Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

This is my best friend Cindy!  We have been friends since 3rd grade and through all of life's ups and downs 24 years later we're still holding strong!  Unfortunately Cindy lost her grandfather this week and today I am heading to his funeral....because that's what best friends do.  It is a no brainer for me to be there to give her a hug.  Last year we lost a childhood friend many many years too soon.  Sitting in the car at the burial I was overcome by emotion.  It could have been her....and  I wanted her to know each day that I love her!  I have learned so much from Cindy through the many years but here are three biggies!

1.  It's ok to be stronger than all the boys....and let them know it!  In Elementary School Cindy and I were taller and stronger than most of the boys in our class.  We were what you would call tomboys!  Cindy helped me to be proud of who I was....while we ran the playground!

2.  The best feeling of all is laughing until you snort!  We have had so many laughs through the years.  My father made it his job every time Cindy was over for dinner to get her to laugh so hard she couldn't eat!  One day we had fajitas and he walked down the stairs wearing a sombrero and tossing the wraps like they were frisbees!  Seriously it was hilarious!  From sleepovers to sharing a locker, from wrestling to gas issues....we haven't stopped laughing!!

3.  No matter where you are or how much time has gone by a friend is ALWAYS there!  There are times in our life when our communication lags....getting wrapped up in life and kids and just the day to day but I know that no matter how much time has gone by I can call her and she is there as I would be there for her!   I'll never forget when I was getting married and she called me with important news.  She said she was pregnant and was going to be about 6 months pregnant for the wedding.  She said she wouldn't be hurt if I didn't want her in the wedding!  CRAZY!  Not only was she in the wedding but we made sure the dresses would fit her (2 piece) and chose brown as to not clash with her very red hair!!  I wouldn't have dreamed of doing it without her!

Have you hugged your best girl friend today??


  1. Where would we be without our best girlfriends!! I find the older I get the more I cherish those special gals in my life! I am so sorry for your best friends loss. So great that you can be there for her!

  2. I love snorting when laughing with friends, especially when wine comes out of your nose : )

  3. Really what would we do without close friends?! Glad you can be there for yours today!

  4. So sweet....Here's a *hug* for her. Friends and family are the best things that we could ever have.

  5. I love this! And in addition to the snorting laughter is the no-sound-coming-out laughter!