Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Motivation

Well yes I am out of the cloud that was my Thursday through Sunday!  I don't think it was the flu since I got a flu shot weeks ago but I was freezing, feverish, and achy!!!  I skipped the race (even though I felt SUPER guilty) and just allowed myself to sleep in and rest.  It had been a while!  I felt much better this morning and was able to head to the gym and get in my run for the Halloween 5K!  Thank you so much for the well wishes and great advice!  

Being down and out for 4 days has me geared up for the next two months!  I mean let's be real people....2012 is right around the corner.  I have just over 300 miles to run to hit 1500 for 2011.....yeah you do the math....that's some serious mileage but I am going to give it a shot.  In addition I would like to end the year at the weight I was shooting for which leads me to my Pinterest fix for the Motivation Monday:

Think about this as you reach into that plastic, orange jack-o-lantern filled with candy goodness! 

Oh and just one more for all of you that was part of this weekend's Noreaster and Heather over at Run Faster Mommy who posted last week about the cold in NH.....

Friday, October 28, 2011

To Run or Not to Run

Good morning and welcome to those visiting from the Fitness Friday blog hop!  

Yesterday as I had mentioned before, I was feeling pretty it is no different.  Last night after I picked up Em I just laid on the couch under 2 blankets on a heating pad.  Poor Em was weirded out and kept trying to take care of me!  Today I was going to call in sick but good ole state testing has me mumbling all the way into work....however I am leaving once the kids are all done!  This leads me to today's question.....

Do I still go to my 5k tomorrow?????

It is a local 5k and Em is signed up for the kids race.  Ugh....I have never not shown up for a race!  What would you do?  Sorry I don't have too much to say....all I can think of right now is my bed! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Good morning all!!!  Here are my random three things on this rainy Thursday morning!!

1.  Sick or sick of  work.....I woke up this morning feeling like a truck hit me.  My whole body is hurting and I just want to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head!  No such luck though....I am doing State testing for my students and I'm the only one in my district that can do it....lucky me!  So I put on my big girl pants (because they are comfortable) and went to work....whining all the way!

2.  Run Santa Run!....Yesterday at running group, one of the runners (an older gentleman who pushes the pace and leaves me gasping for air because I just can't let him pass me!) told me about a race coming up in New Bedford.  Apparently they are trying to break a world record of Santas running.  You get a Santa suit as part of your registration to the 5k.....Ummm yes please!  I immediately thought of my good friend Carrie who last year ran a 5k as the Gingerbread full on costume where you couldn't even see her face!!  Click on the picture below to find out more!

3.  Last minute Lucy.....I have a 5k on Saturday with Em.  I want to make her a Halloween tutu since according to her is her must wear racing apparel!  Here is the thing though.....I waited until the last second!  Why do I do this to myself??  Please tell me I'm not alone!!  I know my sister is notorious for waiting until the last second (sorry Amy) but does it move past our family?  Surely I'm not alone....however I will be kicking myself as I cut strips of toulle until the wee hours!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....almost

A proper princess always needs at least 4 tiaras!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teamwork Tuesday

For as long as I have known my husband, I have been a runner.  While my running did not have as large of an impact on his life before Em, there has been little time in the last 11 years that I have not been training for something (except when I was preggers....then again I was training for labor).  While there have been days he has grown tired of my running escapades, he has supported me.  Feeling guilty.....and wanting to support him....I have tried to get him to do a race.  No go....however he has decided to embark on his own training.....for a body building show.  I have said before on this blog that he is King Weights while I am Queen Cardio and it couldn't be more true!  The show is in April and "training" will begin in January but I have been nagging asking how I can support him through this.  I don't have the training tips but I want to be part of the team.  Yesterday he came home with a bracelet for me to wear to be part of the team:

While it isn't Tiffany's....or diamond means a lot to have him want me to be part of his team.  This got me thinking.....

Who is on your team?  How do they support you?

I would say I tend to enlist my entire family as my team....hubby, inlaws, parents, sister, friends.  It takes a village to raise a child....what does it take to raise a runner?

Speaking of teams.....My BFF Jill is running NYC for Team Hole in the Wall....but that is another post all together!!!

Team Capen......Have you thanked your team today???

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Motivation

Another Pinterest find!!  Love this one...It is up to me to set my goals and reach one else!!! 

Speaking of goals......
Last week:
35-40 miles - Done!  36 miles run
3 days of weights- Done!

This week:

Go out there and ROCK your week!!!
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Also I heard about a great Halloween Virtual race from Foward Foot Strides.  Click on the picture below to find it!  I mean do I really need an excuse to run in a costume???

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again....

...for holiday cards!!! 

Each year it has been my mission, with help from my amazing photographer sister, to get our Christmas cards out EARLY.  Last year mission was accomplished as everyone received their card on the day after Thanksgiving!!  Booyah!  Victory!  This leads me to this time of year....getting the picture taken and cards picked out from Shutterfly!  They have a great selection to choose from that you are sure to love!  I'm partial to their photo cards and get all giddy when the emails start to come in with their new designs!  Check out there cards here.

Here are some from year's past....

The great thing about Shutterfly too is that it isn't limited to just cards.  I find myself every year making at least 2 or more photo album to give away to grandparents or friends.  They have great designs and it is wicked easy to do!  Check it out here.   Not an album fan....well what grandparent wouldn't love a calendar....12 months of their grandchildren!  I love ours and made one for each set of grandparents.  Check them out here.

This year I am back at it again and have narrowed the card choices down to four options.  I think some of them I like because I love the pictures in them!  Here they are:

Let the voting begin!!!!

Shutterfly has given me the chance to give away 25 free cards to 3 different followers.  So here is the skinny on how to win.
1.  You need to be a follower of Living the Dream (leave a comment)
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4.  What is your best strategy for getting things done for the holidays so 
you can sit back and enjoy them (leave a comment)
5.  Post this on your blog, facebook, or twitter (leave a comment)
Giveaway ends on October 31st.
Are you a blogger? Want a chance to win 25 free holiday cards this season?  Register here

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cupcake Classic Virtual 3.7 Race Report!

This week Run with Jess hosted a Virtual 3.7 mile race to celebrate her 37th birthday.  I mean what better way to celebrate your birthday than with a run!!  Part of the fun is raising money for an amazing cause...American Cancer Society.  Happy birthday Jess!!! 

I planned on running this with my running group but since the skies opened up Wednesday night, I took it inside.  I warmed up for a mile and then went to work.  I must admit I felt like I may loose my lunch during this but I am so excited about my time.  I did pick-ups of 30, 60, 60, 90 seconds.  27:41....yay!!

Since it was pouring, we did the pics the next day.  You say cupcakes we say.....

Of course Em was game for was just deciding which one to choose:

She decided on a "sparkly" one since everything these days must be sparkly! 

Yum....Well worth the 3.7 miles!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fitness Friday-Finish Line Kick

How do you finish your weekly workouts? 
Do you find yourself throwing your hands in the air like this:

Or do you find your self struggling to get it done like this:

I always start my week strong....much like I start my races.  I am starting with my legs feeling strong and my pace quick.  Monday morning I'm up early and at the gym with time to spare. The middle of the week I am still hitting my goals and sometimes even going over mileage...then come Thursday and miles 10-12 of a half marathon.  It's a mental game to get me out of bed....I negotiate with myself about what rewards I can get if I just finish.  Then Saturday is that last kick...a long run and then the week (race) is through.  Ideally I would love to have a consistent week where my workouts are just as strong on Friday as they are on Monday.  I set my goals at the beginning of the week and am on track to reach them but just like miles isn't pretty!!  

How do YOU finish your week of workouts....full stride through the week or shuffling over the hill?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I'm at a loss for a creative Wordless Wednesday so here are a few pics from this week and weekend!  Enjoy!

Saturday's family photo shoot at Brenton Point in Newport....wind was CRAZY!!
Brenton Point....I love this place!!!
With all this rain what else is there to do but make giant towers in our sparkly princess shoes!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Coffee...

