Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jelly Bean Extraveganza Recap!

What a week!!!  This week I did the Jelly Bean Virtual Races with Run with Jess.  I had done the 5k last year and loved it so I was excited to do it again this year.  In the true spirit of being the overachiever that I am, I of course signed up for all 4 events (5k, 10k, half, 13 mile bike).

I started the week with the half marathon on Sunday since it was a beautiful day and I knew that I wasn't going to have the time or motivation over the Easter holiday!  I took my time and really just enjoyed the run without any pressure for time.  I finished in just over 2hours and 4 minutes....Event one down and check one off for my 12 in 2012!!

Second and third events (5k run and 13 mile bike) were done at good ole Work Out World!  I do have one pet peeve about my gym....there are 5 treadmills broken!!!  In the morning it isn't a big deal at all but if I have to go at night it gets pretty dicey!  Not only to I have to stalk treadmills but I can feel people giving me the hairy eyeball when I am on too long!  For the 5k I did a mile warm-up, restarted the treadmill and did some speed intervals.  Boy do I love speed....seriously it's the best feeling!  I finished in 26:32 not my fastest but loving it!  The bike was inside too since my Trek has a flat tire...not to mention the fact that it is the same bike I bought when I went to college 15 years ago!  Official time...22:34

I saved the 10k for last since I knew I was doing this great event....
Seriously if you live in the RI or southern MA area, check this race out next year.  It is put on by Trimom Productions, who also puts on a number of races and triathlons in RI.  It was very well organized we got a cute tech t-shirt and mug!  Oh and let's not forget the bunny ears!!  The spread after was great too....clam chowder (not sure why every New England race I run serves this...who eats this after running?), bagels and lots of fruit, and the best party pizza ever!  Now for the race.....
Not sure why this won't go the right way....sorry!
The race itself is NO JOKE!!  The first mile is a decline to the bridge which I sailed through at 7:49.  Then came the 0.6 mile climb to the top of the bridge....YIKES!  I was so happy to finally reach the three firemen at the top and know I'd be headed back down!!  I was feeling great and started passing people no problem.  I must have forgotten about the 2 KILLER hills once we got off the bridge.  I kept thinking "I just climbed a bridge...what sick race director planned this course?"  Not soon enough, we were climbing back up the other side of the bridge (I took a walk break...my legs were shot and frankly walking was faster than running).  I gained some more ground on the downhill again before we started climbing the on ramp...ouch!  I finished in just over 55 minutes with my BRF Jill by my side!  My comment after was, "I wonder what my time would be with a normal 10k!"  Last year's time was 52 minutes but I'm happy overall!!  
Seriously miffed about the pictures....this one was so cute!
Jelly Bean....DONE!!


  1. Great races! A 10k with clam chowder AND firemen? Sign me up.

    1. Oh yeah they were at the peak of the bridge. So just when you thought you were going to die, there they were!

  2. Good job on the Jelly Bean events! Wow, you did all 4 of them!!

  3. Very impressive that you did all 4 events!

  4. Your bunny ears are so cute!

    I'm not so sure about clam chowder after running either...but I once had chicken broth and it was really tasty!

  5. Great job getting all 4 events in and checking another half off of your 12 in 2012!

  6. awww! the pics are still so dang cute! that race sounds tough but really unique! i loved participating in the jelly bean and loved that it kept me motivated the entire week :) you are awesome for doing all 4!!!

  7. Wow, you did all four events!? Nice job! I did the runs, but did not manage the bike ride! That 10k looks like a lot of fun. I love that they gave you bunny ears!

  8. Cute pictures. I wanted to do this race, but we were going to be at the in-laws for Easter weekend. Would have been fun to add it to the Pell Bridge run I did last year!

  9. you and Jill are so cute :) and you are such an over achiever! lol I love it ;)

  10. Great job on doing all 4 events!! Love your outfits, even if the pics won't go the right way!!!