Emma but I have a Portuguese temper like no other and unfortunately my hubby takes the brunt. This year for Lent I am going to give up yelling with hopes that after 40 days I will be a much mellower version of me! Are you a giver upper for Lent? What are you going without for the next 40 days?

I'll leave you with a disturbing picture that I came across yesterday. As a Pats fan I have always thought that Tom Brady was a cutie...little girly but a cutie none the less...then he got mixed up with his wifey and has really taken a turn for the worse. When I saw this I said..."You're kidding me right?!" Come on Tommy take a shower and get a hair cut!!!


  1. Lent, Lent, Lent! I am giving up sugar as well.....I try the yelling one every year and it doesn't work. I am definitely a yeller, it's the french in me. I do not have one mellow bone in my body:) I am also going to try to stop feeling sorry for myself with this no running thing and embrace my March training plan.
    Tom, Tom, Tom....I swear he has gone down hill since he hooked up with Giselle, Bridget doesn't seem so bad now.
    I am hoping that you have a warm day, what do you like to wear. Nike has some cute new colors out right now and of course you could rock a running skirt. (that is my favorite). Can't wait to see your choices.

  2. I wonder which will be harder for you to give up, the sugar or the yelling? Giving up the sugar may LEAD to yelling. hahahah.

  3. I gave up sugar last year... I lasted 3 weeks I think haha. It's hard so good for you for taking it on!

  4. I love that you're giving up yelling. I'm going with complaining. Our husbands are probably stoked. :) And I'm running the same half... what to wear, what to wear??