Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday-Boston Marathon Style

There is this little event going on Monday in Boston.  You may or may not have heard of it?
Well I guess now you know the theme of this week's 3 randoms!

1.  MOS....The Museum of Science in Boston is having an presentation all week about the Boston marathon and marathon running and how the body copes with the intense pressure.  Also to check out is their display showcasing clothing and equipment used in running over time.  It will explain how technology and engineering has shaped what we use today.  You know....from old cotton t-shirt and sneakers to the high-tech gear we have today!  If you're interested go here and find out hours and location!
2.  Saucony...You all know about my love affair with all things Saucony!  Well this weekend I get to be a giddy groupie and attend: 
 I couldn't be more excited and look forward to meeting lots of my Fitfluential friends too!  Then yesterday I found out about their new limited edition line of Boston Marathon shirts!  I may just have to get's ok that I ran Boston 5 years ago right?  Check them out!  I mean really they must have been thinking of me when they designed this one!!
3.  Trust and Triumph....Taper time can be a stressful time of marathon prep.  Your mind tends to betray you as you comb through your training logs to see if you worked hard enough and if you have time to fit in just one more run.  You begin to notice twinges and tweaks you never knew was there.  Suddenly you completely blank about what to wear to a race and what gear you have used the past 16 weeks!  This is where TRUST comes your training!  You put in the work...banked the miles...marathon day is to show it all off!  Have fun....give out high for more cowbell...laugh with the drunk college students (they got me through the last 3 miles!) the Citgo sign....and relish in the triumph as you turn onto Boylston!!!
Triumph will be yours!!!


  1. Wow, would love to see the Museum exhibit. Have a blast!

  2. I am so impressed that you ran Boston! Definitely get the shirt. So cute!

  3. amen, Sister Nancy.........I definitely needed to read #3 above! Thanks so much!

  4. The exhibit sounds fantastic, enjoy.

  5. That is such a neat shirt! Have a great time with your fellow FFA's!

  6. Have fun Friday night! I was hoping to go, but can't get the kiddos covered. Are you spectating on Monday? If so , where will you be?