I love you!!!
(Boy do my eyes look tired!)
I was laughing to myself this morning as I was speeding to work about how much I rely now on my daily coffee to wake me up and get me going.  Never before have I been a coffee drinker until I went back to work when Em was 7 months old.  I was working full time, teaching at a college part time, getting my CAGS degree, working out to get rid of the oodles of weight I had gained, oh and being a wife and mom!!  My amazing friend Carrie offered to bring me a coffee one day on her way to work.  Well the rest is history!!!  I haven't started many days since then without my daily jolt (Long run days I have Red Bull...easier on the belly go figure!)!  I tried a few times and the headache that ensued was HORRIBLE!!!  I guess for now I am hooked unless some divine intervention gets me unhooked!!  What about you:

Are you a morning joe person?  How have you kicked your coffee habits?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Motivation

Good morning!  Time for a dose of motivation!!!  I'm loving combing Pinterest looking for good quotes.  I thought this one was fitting for me!

This week's goals.....
35-40 miles run
          3 days weight training

Here we go!  Have a great week all!!  

Oh and I couldn't resist this one:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Choosing Perspective

Lately I have been throwing a nice, well organized pity party for myself.  I do this every once and a while and I'm sure you'll find other posts about it if you go digging (probably don't have to dig very hard!) Last night I was fishing around on the internet about the physical effects of stress on a person's body.  I had every intention this morning to post about how stressed I was....but I'm not going to.  This morning my daily perspective came from the quote above.....I have been whining about losing the life that I planned and all the while missing the life I have waiting for me. 

I'm not the only Mom whose needs to work, not the only woman who doesn't get pregnant the second she wants to, not the only family in America who struggles with money, and certainly not the only runner who gets into a funk from time to time.  Today I am choosing a different perspective....and I know it will be a daily choice....a choice not to wallow in the trials but to rejoice in the blessings....a choice to celebrate the milestones reached instead of the ones missed.  I am blessed. 

When I lived in Spain in college I had collected quotes in Spanish that could remind me to keep a good perspective.  It was amazing to live in such a beautiful city and I was blessed by the sacrifices my parents made to send me there.  This morning I was going through some quotes from that time and came by this one:

"Nevertheless, God faithfully continues to apply the pressure that transforms me.  While I may get all bent out of shape by that pressure, being bent out of my shape means being bent into His shape.  And in all my heart I can say be it to that."

Oh and at the end of the day:
What perspective will you choose today?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fitness Friday

After I had Miss Emma, I had 50lbs to lose and another 20lbs that had crept up on me in the process of getting pregnant ( I was afraid my exercising was impeding me getting pregnant.....crazy lady!).  Even while I was pregnant I was scoping out a trainer at the gym that I wanted to work with once I was given the green light to work out.  Hooking up with Di was the best thing I could have done.  Not only did she totally kick my rear in gear but she introduced me to the world of competitions.  She was always having some sort of competition at the gym from fitting into your skinny jeans to maintain over the holidays to bikini body.  Each one had a weekly weigh-in and prizes.  This was awesome motivation with the perfect amount of fear of stepping on the scale and admitting to her about that giant slice of cake!!  With her help....and fear....I lost the 70lbs even with the INSANE schedule I had!  She has now opened her own studio and to anyone living in the North Shore of below and do yourself a favor and check it out!!
Since we  moved I have been missing that piece of the gym life.  Anyone looking for motivation should look into some type of competition at the gym or even at work.  Don't have one in place???  Start one!!  One challenge that I am always excited to see is the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge run by Amanda at Run to the Finish. 
Sign up today and keep yourself going all through the holidays!!!  Are you a challenge person?  What keeps you motivated through the year???

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

This is my best friend Cindy!  We have been friends since 3rd grade and through all of life's ups and downs 24 years later we're still holding strong!  Unfortunately Cindy lost her grandfather this week and today I am heading to his funeral....because that's what best friends do.  It is a no brainer for me to be there to give her a hug.  Last year we lost a childhood friend many many years too soon.  Sitting in the car at the burial I was overcome by emotion.  It could have been her....and  I wanted her to know each day that I love her!  I have learned so much from Cindy through the many years but here are three biggies!

1.  It's ok to be stronger than all the boys....and let them know it!  In Elementary School Cindy and I were taller and stronger than most of the boys in our class.  We were what you would call tomboys!  Cindy helped me to be proud of who I was....while we ran the playground!

