Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivation Monday

I used to think it was a girl thing....however I don't think comparison is gender specific.  We ALL compare ourselves to others!  This quote came over me yesterday when I was out for my weekend long run.  I got a mile into the run and felt horrible.  Thoughts of "You should be doing better" and "______ can run until the end so you should too" continued to steal the joy out of my run.  So at about 1.5 miles I started to walk.  I power walked all through my sleepy ocean town!  Down every side street that ended at the ocean and powered back up the hills leading back to the road.  I LOVED it!  I let go of what this pregnancy SHOULD be and I just let God fill me with JOY!  It wasn't the run I had planned but it was exactly what I needed!

What about you???  What comparisons have you let in to steal your joy?  Did you finish a race only to compare your time with another?  Motivation is one thing but find the joy in YOUR journey!!!  Don't let comparison take it away!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Thoughts for Thursday

It's hard for me to believe that I am 15 weeks into this pregnancy already.  Perhaps it is because I haven't spoken too much about it and really not all of the people who know me know (mostly students and coworkers...oh yeah and our daughter!).  This has left me with lots of thoughts swirling....mostly about a new identity as a pregnant runner.  So what's a girl to do.....share her random thoughts with all of you!!  Don't you feel lucky?!

1.  Where are the safety pins?  
 Well the days of hiding the bump I believe are coming to an end.  Today I was digging through a drawer looking for the stash of safety pins from over 5000 friggin races....can you tell I was having trouble finding one?  All of a sudden I am finding that things, mostly pants, are getting snug.  I can't remember how far along I was when I started to show with Emma.  I could always go back and look at her baby book.  I continue to struggle with split feelings about this growing body.  On one side I am honestly over-the-moon excited to be pregnant.  I remember with Em just loving my belly and each day...until I saw the photos and realized people were just being nice when they said I looked great.  I wouldn't say I was as bad as Jessica Simpson is now but pretty darn close!  70lbs later I know how hard it was to lose that weight and how I felt about my body.  I don't want to repeat that.  I don't think that I am but today's pant problem got me stressed.  Maybe I need to hire a friend that can tell me to put the fork down or a nice honest, "Girl your butt is huge!"

2.  My heart says yes but my legs say oh no!  I'm trying really hard to compare myself with others pregnant or not but it is hard when it seems like everyone is out there killing it!  The other day I went to the track in my hometown to do repeats.  I did my warm-up fine and then it was time to pick up the pace...yeah it was quite different from my picked-up pace from just 3 months ago!!  Same thing yesterday in running group as I trudged along watching all the fast people I not so long ago was running next to.  This is something else I am trying to keep perspective about.  It was a lot of work to get my speed back after Em and honestly was the fastest I have ever been.  However, I know I can do it again and right now I need to be careful and that looks different for everyone.  Which leads me to my last point....

3.  Identity crisis...I am a runner....I push through pain and exhaustion to get the miles in and stretch myself physically.  And then I became pregnant.  In running group people called me the "fast girl"....well now I am thinking about joining the turtle group.  Again I know it goes without saying that I am so happy to be pregnant.  I have never been one of those women who God has blessed with the ability to get pregnant at will and after losing a baby last year I am ALWAYS mindful of my body and not taking things too far.  This does however have me feeling like I am having a bit of an identity crisis and really finding my identity as a pregnant running mom.  I know I can do it and I will be even stronger in the's just making that change that has me tangled.

I know I said a lot....any advice from anyone out there who dealt with the change?  I know so many of you ran pregnant....who did you mentally make that adjustment?  Oh and anyone interested in applying to be my honest critic?  Kind of like my own personal Clinton Kelly!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

What do you get the man who worked his tail off and ate boiled chicken to get to this......
Hubby is second from the right!
Oh that's right you get him this.....
A gift from his Gram and Aunt with literally every kind of junk food you can imagine waiting on our doorstep last night!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Motivation

My hubby has been wishing he could do a body building show for almost the entire time we have been together.  This past weekend his wish turned into reality when he rocked his first show....placing in two of his three events!!!  His determination is such an inspiration to me to stop wishing for things and start DOING something to get there!!  I want this pregnancy to be not only a healthy one but I want to be the fittest I can be....running, lifting, and eating great!  The only way I can get there is by stop wishing and start DOING!!!  Each week I need to make great choices to get there!
What is your biggest wish?  What are you going to DO this week to get there?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday....More #FindYourStrong

Sometimes your strong comes from a running buddy who enters your life at just the right time!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#FindYourStrong Saucony Event (LOTS of pictures!)

The amazing FFA Dorothy Beal gave us all the heads up about an amazing event in Boston on Friday.  It is hard to put into words what this event meant to me and I probably will spend the rest of the week trying to do just that.  It came at a perfect time for me in my life!  A HUGE thanks to Dorothy for the information and Saucony for hosting such an awesome event!!
I brought along my BRF Jill since I knew she would love it as much as me!  We took the T from Malden and got to Cyclorama WAY early so we headed to a cute restaurant next door called Sibling Rivalry for drinks (Jill not me) and a bite to eat.

Inside the event Saucony had lined the walls with people's "strong".  Seriously...I was chocked up just roaming the pictures and tweets.  As the years go by I realize just how much running is a part of me.  This was just the beginning of an inspiring night!

The speakers were no less than inspiring as well!!  First up was:
Luis Escobar
He was there to talk about memories of Micah True and to share his message of Running Free.  It was a moving time since Micah was such a huge part of the Saucony and running family.  
Mark Herzlich
Former BC football player who was diagnosed with bone cancer in his Junior year at BC.  He talked about "never accepting defeat" and how he ran out on the field at BC his senior year after beating cancer in his leg.  He went on to play for a certain NFL team that we New Englanders don't think too highly of (NY Giants).  The message that stuck with me from him was doing all it takes to get back to who you know you are.  He is a football player and he wasn't going to let cancer take that away from him.
Karen Smyers
A world champion triathlete from Lincoln, Massachusetts who persevered through numerous injuries and thyroid cancer.  Her message of persevering and positive thinking was an inspiration to dig down during those tough miles...tough days and be the champion you know you are.
"Boston" Bill Rodgers
I learned so much about this local running legend.  Like how many times he DID NOT finish Boston.  It made my DNF from this Winter not seem so bad.  His quirky stories had you laughing and connecting with him!  His big message...You can ALWAYS have a comeback!  I'm banking on that one Bill...after baby comeback!

After we mingled and were able to connect with some of my AMAZING fellow FFAs and friends!  It was so great to talk with these ladies in person!!  More to come on this awesome event!  They should have these at least once a month!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Motivation

What's YOUR Strong???
Sacouny is running a new project called the "Find Your Strong" Project.  If you haven't heard about it yet do yourself a favor and watch this:
You can even check out a fellow FFA's video Dorothy Beal from Mile Posts here:
  I was able to attend the Saucony event on Friday (more about it tomorrow) and to say I was motivated was a huge understatement.
  What is YOUR strong?  What gets you to go that extra more more lap? 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fitness Friday....Protein Power!! #Nytrowhey

Many years ago, when people talked about protein intake and drinking protein shakes and such it was a small subset of people.  Many of those people had goals of being on their way to look like this:
Now this may or may not be your goal look.....not mine but probably is my hubby's.  However, protein intake is so important whether you are training to be Mr. Olympia or if you want to reach a lean, toned shape.  We know that protein is the building block of muscle and it is an important part of our diets each day.  Recommendations vary but you can calculate your protein needs with the following formula:

1. Weight in pounds divided by 2.2 = weight in kg
2. Weight in kg x 0.8-1.8 gm/kg = protein gm.
Use a lower number if you are in good health and are sedentary (i.e., 0.8). Use a higher number (between 1 and 1.8) if you are under stress, are pregnant, are recovering from an illness, or if you are involved in consistent and intense weight or endurance training.
Example: 154 lb male who is a regular exerciser and lifts weights
154 lbs/2.2 = 70kg
70kg x 1.5 = 105 gm protein/day 

One way that I have embraced getting more protein in my diet is through green monster protein smoothies!  I have one a day and get at least 20 grams of protein nestled in a yummy shake!!  I was recently given the chance to review a product from ProSource, an amazing site for weight loss and body building supplements!! 

I tested out NytroWhey Ultra Elite protein powder in the flavor chocolate mint.  It comes in 4 different flavor vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and chocolate mint and for a great price through ProSource of only $30.95!!  The first thing that hit me when I open the jug was the YUMMY smell!  Sometimes protein powder has a certain aroma to it but this one made me want to dig right in!!  Here's the skinny on NytroWhey from the ProSource site:
  •  Serving size is 2 scoops
  • 180 calories 
  • 5 grams of fat
  • 13 grams of total carbohydrates with 4 grams of fiber and just 3.5 grams of sugar
  • 21 grams of protein
What does Fancy Nancy think???
I was happy by the amount of calories versus protein content.  I think it's low on calories for the amount of protein that is in it.  I usually pick powders that are a little lower in sugar but I figured that since it was chocolate mint instead of vanilla, that that was where the added sugar came.  I used this on it's own with water and in my green monster smoothies with a banana, almond milk, and spinach.  Both ways were super yummylicious but the one with just water had a very strong mint taste.  The smoothie version had me practically licking the glass!!  Also it was easy on the belly.  I've made no point to hide that my stomach can be about as cranky as a tired toddler and this protein did not make it gurgley at all!  

Try it out for yourself!!  Head on over to ProSource and check out the NytroWhey Ultra Elite!!!

I was given a jug of the NytroWhey Ultra Elite for free but the thoughts and opinions were all my own.  I was not otherwise compensated. 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday-Boston Marathon Style

There is this little event going on Monday in Boston.  You may or may not have heard of it?
Well I guess now you know the theme of this week's 3 randoms!

1.  MOS....The Museum of Science in Boston is having an presentation all week about the Boston marathon and marathon running and how the body copes with the intense pressure.  Also to check out is their display showcasing clothing and equipment used in running over time.  It will explain how technology and engineering has shaped what we use today.  You know....from old cotton t-shirt and sneakers to the high-tech gear we have today!  If you're interested go here and find out hours and location!
2.  Saucony...You all know about my love affair with all things Saucony!  Well this weekend I get to be a giddy groupie and attend: 
 I couldn't be more excited and look forward to meeting lots of my Fitfluential friends too!  Then yesterday I found out about their new limited edition line of Boston Marathon shirts!  I may just have to get's ok that I ran Boston 5 years ago right?  Check them out!  I mean really they must have been thinking of me when they designed this one!!
3.  Trust and Triumph....Taper time can be a stressful time of marathon prep.  Your mind tends to betray you as you comb through your training logs to see if you worked hard enough and if you have time to fit in just one more run.  You begin to notice twinges and tweaks you never knew was there.  Suddenly you completely blank about what to wear to a race and what gear you have used the past 16 weeks!  This is where TRUST comes your training!  You put in the work...banked the miles...marathon day is to show it all off!  Have fun....give out high for more cowbell...laugh with the drunk college students (they got me through the last 3 miles!) the Citgo sign....and relish in the triumph as you turn onto Boylston!!!
Triumph will be yours!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jelly Bean Extraveganza Recap!

What a week!!!  This week I did the Jelly Bean Virtual Races with Run with Jess.  I had done the 5k last year and loved it so I was excited to do it again this year.  In the true spirit of being the overachiever that I am, I of course signed up for all 4 events (5k, 10k, half, 13 mile bike).

I started the week with the half marathon on Sunday since it was a beautiful day and I knew that I wasn't going to have the time or motivation over the Easter holiday!  I took my time and really just enjoyed the run without any pressure for time.  I finished in just over 2hours and 4 minutes....Event one down and check one off for my 12 in 2012!!

