Thursday, February 28, 2013


Well Thursday is upon us and you know what that means.....a completely random post about things on my mind lately!!!  Lucky you!!!

Goal set...and reached...At the beginning of this month I posted this on Instagram and Facebook
A challenge to myself to push past being comfortable and really start striving to get my mileage back.  I knew it would be hard since February is not only a wicked cold and snowy month here but it's also the shortest (there's a free lesson from this well educated're welcome).  Well today I am very happy to report....
 100.2 miles BOOM!!!
That's right I even added an extra 0.2 just for good measure!  March I am going to set the bar higher....what goal are you working toward for March?

Mom worry...There has been a lot circulating lately about childhood obesity and how we feed our children.  Marissa at Let's Move it Mommas and Natalie at LilRunner have both posted things this week about feeding our children good and healthy foods.  My husband and I are good examples to our children in regards to exercise and healthy eating.  We sit down to family meals and eat lots of veggies and protein.  We exercise almost every day.  We get our daughter moving and keep her active.  But these posts and my own mom worry have gotten me thinking about this girl
My sweet 4 year-old who is the pickiest eater I have ever met!!!  I admit I give into her constant requests for a treat or snacks.  I try to make them as healthy as I can but some days I am worn and I give her foods that I know aren't the best for her.  I know one day (at least that is what I pray every. single. day) she will grow out of this picky, I won't even try it, stage and make better choices but I worry about her a lot.  As a heavy child I know it is not a walk in the park so I pray that our examples to her are enough....and if anyone can help me to make the three foods she'll eat even more packed with veggies then I will be even happier!!

2 Weeks Away...My first half marathon post baby is only 2 weeks away!!!  I'm freaking out to be completely honest with you!  This bad boy is right around the corner...

And to be perfectly frank you don't want to be a slow runner...on St. Paddy's downtown New Bedford if you know what I'm saying!!  Lately I have been suffering from...
Yes like I feel like I should look like I used to before baby and then reality hits when I come across a full length mirror...but that's another post all together.  This week I'm going to start thinking about goals (realistic and lofty) for this race...keeping in mind that I'm 5 months postpartum.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIAW...Paelo 30 day Challenge

So as if someone was sending me a very clear message from above, I got an email at work the week before vacation about a 30 Day Paelo Challenge.  We were to eat following the Paleo guidelines for 30 days while keeping a journal of what we are eating, how we are feeling, and and cheats starting the Monday we returned (Feb. 25th).  Of course I signed up...I mean is there a challenge I don't sign up for?!  I spent my vacation researching recipes and substitutions I could use and actually getting excited to start the challenge.  Here are the guidelines for those of you who are unsure what Paleo is all about:
Here are some of my eats thus far as I navigate these next 30 days.
Breakfast: My old standby a mongo green monster
snack: almonds
Lunch: Paleo Chili and a giant orange
Dinner #1: Huge salad with a turkey burger and avocado (clearly I was too hungry to wait!)
Dinner #2: steamed veggies and Chili Lime Chicken I omitted the flour
My biggest stress is what to eat before my long run.  I have perfected the bagel and peanut butter but both are no nos on Paleo.  Any suggestions?

I also wanted to give a shout out to a new blogger named Lindsey who blogs over at Food Behavior.  She's an amazing CrossFit chickie and I can't wait to try out some of her Paleo recipes!  YUM!  Head on over and check her out!!

Linking up with Peas and Crayons for many amazing eats linking up there!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Runners Rock

This past weekend, as I've said earlier, I was working a table for ZOOMA Women's Race Series at the Hyannis Marathon expo.  For me it was the best of both worlds...I was able to people watch AND talk about running!  Score!  My hubby has made comments in the past about runners...particularly those who walk around at expos and before a race like the king of the jungle.  A classic big fish in a small pond.  Those who are not runners generally think that runners are...well...nuts!  Considering the weather this weekend I think runners earned that title...high wind + pouring rain + freezing temps = perfect day to run a marathon!!
Talking with people at the expo and hearing their stories just confirmed for me that runners rock!!  From a woman who started running a few months ago and lost 60lbs (she signed up for her first 10k with me!) to people I met runner their very first marathon....from those who finish the half in just over an hour to those who were toeing the line for the uncountable time...the old and the young...Runners are pretty friggin awesome...and yes a touch crazy!  I mean we pay for this...for running for hours in the rain, sleet, or snow!
 Being there inspired me!  Talking with runners always gets me excited to be out there running but this was even better!  I was inspired by Crystal of Carpe Diem Crystal who lost 60+lbs this year and finished her first marathon despite the pouring rain and temps just above 35!  I was inspired by Kim, a mom of 2 who was running her first marathon while being coached by her more than energetic father-in-law.  I was inspired by Dan owner of NRG Bar and his team who cruised through a tough half marathon with amazing times!  I was inspired by Bill Rodgers who, even though he is a Boston Marathon legend, came over and chatted about running and ZOOMA like no big deal!  The list could go on and on but it helped to remind me how much I love running....and being crazy like the rest!!!  I'm in good company!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Motivation

