Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Today's three things are completely random but all running related.....Just in a random mood today!

I signed up for a jelly bean virtual race over at Run with Jess. You can choose the 5k or the 10k and it is for the week before Easter. Click on the picture for more details and to join. I am seeing a theme with my virtual races lately......cupcakes......jelly beans. I think this giving up sugar for Lent is getting to my brain! I have decided to cut back on my racing in order to show my family that they come first. I don't plan on cutting back my running but the racing was becoming a burden. I'm going to do some big races (I still love the thrill and fun of a race) and then try to do lots of virtual ones. If you know any, let me know! This one sounds great and lots of great sponsors!!! I signed up for the 10k and since it is during school break I should have no problem getting it in. There is also a prize for best costume so the wheels are turning!!

Does anyone else have a problem with callouses? I have had one on the outside of my left big toe for almost 2 years now (goes to show when I last had a pedicure) and just recently, like within the past 2 months it has really started to hurt when I run. It even has started to change my foot strive I feel. I know I need new sneakers (they almost have 500 miles on them) but any suggestions on what else to do? I'm nervous to file it down in case it makes a blister but it is really starting to hurt no matter what shoes I wear, well except for my Uggs but that can't happen!

This afternoon I am going to go to a few stores to find the girl a blue sweatsuit for our "Team Blue" race on Saturday. I would love to find her a blue tutu but don't know where to tutu??? I will post some pics as soon as I get it all together. I am leaving from work tomorrow so I am running out of time. I am such a procrastinator! My sister and nieces are running too! I am planning on racing and then looping around to meet up with them and pick up any stragglers with the stroller! It should bring a lot of laughs either way!!! Oh and since my sister is a rockstar photographer there will be lots and lots of photos! Do you hear that Amy?


  1. #2--umm, I'm embarrassed to get a pedicure anymore--my feet are def "runners feet"!!

    Where did I put my blue tu-tu...ha ha!! SOunds like a fun race!! I'd totally wear a tutu for buddies!

    Have a fantastic day nancy!

  2. Tutus are very easy to make. I am sure you can just google "tutu tutorial" and have a bunch come up. You can either buy the tule on the roll and knot cut peices of it to a piece of elastic or you can gather about 3 yards of tule from the bolt. My mountain bike "tu n tu bellas" has been making them for years. email me at m dot christensen at hotmail dot com if you have trouble

    Also, I get bad caluses too. I use a pumic stone in the shower and have been known to just cut them off with a nail scissor or razor blade. Super gross, I know. It could be your shoes as well, I haven't changed "models" in years, so that could be my problem, regardless of age of shoe. Just don't pick at them too close to a race! Also, putting Aquaphor on your feet under your socks helps too.

  3. I always get yelled at by the person doing the pedicure for cutting my toe nails too short.

  4. I LOVE getting pedicures, but they always scrub off my calluses. My feet always hurt after!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog today and am enjoying reading about your running journey. I'm not sure where you live and what stores you have access to, but here are a couple of tutus:

    Available in blue:

    Not an actual tutu, but similar: