Thursday, February 28, 2013


Well Thursday is upon us and you know what that means.....a completely random post about things on my mind lately!!!  Lucky you!!!

Goal set...and reached...At the beginning of this month I posted this on Instagram and Facebook
A challenge to myself to push past being comfortable and really start striving to get my mileage back.  I knew it would be hard since February is not only a wicked cold and snowy month here but it's also the shortest (there's a free lesson from this well educated're welcome).  Well today I am very happy to report....
 100.2 miles BOOM!!!
That's right I even added an extra 0.2 just for good measure!  March I am going to set the bar higher....what goal are you working toward for March?

Mom worry...There has been a lot circulating lately about childhood obesity and how we feed our children.  Marissa at Let's Move it Mommas and Natalie at LilRunner have both posted things this week about feeding our children good and healthy foods.  My husband and I are good examples to our children in regards to exercise and healthy eating.  We sit down to family meals and eat lots of veggies and protein.  We exercise almost every day.  We get our daughter moving and keep her active.  But these posts and my own mom worry have gotten me thinking about this girl
My sweet 4 year-old who is the pickiest eater I have ever met!!!  I admit I give into her constant requests for a treat or snacks.  I try to make them as healthy as I can but some days I am worn and I give her foods that I know aren't the best for her.  I know one day (at least that is what I pray every. single. day) she will grow out of this picky, I won't even try it, stage and make better choices but I worry about her a lot.  As a heavy child I know it is not a walk in the park so I pray that our examples to her are enough....and if anyone can help me to make the three foods she'll eat even more packed with veggies then I will be even happier!!

2 Weeks Away...My first half marathon post baby is only 2 weeks away!!!  I'm freaking out to be completely honest with you!  This bad boy is right around the corner...

And to be perfectly frank you don't want to be a slow runner...on St. Paddy's downtown New Bedford if you know what I'm saying!!  Lately I have been suffering from...
Yes like I feel like I should look like I used to before baby and then reality hits when I come across a full length mirror...but that's another post all together.  This week I'm going to start thinking about goals (realistic and lofty) for this race...keeping in mind that I'm 5 months postpartum.


  1. I totally appreciate where you are coming from with your daughter. My son is the best eater in the world; my daughter, not so much. It is a constant struggle to get her on the healthier bandwagon. But if you look at a week's worth of food, she doesn't do too badly, and I'd wager yours is the same. Just keep modeling healthy habits and they will become ingrained.

    Your 1/2 will be a celebration of getting back out there and a step in the right direction for future PRs. Enjoy it!

  2. Way to go reaching your 100.2! So awesome! Wow your race is coming up, you are going to do great:)

  3. I understand where you're coming from regarding leading by example and trying to instill good eating habits in our kids. It's freaking HARD. My son is still really picky at 15 and will literally pick out any green flecks in jarred spaghetti sauce. I kid you not. It makes me absolutely crazy. My daughter is facing the reality of not having a sport this past season and cooking tater tots for herself several times a week after school - her clothes are very tight and track season is going to really suck when it starts in 2 weeks. I don't know what to do at this point since mine are 15 and my eating habits were awful when they were toddlers, but hopefully your little ones will learn from the good examples you and your husband are setting.

  4. Way to go on your goal. That is freaking amazing!

  5. Congrats on hitting your mileage goal!

    I cannot believe New Bedford is just a couple of weeks away - I'm so not ready but it will help me see where I need to put in the work before May's goal race. You've been rocking your runs Nancy - I know you're going to do great!

  6. Great work!!
    Thanks for the ((shout out)) my bloggy friend!

  7. Great job on the 100++ miles! It's hard to get out and do it and you have had some pretty bad weather lately! You are going to rock New Bedford! Just watch out for that hill at the a little gas for that!

  8. Good luck with your half marathon!!! Don't worry too much about food, I'm sure your daughter is getting plenty of healthy food and a snack here and there is fine.