At the expo this weekend, this quote kept running through my mind. I came home on Saturday and commented to the hubs about how much my stomach was hurting from sucking it in all day!!!  Watching all those fit runners stream by I couldn't help but feel the need to crunch it in!!  It was motivation...motivation to put in the extra work...motivation to get my body back to where it was when I didn't have to suck it in quite so much!  This morning I sucked it up...when Aubrey woke up at 3:30am I did not go back to bed.  I hit the treadmill and started my day off with a run! 
Do you need to suck it up?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hitting the Reset Buton

There are times in life and in my training plans where no matter how hard I try, life always seems to step in and take me from the direction I want to be heading.  You would think that I would learn from this and learn to stop fighting the tide but this week was proof that I have in fact not!  I was thinking that school vacation week would equal lots of miles logged and a perfect Best Body Bootcamp week since I had more than enough time to get workouts in.  Yeah not so much!  I got them in but in pieces and each workout made me feel more and more frustrated.  I would wake up early in order to get a long run in mid week and then the baby would wake up only to be joined by her big sister.  I would be finally starting to sweat and I would see Em scooting around the corner yelling above my music "Can I get on the treadmill?"  This week just left this running mama frustrated and thus there were days where my family, namely my hubby (sorry babe) would pay the price. 
That would explain a lot then!

Do you have times like this?  Where everything is perfectly planned but never seems to go quite right?  Where the walls seem to close in and you want to run (literally) out the door until you don't feel like ripping your hair out?  Well I have learned that this week is what it is and I do love my there is always next week...always another week to get it right...

So today I'm hitting the reset button...a redo of this week knowing that I tried my best but that a great workout is just around the corner!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meet Me at the Expo

If you're looking for Fancy Nancy today you'll find me here...
Parked next to Mr. Bill Rodgers and Greg Meyer.  

Come on down to the Hyannis Expo and score 10% off registration!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

#FindYourStrong in Zero Drop Love-Saucony Virrata Review

I have never been one to hide my love of Saucony sneakers....I mean really look at my blog header!  However, I have always tended...ok never strayed from the same model of shoe.  This past summer I made a daring jump to the Saucony Kinvara and was pleasantly surprised at how comfy a more minimalist shoe could be.  Fast forward to this week and the arrival of this at my front door.

A brand spankin new pair of Saucony Virratas!  Out of the box my first reaction was that these sneakers were clearly made for me!

Hot pink and black...welcome to just about my entire running wardrobe!  They come in a few other colors too if you aren't digging the neon dream I so clearly love!

Holding these bad boys you can help but be surprised at how incredibly light they are...just 6oz(women's) and 6.5oz(men's)...and flexible!
I mean really when was the last time you folded your running shoe in half?  Yeah why would you!  The shoes came at the perfect time since I had just put dinner in the oven and was heading downstairs in an attempt to sneak in some miles.  Immediatly they jumped out of the box and onto my feet!  Initial thoughts were...Oh Saucony you never let me down!  These shoes are not only amazingly light but so comfy!  The have the right mix of cushion and minimalism in this zero drop shoe!  I have worn them for all my shorter runs (since I was nervous to get used to them which really has not been an issue) and they feel awesome!  I barely feel like there is anything on my feet and I'm happy to see this sight in the morning...

