Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August Blogger Challenge

Goood morning!!  This is Em and I's last week of our RI vacation and I think that we are trying to fit everything in in one week!  Yesterday we went to the Roger Williams Zoo with my sister and cousin....a great zoo if you are in the Providence area!! 
The rest of the week we have beach trips (day and night), photo shoots (did I mention my sister is an amazing photographer?), trampolene time, and maybe even an IKEA run!  Then Em and I are headed back to Cape Cod to settle into our new house with the hubs!
I've heard a lot around the blogging world about vacations, and summer fun, and being stuck with ideas to write about.  I have been feeling this way a little and was so excited when I saw that the awesome Janice over at Fitness Cheerleader was having an August Healthy Living/Fitness Blogger Challenge!
Janice has set a topic to write about for every day in August.  You write a post, link it to her comments, and get to meet/know more about bloggers all around!    Want to join in on the fun?  Head on over to Fitness Cheerleader and see!!  Tomorrow starts the fun!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Motivation

Watching the Olympic Games just these past few days have been so inspiring!  These athletes have zeroed in on what they want and have done whatever it takes to get them there!  So often we know what we want but when it comes to the "doing whatever it takes" part of the deal, we let fear or doubt creep in. 
Know what you want......then do whatever it takes!
You WILL get there!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank you, Mom....Olympic Style

I'm sure by now you're sensing a theme this week leading up to the Olympic Games in London starting tomorrow!  Today my three randoms for you aren't so random.  They are three videos that P&G started running as commercials around Mother's Day.  It may be the pregnancy hormones but humor me and tell me I'm not the only one who can't watch any of these without balling my eyes out!  It makes me think of my own Mom and the sacrifices she would have made if the Olympics is where I was headed....and of course it makes me think of Emma and our new lady on the way.  Of how I would do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.  Today she is running in the yard and splashing at the beach but one day she may be trying to be the best in the world!  I can't imagine it....but you better believe I would move heaven and earth to help them get there!! 
Enjoy....and grab a tissue!



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

There are days when I can not even wrap my head around loving another little girl as much as I love Emma.  I almost feel guilty sometimes when I get excited about another girl...like Emma will be hurt or feel like she's not enough.  Then I get to see her....
live and in 3-D and I can't decide if I don't want the time to end or want it to go by faster so I can cuddle and kiss those chubby cheeks!  Another baby girl.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Next Olympic Track Star....Fancy Nancy

As readers of this blog you have probably gathered that I love a challenge.....like put it in front of me and I can't help but try for it!  I have lost count as to how many virtual races I have run and challenges I have done but I love them all!!  Now add to that my obsession over the Olympics and you have me...Fancy Nancy the Olympic Track Star (wanna be)!  When I was younger I used to think I would go to the Olympics as a gymnast.  In my high school's class profecy I was on the Olympic Softball Team.  There are days now when I am out running that I imagine it is for the gold.  While I am not certain if I will ever be sporting one of these in my lifetime...
I will be cheering loudly for America next week and taking part in the Virtual Games hosted by the awesomely motivating Jess over at Run with Jess!
Because while I may feel at times that I can hang with these ladies.....
...doing this challenge virtually is more my speed right now!!!  How about you?  Have you signed up to compete in the Virtual Games with Jess?  Head on over and check it out!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Guess Where ZOOMA Will Pop up Next!

Remember when I posted about the ZOOMA Cape Cod race and so many of you commented about how you would love to run it....if only it was closer to where you are?  Huh? Huh?  Well it is a good thing I remembered for you!!! 

On Thursday ZOOMA is announcing a NEW location!!!  Fun, Friends, and Running in a new place!!!  Where could it be???

Think you know?  Want to take your chances at winning a killer swag bag and guess?  Head on over to the ZOOMA blog and enter your guess today....wait why are you still reading?  Go there and guess!!!

