Monday, October 3, 2011

The Great, The Good, The Downright Ugly-Race Report

Em made me promise to give her this number as soon as I was done!!
The great.....
  • The hubs and Em came to cheer me on!  Em was very sad when she found out the she couldn't run but loved that she got her very own medal (they were handing out old medals at number pick-up).  It was great to have them there!
  • I met a reader!!!!  I was standing around waiting to start and a woman asked me if I wrote a blog.  Her name was Megan and she is a reader.  She is running a half in San Francisco in 2 weeks.  I tried my hardest to play it cool but on the inside I was beside myself!!  I began to think of the bloggy meetups we could have!!!  Megan seriously though shoot me an email sometime and we can meet-up to run....or coffee...or whatever!  Thanks so much for introducing yourself to me!!
The good......
  • My new compression capris that were very comfortable
  • How I felt for miles 1-7 keeping a 8:15ish pace
  • The people cheering along the way and hilarious signs
  • I hit goal A....even though I wanted to stop and just sit on the side of the road I finished (more to come in the ugly!)
  • A 2:00:36 finish....not where I know I can be but happy just the same
The ugly...
  • A 12 noon start.....nothing more to say there
  • I was hungry at the start....never a good thing and I think it was what lead to my wheels falling off.  I'm still not right even this morning.  I was so confused what to eat and when that I ended up not eating close enough to the start.
  • The was forcasted to be overcast and was what felt like blazing sun and almost 80*.  I dressed for 65....We were running into the sun for a good portion of the race.  Even though it wasn't super hot in comparison it wasn't good for me!!!
  • The wheels fell off the bus at around mile 8...Each mile my pace kept slowing after 9 miles.  The first half+ of the race I was keeping around an 8:15 pace but then hunger (I had no fuel) and heat kicked good
  • Walking down stairs today....yeah going in and out of 3 schools and up an down stairs each and every day today going down is not pretty
I would be lying if I said that I was satisfied with the race but I am certainly not devastated like I used to be when I didn't hit a time goal.  I knew what I did wrong and what to do for next time.  I have already made changes to my training and am looking for another.....I know it's an illness!!!  At the end of the day, and this is what I told my hubby, sometimes your body has it's own plan and it can happen to anyone!!  Thank you again for all your support!!!


  1. You finished so that is what matters first and foremost. I know how depressing it can be when you don't hit your goal but learn from your mistakes and kick butt on the next race!

    I would love to do a local blogger meet up!

  2. Ugh 12 noon? Who does that? that alone would have thrown me way off.
    Glad you're looking at it as a learning experience.

  3. Can't believe it didn't start until noon. This is typically a great time for me to run but not if it is hot. uggh. I love how you have the positives listed here. So cool that someone recognized you. :) Fun! That happened to me at my last marathon. "Are you Runninghood?"...I looked around at first. ha. Good reflections here.

  4. well awesome job finishing...who the heck runs a half starting at 12 nooon?!

  5. WHy on earth did the race start at noon??? Bleck! You did great considering!!! And I love your attitude. :) Hugs!

  6. Great job on your race....I would love to get that time! I would just be beside myself! :) That's awesome someone recognized you.....your a STAR!

  7. Noon is a weird time. Its good that you finished and now you know what you need to do for next time! Hey I am running the Newburyport Green Stride on Oct 23, if you are looking for another Half and/or a coffee!

  8. a 2-hr marathon is great! and a noon start is rough -- not only for warmer temps but also for it just being a time of day that most people are not used to running at (food, bathroom wise - mostly). and meeting blog friends is great! hope you guys can hang out more :)

  9. 12 o'clock is the worst start time I have ever heard! Who came up with that plan? Even if it didn't go exactly how you hoped, you did great! You DID it and most people will never be able to say that :).

  10. Great attitude despite the "ugly". I would not be so great with a noon start. Give me morning races! Love the cheering spectators.

    I've come to enjoy blog meet ups as part of the whole race experience.

  11. 12 noon. That is horrible. We did one on Saturday that started at 10 and I thought that was the worst!
    I love how you are already looking for another race. That is so me! I know that you will get your time goal!

  12. how fun to meet a blog reader!!!! Ugh for the noon start, I found out my wave for the marathon is at 10:40, that is going to be so weird!

  13. a noon start? ack, that's tough!Great job on finishing though!! (and yes, isn't it fun when you meet a reader?) :)

  14. That's so neat you met a reader! Sounds like you did fantastic to me!

  15. I don't get the noon start for a half!?!? I think you did great despite the "ugly!" And I love that you're already looking for your next race - great attitude!

  16. It was great meeting you on Sunday. The noon start and the heat were brutal. I struggled with it the whole race. I would love to meet up some time. Great job with the race.

  17. A noon start time? That IS a little odd. Congratulations on finishing another half!

  18. A noon start? Wow, I wouldn't know how to fuel appropriately for that kind of start time! And 80 when you planned on 65? Eek, so sorry!
    Great attitude though and strong race!

  19. that is a really tough time of day! Love that you ran a great pace to start & the capris sound so warm with the weather but nice they seemed to work out for you!