Here's the skinny on the new Saucony Virrata....
  • They are a zero drop shoe.  Yes I needed to look this up since I wasn't certain what that meant! For those of you like me but don't want to admit it, here is the definition... Zero Droprefers to the thickness of the sole which features a heel that is less than a half inch in height, allowing the forefoot and heel to be the same distance from the ground. This allows for natural running experience in which footfalls are in the mid to forefoot area instead of the unfavorable heel strike.  Yes this shoe helps your feet do their job!!!  I love the description from the website: Stripped down to strong. The Virrata is our lightest and most flexible training shoe and allows your foot to move naturally. We removed everything that isn’t helping your run improve. What remains is a feather-light, ultra flexible shoe with advanced cushioning that promotes a powerful stride and allows your foot to move the way it was meant to.
  • While they are light as can be they have just the right cushion to hug your feet and give you protection from the road.  A big difference I noticed from the Kinvara is the cushion!  Love it!
  • The internal fabric is made from Hydromax which is a moisture wicking fabric keeping your feet dry.  The mesh is a little chilly but I love that my feet stay nice and dry!
  • They ring in at $90 which for me is a great price for a running shoe!  
  • Just a note...I would order a half size up.  I normally wear a size 7 but I ordered a half size up after reading reviews and it was a perfect fit!
So yes...I'm sold and more than excited to add these to the rotation of Sauconys in my house! 
Have you ever run in zero drop shoe?  What has been your thoughts?  How do you #FindYourStrong?
Disclamier:  I was provided a pair of Saucony Virrata for the purpose of a review through FitFluential.  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday....A Choice

Each morning I look at the line-up and make a choice.... I going long or fast?  These two are always waiting whichever choice I make!  Stay tuned for a review of the new Saucony Virratas coming up Friday!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Motivation

Is there something you are avoiding doing because of that feeling you get being the beginner in the room?  For me it's looks looks bada$$ looks like something I would love to do.  But then again I don't like being the beginner at things!  This however is the perfect reminder.  Those people in those boxes (that is what they're called right?) once started off as beginners.  Those runners towing the line at those races were once beginners.  It's a challenge and it may feel uncomfortable but allow yourself to be a never know.  You may find yourself being excellent!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

TTT...What I'm Loving Today

Now that my long runs are back in full swing and half marathon training is in full effect...oh yeah and in honor of the big Valentine's Day, I thought I would share a few things I am loving these days!

Saucony....OK so this is nothing new.  Actually it has been a 15 year affair but I am loving the bright colors and well just how awesome they make my feet feel!  Seriously there must be someone on their design team that is thinking of me with each shoe...I mean really neon and pink!!  My go to tried and true has been the Ride but this past summer I checked out the Kinvara and LOVED them.  Now I am super psyched to try out the new Virrata!!  They are only 6.5 oz and amazing!  Stay tuned for a review!

Podcasts...Now that I have gotten into the habit of running with my iPhone (since I want to be uber safe!), I have really loved listening to the podcasts from my two favorite ladies, Sarah and Dimity from Another Mother Runner!!  

They not only give me lots of great info but they crack. me. up!!!  It is like you are sitting there having a coffee with them...takes my mind off my freezing face and burning lungs! I'm so glad they went to once a week so I have a new one waiting for me each week!!

Nuun....So maybe I'm a little late to the Nuun party but I had resisted it before due to a very cranky belly.  I still do not drink it during a run for the same reason but I have found a new use for it that works wonders for me post run!  

In the past, I would finish a run and about an hour later have a horrible headache that would last all day.  This is probably due to my lack of drinking during the run coupled with not properly refueling after.  Lately I have been walking in the door and making myself a big bottle of Nuun....problem solved!  I keep the headache away plus get a little jolt of energy!

What are you loving on this Valentine's Day???

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowed in on Cape Cod

I'm sure you are hearing stories left and right about this past weekend's snow storm.  We hunkered down on Friday as the snow began thinking, "This really isn't going to be too bad."  We got the kids to bed and then ourselves with little more than a coating of slush all around....Then we all woke the next morning with cold noses and ice covered windows.  Power was out and had been most of the night.  The hubs and I quickly began assessing if we would be able to make it to his parents about 8 miles away to thaw out by their wood stove.  Our attempts to stay warm by the fireplace was proving lame and well we were getting nervous.  Hubs shoveled what he could and came in the house with a quick, "Ok we can make a run for it!"  (It sounds far more exciting writing it than it felt at the time!) Bags were packed and kids bundled and out the door we went praying the roads were better than what was outside our door!  They weren't awful (then again I had my eyes closed 3/4 of the ride!) and we made it safe and sound.  Hours of shoveling (I did help a bit but no where near as much as Hubs and my Father-in-law) and reading, and anything else to pass the time and this running mama became restless!  I kept reading post by all you awesome people about your long runs and workouts and I couldn't help but growl a bit!  In the end I am thankful for heat and power now (something I certainly take for granted) and I know soon we'll have internet and cable and life will resume as normal (until the next storm).  Kudos to the crews at NStar who flooded the Cape in droves and got us back and warmed up after only a few days!  I'll leave you with some scenes from our blizzard fun...sorry for the sideways fun but apparently my computer still isn't up for playing nice!
Snuggled up in front of the fire before we made a run for it!

