Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Memory-filled June!

I am always excited when I turn the calendar and I see June!!  To me June is the promise of summer...the ending of another school year...and the beginning of more carefree days!  This is how we feel about June...
This June was no disappointment! The month kicked off with the Newport 10 Miler where I snapped my PR by 3 minutes!!  I always love running this race in my hometown!!

With 2 littles it is harder to meet up with others to run....my runs are usually early in the morning while a lot of my friends are still tucked snug in bed!  This month though fellow ZOOMA ambassador and fabulous friend Dani braved the morning sun with me!!

I was also able to get in some lunch runs with my coworker Christy and an added bonus of joining in one of Marathon Sports pub runs!!  Running is certainly more entertaining with friends!!

Certainly the highlight of this month was chickie's first 5k!!!  I will have a full report coming I promise but I was left very proud of her and how hard she pushed!!

June is hard since it is certainly filled to the brim with school ending...beach time...and being outside as long as we can, but I'm excited to see what July will bring!!  An added bonus....scored myself another 127 miles for the month!!!

How has your June been? 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Motivation

This past weekend, chickie and I ran in her first 5k.  I would love to say that the whole thing went amazingly and we frolicked through 3.1 miles of fun, but it was hard.  The thing I know is that she had to work...hard.  It was a mental and physical challenge but as she crossed the finish and all her friends, teachers, and family encircled her cheering, she knew she was strong and proud!  There were moments when I could have thrown in the towel during that race but she wouldn't have had that moment...that moment knowing she was strong enough!!  That moment I have shown her so many times as I come in the door drained from a hard workout...knowing that you are stronger than you were when you left!  You never know who your example is reaching....her friend's mom even sent me a message later saying that Emma had inspired her daughter to run the race next year!!

Be strong...and inspire others to dig deep and be strong too!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's Thursday...it's the last day of the school year (yes when you live in New England during the snowiest winter in history you go to school WELL into the summer!)...and our big girl is moving up!  Lots to talk about today!!!

Last day...Today is the last day of school!  I always get a little teary eyed on the last day of school as the kids board the buses and we blow bubbles as they leave....and then SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!
I am so looking forward to having time...time to not have to rush out the door every morning...time for the girls and I to just be!  Yes I love summer but I really look forward to this time every year when I can connect with my girls and really explore together!

Another chapter closed...While I'm psyched that school is out, it now is tied to our big girl getting even bigger!!  Em closes her chapter on kindergarten and becomes a 1st grader today....
Same dress...same bow (we added shorts!)
Pardon me while I rock myself in the corner!  In true Em fashion, she is taking it gracefully like no big deal while I fight back the tears every time I pass her or her teacher in the hallway!!  This girl never ceases to amaze me!  She has grown so much as a person this year....don't even get me started!  I'll just say I'm proud of her and excited to see what next year brings! 

Race weekend...This weekend is our big girl's first ever 5k!!!  She is so ready...it's just convincing her of that!  There are so many friends and family that are coming out to cheer her on that she is going to look like a celebrity!  Diddy has nothing on this chickie!!

What's your favorite part about the summer?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#1MillionMinutes Summer

I love all things summer...you have to know that this beach girl is all about the summer!  Aside from having more freedom to spend days at the beach, I love the weather and the ability to be out and active!  I honestly try to use up every drop of sunlight being outside and active.  This was why I jumped at the chance to join in with Fit Approach and my SweatPink sisters for their #1MillionMinutes challenge aimed at making this your most active summer yet!
It started on June 21st but honestly you can join in at any time!  Grab the kids...your friends...or head out on your own and MOVE!  It really doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you are moving your body!!! 
Last night I headed out as the sun was starting to go down and literally raced the sun...with no street lights around I was in just as dark was coming in!!  We spent time playing basketball as a family and showing our girls how good it feels to be moving!!  My goal for this challenge is simple...find ways throughout the day to get myself and my family moving...whether it is through running or working out at the gym or riding bikes...swimming...obstacle courses in the yard...dancing...playing hopscotch...hiking...whatever as long as we are moving!!!
Come join in and get moving!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Motivation

The past few months have and continue to impress upon our family that you never know what tomorrow will bring.  It has me certainly thinking about plans...plans that are put off for a different time in life...plans for when the girls are older....plans for when my career gets slower...plans for when life is a little less hectic.  Yesterday driving home from visiting my family, as the girls snoozed peacefully in the back, I thought...why?  Why am I putting these things off?  What am I waiting for?  What if I get to that time and there is something else in the way?  What if that time never comes?  Why not go for it now?  Don't put it off for the perfect time to come!  Don't be in a holding pattern until your life is different....do it now!!