Second and third events (5k run and 13 mile bike) were done at good ole Work Out World!  I do have one pet peeve about my gym....there are 5 treadmills broken!!!  In the morning it isn't a big deal at all but if I have to go at night it gets pretty dicey!  Not only to I have to stalk treadmills but I can feel people giving me the hairy eyeball when I am on too long!  For the 5k I did a mile warm-up, restarted the treadmill and did some speed intervals.  Boy do I love speed....seriously it's the best feeling!  I finished in 26:32 not my fastest but loving it!  The bike was inside too since my Trek has a flat tire...not to mention the fact that it is the same bike I bought when I went to college 15 years ago!  Official time...22:34

I saved the 10k for last since I knew I was doing this great event....
Seriously if you live in the RI or southern MA area, check this race out next year.  It is put on by Trimom Productions, who also puts on a number of races and triathlons in RI.  It was very well organized we got a cute tech t-shirt and mug!  Oh and let's not forget the bunny ears!!  The spread after was great too....clam chowder (not sure why every New England race I run serves this...who eats this after running?), bagels and lots of fruit, and the best party pizza ever!  Now for the race.....
Not sure why this won't go the right way....sorry!
The race itself is NO JOKE!!  The first mile is a decline to the bridge which I sailed through at 7:49.  Then came the 0.6 mile climb to the top of the bridge....YIKES!  I was so happy to finally reach the three firemen at the top and know I'd be headed back down!!  I was feeling great and started passing people no problem.  I must have forgotten about the 2 KILLER hills once we got off the bridge.  I kept thinking "I just climbed a bridge...what sick race director planned this course?"  Not soon enough, we were climbing back up the other side of the bridge (I took a walk legs were shot and frankly walking was faster than running).  I gained some more ground on the downhill again before we started climbing the on ramp...ouch!  I finished in just over 55 minutes with my BRF Jill by my side!  My comment after was, "I wonder what my time would be with a normal 10k!"  Last year's time was 52 minutes but I'm happy overall!!  
Seriously miffed about the pictures....this one was so cute!
Jelly Bean....DONE!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Motivation....Time to Burn Some Calories!

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!!  If you're anything like me, your sneakers were calling you this morning!!  After not eating sugar for 40 days, I definitely made up for lost time!  Now it is back to the grind and the mill to burn it all off!!  Nothing like a Monday morning to start you off on the right foot.....
How are you starting your week off on the right foot???
Just 1 week left Boston Marathoners...forecast looks warm!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Thankful Things for Thursday

How many TH words can you fit into one title?  Well apparently 4 for me!  
Today's focus....thankfulness

1.  Thursday is Friday..... 

We have school off tomorrow so today is really my Friday.  I feel like I'm acting worse than my students though.  I'm so happy to not have to work tomorrow and to be heading down to visit my family.  Em has been counting down the days until she can see her cousins again.  I hope they sleep well tonight because she has a laundry list of things that she wants to do with them!  She's like a tornado there...she comes in...plays hard...and leaves a mess and very tired people behind!  They love it!!!  Seriously though I can't wait to see my family and eat my weight in Portuguese sweet bread.  I eat it once a year now that I don't live at home and seriously that is probably a good thing!  It's heaven!

2.  Run bunny Run.... 
The crew last year
Hopefully the sweet bread is going to be good fuel for my Jamestown bridge race on Saturday!  Last year I scored a 6 minute pr and it was one of those classic New England Spring days (translation freezing, raining, and knock you over windy)!  I'm looking forward this year to a better weather forecast and to be running with my BRF Jill and her brother Stu.  Jill and I have some sweet running outfits planned so stay tuned.  It is my last event for the Jelly Bean and we are definitely going to get a picture for it!!

3.  Marathon mania.... 
 Being in the Boston area, the time around the Boston Marathon is always exciting and buzzing.  There are several people in my running group who are doing the marathon this year, including Megan who is running it for the first time and is going to CRUSH it!!!  We were talking about preparations and the race itself at parts during the run.  Even though I'm not running it I always get so excited talking about it.  I'm so thankful to live in an area close to it.  It is like I get to remember the amazing experience I had each year!  One day Boston may be on my radar again but until then I am having so much fun getting excited for you all doing it and for my IRL running buddies who are toeing the line too! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday #TLAM

Yesterday there was an orange glow coming from my mailbox as I drove down our street....what could it be...the one...the only.....

I've had it next to me ever since.  Like here...

and here.....

You can imagine my excitement!