2.  The best feeling of all is laughing until you snort!  We have had so many laughs through the years.  My father made it his job every time Cindy was over for dinner to get her to laugh so hard she couldn't eat!  One day we had fajitas and he walked down the stairs wearing a sombrero and tossing the wraps like they were frisbees!  Seriously it was hilarious!  From sleepovers to sharing a locker, from wrestling to gas issues....we haven't stopped laughing!!

3.  No matter where you are or how much time has gone by a friend is ALWAYS there!  There are times in our life when our communication lags....getting wrapped up in life and kids and just the day to day but I know that no matter how much time has gone by I can call her and she is there as I would be there for her!   I'll never forget when I was getting married and she called me with important news.  She said she was pregnant and was going to be about 6 months pregnant for the wedding.  She said she wouldn't be hurt if I didn't want her in the wedding!  CRAZY!  Not only was she in the wedding but we made sure the dresses would fit her (2 piece) and chose brown as to not clash with her very red hair!!  I wouldn't have dreamed of doing it without her!

Have you hugged your best girl friend today??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I have been seeing a lot of posts about a day in the life....thinking about doing one of those soon!  Until then here are two pics for the week!

 This is where I have been spending my Wednesday nights for the last 9 weeks....and I have to admit that I LOVE it!!!   Never thought I would be it's great!

And what Wednesday would be complete without at least one pic of Miss Em.....

Doing her happy dance in the flowers!!!

Have a great Wednesday all!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Motivation

Dedicating this week to making choices that make me the best version of me!!!  Who's coming with me?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fitness Friday-FOMO Syndrome

Hi all and welcome to another Fitness Friday!!!  We had an inservice today....and by George it was actually useful!!!  I didn't walk away feeling like I had just given away a day of my life I could never get back!!  However this leads to my late posting and link up to Jill's blog hop!! 

Long hours of listening however did allow me to think of the topic of FOMO Syndrome or Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome.  I first heard this term on others blogs and I never thought I had it....until recently.  I find that I join every challenge I can find and run or at least want to run every race I read about.  I love the challenge...yes...but I also don't want to miss out!!  I am atributing this to being the youngest and have a sister who is 6 1/2 years older than me (even though she looks younger than me!!!).  I always wanted to be hanging out with her friends, doing what they were doing.  It even lead to my sister locking me in the closet one day before her friends came over.  Don't cry for me was a huge walk-in closet and I had tons of toys and such inside...I guess the joke was on her!  In high school I was on every team, every club, everything!!  Yeah you see the pattern too??!!!  I guess I always have had FOMO Syndrome!! 

Fast forward to today....we are creating a new district....two are merging and committees are being formed....yeah and up comes FOMO!!!   I can handle that one....I'll find a committee on Tuesday.  Handled....then it comes....a few colleagues are talking next to me about races(they aren't talking about it with me since I am newer and not many know of my obsession love of running)...talking about marathons....and it comes up FOMO large and in charge!  Ahhhhh!!  I want to run another one too!!!  I want to compare aches and pains!!!  But alas it's not my time.  It's just not the right time for my family but that unfortunately doesn't keep FOMO coming up and kicking me in the shins!!

Do you get FOMO?  How do you deal with it??

Oh and MAJOR shout outs to all of you heading off to pound the pavement in Chicago this weekend!!!  Go ROCK Chi town!!!  Are you running a race this weekend?  Let me know so I can wish you a rocking race!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Good morning all!!  Welcome to another random edition of Three Things Thursday!! 


On Saturday I will be picking up my dusty glove and putting on my cracked cleats to play in an alumni softball game.  This is part of my 10 year reunion for college!!  For those of you who don't know, before running took over my competitive life, I was a softball player.  I played for 15 years all the way through college.  It was an amazing experience in my life and something that was used as a tool in my life for so many things.  I am so looking forward to seeing all my girls again however, I am honestly nervous about stepping up to the plate again.  Let's just say its been a while since I picked up a bat and since we're playing the current could be ugly!

2.  Picking up the pace.....I know I gush about my running group all the time but I just love it!  I don't usually wear my Garmin and even when I do I can't seem to figure out pacing since we stop and go a lot.  Well last night I was cruising along during one of our intervals and a person from the other group came up to run next to me.  He told me I was doing a great job and holding a 6:32 pace.....WHAT?!!!  I replied something along the lines of not having an excuse now for slower race times!  I was beyond psyched.  I know it was just a short interval (90 seconds) but I wasn't laboring and it was a boost in confidence for me!