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm So Fancy....

Being Fancy Nancy and all I of course love a little bling in my wardrobe...you know besides race medals!  I love getting unique pieces that really reflect my personality and jazz up any outfit that I pick out.  I love big necklaces and bracelets or pieces that not everyone has.  This at times takes a certain amount of time looking through boutiques and online shops.....who am I kidding!?  I'm a working mom of two littles who spends her free time getting sweaty!!  I don't have time much any more to spend hours searching for awesome jewelry like I used to! 

In comes RocksBox!!  I was so excited when I was offered an opportunity to try out RocksBox for three months!  First step...go on and sign up to be shine insider for just $19 a month.  You then go on, take a style quiz, and create a wish list of pieces you would like to try.  You can even link up to your Pinterest page to give your stylist ideas.

Then easy peasy they send you a box based on the things you put on your list!! (Gotta love the fun packaging!)
From there you decide what you want to keep and wear them as much as you want!  Each collection has 3 pieces of premium jewelry worth around $200!  Simply send them back in the envelope provided and they will send you another collection to try out!  If you fall in love with something (which I totally have several times), you can buy it from the set.  Each month you earn $10 towards purchasing a piece. 
This has been an awesome way for me to find those fun pieces to jazz up my outfits without having to take the time...and a tiny tornado of a toddler...to find them! 
Now because my mama taught me well I brought something for the whole class!!  Use the code mrscapenxoxo to score yourself a free month of RocksBox!
What's your favorite kind of jewelry?  
I'm a chunky bracelet or necklace girl!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Motivation

Today starts my next half marathon training cycle for ZOOMA Cape Cod.  I always get excited to start a new cycle knowing possibility is out there and the only limit is me!  So often we get in our own way but looking down 15 weeks until ZOOMA Cape Cod, I'm excited to see where I can take my training...my running...my body!  The sky is the limit!!
What are you reaching for this week?  This year? 
The sky's the limit so reach far!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Newport 10 Miler Race Report

This is the third year that I have run Newport 10 Miler and I have to say it is one of my favorite races every year!! 

Not only is the scenery gorgeous during the race but it is my hometown which means...family and friends...running my old routes...being back in my hometown for a weekend!  I'm sure the girls didn't mind jumping on the trampoline for hour with their cousins either!
My big sister was kind enough to not only grab my bib but also have the ladies sleep over her house so that I could get up and going early on Sunday!  We put the girls to bed...watched a little Chris Powell and I had my outfit laid out and was tucked in snug early!

I slept awesome and almost didn't wake up!!  A quick breakfast and coffee and I was headed to Fort Adams to meet up with fellow blogger Samantha and her super sweet friend!

It was great to see someone there and catch up a bit before we were headed to the start line.

I had a big goal for this race...even though I never made it public!  I really wanted to get in under 1:25.  With the way I was training prior to Ragnar I could have nailed it no problem, but Ragnar had left me tired and honestly I was having a hard time picking up the intensity.  Needless to say I was nervous stepping up to the start line on Sunday!  The course takes you up and out of the Fort, by Hammersmith Farm (the former summer home of Jackie Onassis and JFK), and along the Ocean Drive before it takes you down Bellavue Ave which boast all the mansions.  From there we make our way back to Fort Adams. 