I mean not only so I get to read another hilarious and perfectly on point book by these lovely ladies

but I also get a TON of training tips and to learn new vocabulary like.....
crop dusting
puke pace
sliming yourself

Serious excitement here!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I had about a million and one posts intended for today...product review, Jelly Bean update, Easter egg coloring...but all of them sounded fake to me.  One thing that I have promised with this blog is that you get me...good, bad, and at times a touch crazy so writing a post that completely ignored what has been clouding my mind since last night would not be real.  This post isn't going to be about running or fitness or eating but instead about the things that life sometimes throws at us!

Last night after I got back from the gym (I was doing the Jelly Bean 21k bike....ok there is your fitness for this post) my husband met me at the door with a strange smile on his face.  You know the smile that doesn't say "I have a wonderful surprise for you" but the one that says "I'm not really sure how to tell you this".  Our landlord, who currently lives with his family in Virginia, is be sent away for work and wants to move his family back into the house.  I realize that it is his house and we did choose to be renters for a bit, but I guess I figured I had a little more time.  While the house fits what we need now, we have fallen in love with the neighborhood (dead end street, 2 miles to the park, 3 miles to the beach), my Aunt and Uncle live just 100 yards away and my inlaws just 2 miles just fit right.

I wrestled with myself all last night and most of today to keep in the forefront of my mind Romans 8:28...that all of this will work out for our good and we just need to trust, but it is easier said than done.  It is not lost on me that my devotional for the last 2 weeks have been examples of people in the Bible who went through trials that God used for amazing things.  It wasn't a coincidence that the very first line of my devotional this morning read, "I will supply all that you need...."  My heart knows we will land on our feet but my mind is full of fear.

It makes me giggle in a way but moving down here literally happened in a weekend.  We had talked for months about relocating closer to family but within a weekend our boxes were being packed.  I got interviewed and hired on Friday...we looked at a house and loved it on Saturday and by Sunday we were back at our old house packing up.  Oh and this was 2 weeks before the school year started!  Somehow I wasn't fearful then...but now I am.  This is the house where we really truly have become a family...and we found that small town feel we had been looking for.  I'm not certain where God will lead us next but I am thankful that this was a stop on the road.  Until then I am needing to pray often and have faith...amongst the fear!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Motivation-Happy Birthday Kelly Olexa

Today, April 2nd, is a holiday in the Fitfluential family.  It's Auntie Kelly's birthday!!! 
I place this under motivation because you can't know Kelly and not be motivated by her!  She makes you want to jump up and become the best version of yourself!!!  In less than a year she started Fitfluential and in that created an amazing and successful business!!!  Her Youtube videos and constant encouragement have motivated me to expand and jump out of my comfort WAY out of my comfort zone!!  You rock Kelly!!!  Thank you for your constant motivation to not settle for ok but reach for great!!!!

For your special day I have ordered up your fav.....
...a mug of Starbucks coffee the size of your head!!

Happy birthday Auntie Kelly!!!!

Want to wish Kelly a happy day?  Head on over to the Fitfluential blog and wish away!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweat to Street Sunday

Meet Your Hosts!
Family and Life in Las Vegas (Emily)
Wild Things RUN Free (Charlotte)
Running and Cupcakes (Samantha)
MCM Mama (Erika)
Boobs, Barbells, and Broccoli (Tenecia)
Sweat to Street has been created as a place to link up your favorite outfits of the week as a new Sunday blog feature. The idea is to have some fun and change it up! Each week we encourage you to post one workout outfit and one outfit you wore that isn’t fitness related.
 This week I'm going to the footwear fashion....mostly because I have been taking my pictures on Sunday and well....I wear the same thing and it was boring me...and I'm sure you.  Maybe that's why I lost one follower!  So today Sweat to Street is all about shoes.  Next week I'll try to get a work outfit!

 Saucony Ride...nuf said!
I have proclaimed my love many times for Saucony Ride sneakers.  These are from just the past two years!!!  The ones in the middle are the exception.  They are from my 2007 Boston Marathon and I just can't part with them! 

Dansko Clogs
I got my first pair for Christmas last year and Oh. My. Word comfortable!!!  As a teacher I am constantly on my feet!  I love me some heels but these babies are great too for some height and comfort!