Monday Motivation

My sister was showing this sign to me on Etsy the other day.  She had chosen it to put in her daughter's new bedroom.  I thought....how perfect!  What if I woke up thinking the same thing?  Instead of my crawling out of bed that I have been doing lately, I could get out of bed ready to conquer that day and make it count!!  During the school year I make the efforts to do this be getting up bright and early and heading to the gym...even though this means waking up at a time when most are still snuggled in bed.  I'm going to make the choice this week to get out of bed with my boxing gloves on....ready to kick that day's bootie!!! 
How about you? Do you have your boxing gloves on?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's Going on Around Here

Hi all!  This week I have taken a slight cyber vacation....not really on purpose just was relaxing with my family, volunteering at our church's VBS program, and trying to figure out my new iphone (that could take a while!)  I'll be back on the grid this week but I wanted to leave you with how I spent my Saturday.....lots of sister time!
Love the views running in RI!!!
Spent the morning on a long run with my sister getting ready for the ZOOMA Cape Cod 10K.
Noon and Night
One of hobbies that I love to do but rarely sit down and actually do is scrap booking.  Yesterday my sister and I was able, thanks to our parents and her hubby, to go to an all-day crop!  I am trying to start/finish Emma's baby book since our next lady is coming in October!!!  I got up to 3 months....ok I know but there were a TON of pictures in the first 3 months!!!!

Have a great Sunday and I will see you back here tomorrow for your dose of motivation!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trainer Tuesday

Have you ever considered working with a certified personal trainer? 
I mean just look at how happy these people look!
When I was pregnant with Emma, I began watching trainers at my gym for the one that I wanted to help me kick my own bootie back into shape...a shape better than what I had started with!  I chose just the right lady and she helped me not only lose 70+ lbs but also helped me gain the confidence I needed to get my groove back!  I worked one-on-one with her for 4 months and then continued taking her classes and even followed her when she opened her own studio.  I was so sad to move away from the area and not have her come along with me!!! 

This time around I am surrounded by many of my awesome fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors who are also certified personal trainers!  One of those Ambassadors, who is also a fellow ZOOMA Ambassador is Samantha at Running and Cupcakes.
She has worked SUPER hard and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Rhode Island.  The best bonus is....she'll train you online as well!!!  Check out her training page for prices and ways to contact her!  I think her prices rock and her workouts will too!!! 

Maybe you're a new mom looking to get back into shape....or new to exercising and need some guidance on where to start....or maybe you're in shape but are bored with your workouts and need something new....or even more maybe you're a runner who is looking to take it to the next level.  If you identified yourself with any of these....then contact Samantha!  A certified personal trainer can help you on your journey where ever you want it to go!  It may give you that kick you need to bust through that plateau or get yourself started!! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Motivation

This quote has become more and more real to me each day I lace up my shoes.  The past two week though I have been feeling great!  Enjoying the slower pace and the new opportunity to help my sister reach her goal of running a 10k this September at the ZOOMA Cape Cod race.  The other day during our long run (which was her farthest run ever) she made the comment that this was probably the slowest 5 miler I had ever done.  My comment back was, "I don't care about the pace....look at how far you just ran!"  Starting out is never easy but just taking that first step and celebrating along the way will get you to where you want to go.  There will always be time for speed...celebrate the small victories along the way!!!

Fellow ZOOMA and Fitfluential Ambassador Amy has a great guest post on the ZOOMA blog this morning about the perks of running an all-girls race.  Check it out!  Don't forget to register for ZOOMA today!  Use the code CCAMB4 to get your discount!  Also if you are interested in running a ZOOMA race but don't live near Massachusetts, they are having a Great Lakes race coming up as well as other great locations!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fitness Friday....Exercise as the Belly Grows!