3.  Wanna be my friend?....Ok so don't know much about organizing these things but if you are on the South Shore to the Islands or anywhere close to here in Massachusetts (or even if you live far away) and would like to have a meet-up let me know!  I think it would be great to get together and have fun!  Let me know any ideas you have!!!  Maybe we could all do a race or something fun....or maybe no running and we could look all pretty and what not!  The possibilities are endless!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Totally Random Tuesday

My legs are still pretty sore from Sunday (random) so I did a slow 6 miler this morning...nothing much to talk about there!  Instead I wanted to share these hilarious senior quotes I found today!  I was helping one of my students with their senior quote and had found these.  Some were not quite ok for me to post but gave me a chuckle.  Google senior quotes when you get a chance and check them all out.  Here are some funny ones:

 My student finally landed on a good one.  After I explained to him who James Dean was he was good!
"Dream as if you'll never die.  Live as if you'll die today."

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Great, The Good, The Downright Ugly-Race Report

Em made me promise to give her this number as soon as I was done!!
The great.....
  • The hubs and Em came to cheer me on!  Em was very sad when she found out the she couldn't run but loved that she got her very own medal (they were handing out old medals at number pick-up).  It was great to have them there!
  • I met a reader!!!!  I was standing around waiting to start and a woman asked me if I wrote a blog.  Her name was Megan and she is a reader.  She is running a half in San Francisco in 2 weeks.  I tried my hardest to play it cool but on the inside I was beside myself!!  I began to think of the bloggy meetups we could have!!!  Megan seriously though shoot me an email sometime and we can meet-up to run....or coffee...or whatever!  Thanks so much for introducing yourself to me!!
The good......
  • My new compression capris that were very comfortable
  • How I felt for miles 1-7 keeping a 8:15ish pace
  • The people cheering along the way and hilarious signs
  • I hit goal A....even though I wanted to stop and just sit on the side of the road I finished (more to come in the ugly!)
  • A 2:00:36 finish....not where I know I can be but happy just the same
The ugly...
  • A 12 noon start.....nothing more to say there
  • I was hungry at the start....never a good thing and I think it was what lead to my wheels falling off.  I'm still not right even this morning.  I was so confused what to eat and when that I ended up not eating close enough to the start.
  • The was forcasted to be overcast and was what felt like blazing sun and almost 80*.  I dressed for 65....We were running into the sun for a good portion of the race.  Even though it wasn't super hot in comparison it wasn't good for me!!!
  • The wheels fell off the bus at around mile 8...Each mile my pace kept slowing after 9 miles.  The first half+ of the race I was keeping around an 8:15 pace but then hunger (I had no fuel) and heat kicked good
  • Walking down stairs today....yeah going in and out of 3 schools and up an down stairs each and every day today going down is not pretty
I would be lying if I said that I was satisfied with the race but I am certainly not devastated like I used to be when I didn't hit a time goal.  I knew what I did wrong and what to do for next time.  I have already made changes to my training and am looking for another.....I know it's an illness!!!  At the end of the day, and this is what I told my hubby, sometimes your body has it's own plan and it can happen to anyone!!  Thank you again for all your support!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Shout-Outs

Good morning!!!  Normally I don't post on the weekend but you all were so incredibly supportive of me I just had to hand it right back to you with some shout outs!  I am always amazed by all the amazing people out there and all the incredible things you are doing.  Still you take time to encourage me....thank you!  On tap for today....finishing playlist, getting outfit together (bringing back the pink and black!), charging the Garmin, and relaxing (ie not stressing)!  In the meantime here is what some of you are doing this weekend.  I have included links so you can check out each other!!! 

Daniella.....running a half marathon on Sunday in Portland, ME
Jill.....running a 20 miler this weekend in prep for the NYC marathon
Clairejustine...running a half marathon at the end of October (she just finished running 200 miles in Sept!!!)
Kyria.....running a 10 miler this weekend in prep for her first half marathon
Christie.....running her first half marathon on October 30th
Jill.....running her last longish run before Chicago Marathon

If you have something big this weekend let me
Go out and rock this weekend!!!