Friday, July 13, 2012

Fitness Friday....Exercise as the Belly Grows!

Let's pause again for these amazing running moms......running while pregnant! 
While I would love to say that as my belly hides more and more of my toes when I look down, that my running is still easy breezy, it is in fact not the case!  Some mornings I wake up and I feel like it has grown double its size overnight!  As the belly grows, I make changes to my run to stay comfy as well as my weight workouts.  The name of the game this time around is going with how my body feels as opposed to strict guidelines.  I remember with my last pregnancy, I was a slave to my heart rate monitor.  I carefully watched as the numbers ticked by making certain not to pass 140 which was what my doctor had told me.  This time the monitor will be reserved for after the baby make sure I'm working hard enough! 

Looking for some tips on exercising during pregnancy?  Check these out!
Here are some from Baby Center:  
More from American Pregnancy Association:

  • If you are just starting an exercise program as a way of improving your health during your pregnancy, you should start very slowly and be careful not to over exert yourself. Consider a prenatal yoga class that is specifically designed for pregnant women. Shop Yoga for home
  • Listen to your body. Your body will naturally give you signals that it is time to reduce the level of exercise you are performing.
  • Never exercise to the point of exhaustion or breathlessness. This is a sign that your baby and your body cannot get the oxygen supply they need.
  • Wear comfortable exercise footwear that gives strong ankle and arch support.
  • Take frequent breaks, and drink plenty of fluids during exercise.
  • Avoid exercise in extremely hot weather.
  • Avoid rocky terrain or unstable ground when running or cycling. Your joints are more lax in pregnancy, and ankle sprains and other injuries may occur.
  • Contact sports should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Weight training should emphasize improving tone, especially in the upper body and abdominal area. Avoid lifting weights above your head and using weights that strain the lower back muscles.
  • During the second and third trimesters, avoid exercise that involves lying flat on your back as this decreases blood flow to the uterus.
  • Include relaxation and stretching before and after your exercise program.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

    Also check out a fellow Fitfluential rocking Momma Michele who is killing the running through pregnancy #2!!!

    Long and short is....there are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy!  Be safe and listen to your body!!


  1. I think it's great that you are still going strong! I think it can be such a benefit if you keep exercising throughout. You will bounce back so much faster.

    I love the "contact sports should be avoided" rule! Ha. So I guess you have to stop your boxing career?

    1. LoL!! Yeah I had to give up my MMA career for now!

  2. You active pregnant mamas are so inspiring! I love that you are still going and looking amazing while doing it! I wish I would have been a runner when I was having my babies.
    Steer clear of those dangerous sports!

  3. I wasn't a runner with my first two pregnancy, but with baby #3, it was my saving grace. I ran into my 7 month and then I just got too big for it to be fun. So right about knowing your limitations, being safe and staying hydrated! That's so important!

  4. I loved running/jogging while prego. I did get lots of weird looks at some point though. And eventually I moved to walking but overall, exercise provided so much energy for me!

  5. I wasn't a runner when I was pregnant but I was addicted to pilates and a lot of walking! It's great to stay active while pregnant and I think you are doing an amazing job Nancy!

  6. I lloved running while pregnant. I think the best benefit for me was mental and teaching myself to listen to my body and enjoy running for the social and health aspects instead of the competetive side.

  7. That's one of the main concerns I have if we decide we want kids is staying active through the whole thing and not being to out of shape once it's all over! Great tips!

  8. Awesome post!!! Loving this advice!!

  9. I love that you are still running! So inspiring and so good for your baby:)

  10. Both you and Michelle are such an inspiration for pregnant runners! Great tips. I remember experiencing the more lax joints, it was an odd sensation.

  11. you are a rocking running pregnant mom! love the tips!

  12. It is wonderful that you continue to put in the effort and determination with running while pregnant! An inspiration to many :)