Let's pause again for these amazing running moms......running while pregnant! 
While I would love to say that as my belly hides more and more of my toes when I look down, that my running is still easy breezy, it is in fact not the case!  Some mornings I wake up and I feel like it has grown double its size overnight!  As the belly grows, I make changes to my run to stay comfy as well as my weight workouts.  The name of the game this time around is going with how my body feels as opposed to strict guidelines.  I remember with my last pregnancy, I was a slave to my heart rate monitor.  I carefully watched as the numbers ticked by making certain not to pass 140 which was what my doctor had told me.  This time the monitor will be reserved for after the baby comes...to make sure I'm working hard enough! 

Looking for some tips on exercising during pregnancy?  Check these out!
Here are some from Baby Center:  
More from American Pregnancy Association:

  • If you are just starting an exercise program as a way of improving your health during your pregnancy, you should start very slowly and be careful not to over exert yourself. Consider a prenatal yoga class that is specifically designed for pregnant women. Shop Yoga for home
  • Listen to your body. Your body will naturally give you signals that it is time to reduce the level of exercise you are performing.
  • Never exercise to the point of exhaustion or breathlessness. This is a sign that your baby and your body cannot get the oxygen supply they need.
  • Wear comfortable exercise footwear that gives strong ankle and arch support.
  • Take frequent breaks, and drink plenty of fluids during exercise.
  • Avoid exercise in extremely hot weather.
  • Avoid rocky terrain or unstable ground when running or cycling. Your joints are more lax in pregnancy, and ankle sprains and other injuries may occur.
  • Contact sports should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Weight training should emphasize improving tone, especially in the upper body and abdominal area. Avoid lifting weights above your head and using weights that strain the lower back muscles.
  • During the second and third trimesters, avoid exercise that involves lying flat on your back as this decreases blood flow to the uterus.
  • Include relaxation and stretching before and after your exercise program.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

    Also check out a fellow Fitfluential rocking Momma Michele who is killing the running through pregnancy #2!!!

    Long and short is....there are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy!  Be safe and listen to your body!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This was shared with me by my dear friend Jill and I LOVE it!! 
How do YOU get around excuses?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMI Tuesday!

Ok ladies....and fellas too....let's be honest here.  The summer is here....the sweat it pouring down....and skin is rubbing together!  OUCH!!! 
Last week during my running group session at the track I wore my usual Reebok running skirt and tank.  Normally and all last summer I could wear my skirts on runs shorter than an hour and be just fine.  I would say 1/4 of the way into the workout and I knew I was in trouble.....the chub was a rubbing!!  After 14 years of being a softball catcher my legs resemble more of a line backer's than a runners but apparently my pregnancy legs are wider still! 
What's a runner to do?  That's right friends....I continued on and finished the workout knowing the price I was going to pay was going to be painful!!  And let me tell you it was!  The next day....actually 2 days I had to pile on the Neosporen and band aids....oh and compression shorts too just to be able to walk without looking like I just got off a horse after 12 hours!!!  Yeah it was painful and so not fun! 
So dish away on TMI Tuesday....
Has this ever happened to you?  What do you swear by to keep the run from causing a fire on your body?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Motivation

I've noticed a similar theme going around here on the Monday Motivations....get out there and try something new even if it scares you!!  Today I am starting a training plan with my sister who is setting out to run ZOOMA Cape Cod 10K on September 22nd.  We are heading to the track so the kids can play on the field while we run.  I taped her training plan to her fridge and her first statement was "I can't....."  My response was, "You can and you will!"  Everything we do in life starts with a decision to try!  While playing sports, my father used to always say, "Do your best and let God do the rest!"  I know my sister will get there because I know she is going to try!!!
What are you going to try today?  
You don't have to be great from the start....you just need to try!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fitness Friday....Inspiration not Comparison

I have been reading several post these past few weeks that have dealt with weight loss journeys...and how they are a personal journey.  One that can not be compared to a journey of someone else.  When I set out to lose the weight after having my daughter I admit that I fell into the comparison trap.  I looked at how others were losing weight and looking and I compared my journey to theirs.  I know that in a few months I will be on that journey again but this time I am choosing to use those around me and in my Fitfluential family to be an inspiration for me instead a stick by which I am measuring myself. 

