Friday, March 18, 2011

If you Give a Running Mom a Sunny Day.....

If you give a running mom and her girl a warm sunny day...
They'll want to go for a run
And when they get going, her girl just might yell "Go!"
When she hears this the running Mom just might want to go faster
And going faster will make the trip to the park faster
A fast run equals more time at the park
More time at the park means having to go faster to get home in time
And getting home in a rush will mean not stretching for Mom
No stretching for Mom will make her want to plop on the couch after dinner
And sitting on the couch she'll watch the weather report for the next day
The weather report says sunny and warm
And if you give a running mom and her girl a warm sunny day
They will want to run to the park!!!

Yesterday Em and I couldn't get home fast enough...both of us were psyched to get on our run! We had an amazing time and the hubs even met us at the park! I love being her Mom!!! I also decided that I should just run the half on Sunday pushing Em...I managed to get in 5 miles in 43 min and felt great! Go figure....I'll leave you with a pic...she came out of the living room with 2 Elmos, her water, a book , a snack, and her flute and said, "Ok I'm ready!" Too funny!


  1. You look gorgeous. :) Sunny runny days. :) BLISS!

  2. sogreat!! : ) adorable too!

  3. Love it! Isn't it great when they are excited about going for a run and grab as many toys as fit in their little hands??? Enjoy the weekend!