One of the reasons we had no power!!!
Was more than excited to spend some quality time with these bad boys this morning!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

TTT..."Lose It" the Smart Way

This past month I have been trying out an app on my phone called "Lose It" which is a program that can be done on your smart phone or on the computer where you can track your food and exercise while also interacting with others.  While I was always a fan of the pen and notebook way of journaling my food and exercise, I would get to the end of the day and realize that I hadn't logged anything for hours!  Enter the smart phone and....
No Excuse...I always have my phone on me (what did we do before cell phones) and so I have no excuse not to log what I am eating....logging exercise is easy since I can watch my daily calorie allowance rise!  The Lose It app makes it simple by allowing me to search for the foods I'm eating easily.   I eat a lot of the same foods every day (hello throwing together breakfast before both eyes are open) and so once I entered all my usual suspects into the favorites section, it took no time at all to click through!  You can also search by recipe and brands as well as scan the bar code on the package (sooo easy!).
NOT my log although who wouldn't love ice cream and waffles for breakfast?
Math Genius?...Again I feel like there are days when it's noon before I'm truly awake so subtracting calories and adding exercise is sometimes not my forte!  Lose It makes it a no brainer!  I just plug in what I've eaten and what I've done and it does the math for me!  I can look at the app when I want that last treat and see that I only have enough calories for an apple and not the Ben and Jerry's that is staring at me from the freezer!  The calories are calculated based on your weight and also on the amount of pounds you want to lose in a week.  I picked a more aggressive 2lbs a week and so my calories for the week were low (thus why I worked out so much to earn those extra calories!)

I Lose, You Lose....Research has proven over and over the benefits of being in a health conscious community and being surround by those who have similar goals.  Not only does tracking my calories with Lose It help me to stay honest about what I am eating and burning, but it also connected me with others who were trying to do the same thing!  There is that community feel where you are being supported and challenged by others....sounds familiar right?! 
How do you track your calories and exercise?
Check out Lose It and see!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIAW...Dinner Time!

First let me thank you all so much for your support and kind words!  I am breathing and practicing grace with myself each step of the way!

I've been trying out quick and healthy Paleo meals for dinners this past week.  I do really well for breakfast (green smoothie) and lunch (big ole salad) but dinner, after I've worked all day and have two lovies who I would rather play with, is a challenge.  I wanted to share with you a few of my eats from this past week's dinners!
Turkey Burger and Avocado salad...Turkey Sausage Stuffed Kabocha Squash...Big ole Salad with Tuna
I have a few more recipes to try out...which makes my hubby's heart sing (can you hear the sarcasm?) but overall I'm really liking eating more Paleo.  I wouldn't say I've been 100% but it has only been a few things over the past few weeks! I'm really focusing on getting in lots of veggies which works great since it's
over at Peas and Crayons!!
What have you been loving on the dinner table lately?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Motivation

I have been nothing but honest on this blog and with that I will admit that I am my own worst worst!  This climb back to shape after having Aubrey is really getting the best of me and I am grasping for an answer to getting this weight off.  I'm putting in 25 mile weeks as well as doing bootcamp and boy the weight is going no where!  I will admit though that my reaction is not to encourage myself like I do for is to point out flaws and shortcomings.  I'm working on it...on being my best cheerleader...on talking to myself like I would talk to others....talking to myself like I would want my daughters to talk to themselves.
How do you stay positive?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fitness Friday....Best Body Bootcamp Week 4

At the beginning of this week I was geared up to have the best week yet.  I was pumped and ready to not only lose weight but gain strength and run the most miles in a week since I had Aubrey....then Monday afternoon came and life changed.  We got a call that the next day our 3 1/2 month old would be going in for surgery to remove a hemangioma from her eye.  Immediately we all sprang into action making plans for our Em, booking a hotel (since there was a snow storm outside), and packing everything we could think of.  Within an hour we were on our way to Boston before reality could set in!  Tuesday was beyond rough but Aubrey is doing amazing and we are forever in awe of God's faithfulness and the support of so many! 

Some weeks we have the best laid plans before life steps in.  While the surgery only took one day, emotionally I'm spent.  I've kept up with my workouts for the most part but my heart is just not there.  I went for a run Wednesday seeking that feeling you get after a great know like every step you take is stripping off another layer of stress but it just didn't happen.  Last week's bootcamp rocked and this one is no different....I can feel myself getting stronger and I'm looking forward to doing the fit test to see how far I've come!  I'm looking forward to next know when I plan it all out again!!

Moral of the throws you curves, it always does but you don't need to stay there.  When your plans go off track, take another track to where you're going!!!