Choosing to change your life and be fit....or setting off on a new journey in your fitness is a challenge.  It's supposed to be that way!  Any time you are breaking the pattern of what you usually do in order to create a new patter, your body will resist....but break away because it is so worth it!  Don't let comparison get in your way though.  Use others as inspirations....ideas....encouragement!  We're all in this together!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday....Half-Way Mark

Tuesday I was looking over my stats so far for this year.  I actually hadn't even looked at them too closely until I was responding to a post by Pavement Runner.....and I must say I impressed myself.  Considering that I have been pregnant this whole year thus far, I'm encouraged by these numbers!  It's good to look back at what you've done from time to time to remind yourself how far you have come!
Here are some stats from this half of the year!
1.  Miles, miles, miles....So far this year I have legged out 660 miles!!  While my mileage is slowing down I'm so encouraged by being able to run over 600 miles in 6 months of pregnancy!  I know I talk about it quite a bit but I didn't run with my first pregnancy, too scared that something bad would happen.  So this time around I am encouraged by what my body has allowed me to do!
2.  Race away!....During these 6 months I have certainly been able to get my race on!  I've run a 20 mile race on Martha's Vineyard, 3 half marathons, a Jamestown Bridge 10k, a handful of virtual races, and a local 5k pushing the chickie!  It has been a different mindset racing pregnant and I enjoy having the pressure off a little when it comes to times! 
3.  Shred it up!...I'm loving Bobbi's Summer Shreds from Nhershoes!  She started another one for the month of July and she never fails to kick my bum in gear!  The first Shred was a sweatfest and I'm sure the next one will be too!! 

How have you rocked your first 6 months of 2012?  Brag away!!!  I want to celebrate with you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Try It Out Tuesday!

What's a good girlfriend if she doesn't share some great finds with you?!
Here are two things I have been trying out lately that I wanted to share with all of you.  You may read this and say...."Ummm Fancy Nancy! Get with the program girl!" or you may say, "Hey I'd love to try that out!"  Either way here you go!
Lately I've been replacing my Almond Milk in my Green Smoothie with this Blue Diamond Almond Coconut Milk and yum-o!!  It's not an overwhelming taste of coconut.  It gives my smoothie that little something different.....just enough to make you go hmmmm!  It only added 20 calories to my Green Smoothie so it wasn't a huge difference and the taste was so worth it!!  I'm trying to find some ways to use it this summer for tastey summer smoothies!  
Have you tried Almond Coconut Milk before?  Any good summer smoothie ideas?
I bought this DVD when I first got pregnant as a way to supplement my weight training and really just give me some different ideas.  During my first trimester, I would say for me it was a little easy but it did give me some good pointers.  Now deep into my second trimester, I like it!  They have a short and long workout.  Overall, Summer Sanders is absolutely adorable and even more adorable as a pregnant lady.  The DVD is Summer and her sister-in-law (who is jacked may I add) and they go through workouts for each trimester for the whole body!  I use it when I'm looking for something different to do with my weights. 
Have you ever used a workout DVD (prenatal or not)?  What are some of your favs?
How about you?  Tried anything out that you are just loving lately?  Remember....sharing is caring!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Motivation

The heat is on....the humidity is cranking...cookouts are in full swing...in comes the challenge folks!  Summer is great with the sun and the beach and cookouts but it is also a challenge.  Gotta get in those workouts before the fun starts!  We're settled for the most part here in RI and the challenge for me is getting the workouts when I want to be having a blast with the fam.  But I'm going to be strong and push my limits....I'm going to get in my workouts AND live summer!  This June I showed myself that I CAN do it!  I got in my 100 mile goal and completed the Another Mother Challenge all while moving and reaching my 6 month mark!  How about you?
How are YOU going to push your limits this July? 
Break those barriers!