Since I have run the race twice before I knew what to expect...some rolling hills in the beginning and some big dogs at the end...just my luck they save the hills to the end!  Knowing this I had a plan...go out at a faster pace than what I needed to do and bank some time for when the hills hit.  At first it worked out great (plus I am HORRIBLE at starting out conservatively...right Jill?!).  My first two miles clicked in at 8:00 and 8:02.  I continued to run sub 8:15 min miles right up until about mile 6...my stomach was being very cranky on me (I got some great advice that I can't wait to try out...hoping it will be the end of the cranky stomach).  I saw my sister and my favorite cheering section around mile 7 (Aubs hugged my leg and said "Congratulations Mommy!  You did it!)...

and that was what I needed to focus on the first big hill ahead!  I had my BRF Jill in my head...just keep your eyes forward and pick up your knees!  I went cone by cone until I felt the strain lift from my quads and back down the hill we went!  We hit mile 8 and I looked at my watch....if I kept the pace I was at then I would have no problem getting my goal!  What remained was a mental battle between my head and my heart!  My head was saying, "Ummm hello lady we're tired here!" but my heart was saying, "You have worked too hard to give up now!".  I think I promised myself everything short of a pony if I just kept going!!...you won't have to run for a week...you can have a big ice cream...a pedicure can be in your future...whatever it took to not stop!!  Back up the hill I saw the 9 mile marker and I knew I had it in my sights!!!

Through the tunnel (ummm Mr. Gray one complaint...can you please stop moving the finish line?  Every year it is somewhere different and it messes with me every time!) and push to the finish!!  It wasn't pretty but I DID IT!!!  I looked down at my Garmin to see
slightly faster than the official time but still UNDER 1:25!!!  I was so excited!!!!!  Looking back over the results I found out I was 35th in my age group of over 300 women (of course it got me that there were 4 girls in my age group that finish literally a second before me...ugh!)!  I ran into fellow ZOOMA girl Jess at the finish line...said my goodbyes...and headed back to my parents for some rest!

I would highly recommend Newport 10 Miler to anyone looking for a race in RI to do!  It was very well organized...BEAUTIFUL to run...and not expensive!  They have great finish line snacks and even a beer garden sponsored by Harpoon!  Plus they moved it to June which makes it a great time to make a weekend of it!  I honestly look forward to this race each year!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Motivation

This past weekend I ran the Newport 10 Miler.  I will have a full report for you tomorrow but there was a point in the race when I had reached a point where I was tired...hills stared me down...and I wanted to settle.  I fought with my mind that OK was going to be good enough.  With just 2 miles left before the finish, my mind tried to convince my legs that it was ok to not push for my goal....but they didn't listen.  It began as traffic cone to traffic cone...and became one runner to another....one landmark to another...and before I knew it I was heading into the tunnel to the finish.  We all have that amazing within us...the ability to make our dreams come true...it is whether or not we are done settling for OK and start dipping into that amazing!  YOU have it in you too!  There have been so many moments when I let fear win and settled...no more!
How will you find your amazing this week??  This year??

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Running Day 2015

Well well!  Happy National Running Day all!!  You have to know that this mother runner is spending the day running...and talking about running!!  I'm linking up today with fellow mother runner Kristen over at Jonesin' for a run with this fabulous survey!


1. Why do you run? I have been running almost 20 years now...wow that makes me feel old!  The reasons I have laced up my Sauconys has changed over the years from trying to continue to feed my competitive spirit to trying to escape the dark hole of post-pardum depression.  Running is part of who I am and I can't imagine a time not running!  Here are some reasons from the last few years that I still agree to today!

2. How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day? Ummm by RUNNING!!  I started this morning with an easy run.  I'm planning on hitting up a nice lunch run on my usual route and then capping off the day with my mini running buddy!!

3. How many miles have you run so far this year?  I had a short month in February with the flu that ransacked our house but I am proud to say that I've run 581.5 miles so far this year!

4. What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?  My biggest event for this year for me is going to be ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon in September (Don't forget to join me and use the code NANCY15 for your discount!).  That is my race of the year really for me!  I am also really looking forward to the Newport 10 Miler this weekend (one of my favs) and running my daughter's first 5k with her later this month.

5. Before I leave for a run you must have: my phone...I got into the habit of running with my phone when I was pregnant with my daughter and I honestly don't leave for a run without it.  I don't always listen to music but I like having it for safety reasons...and for the occasional times I get lost!...in my own neighborhood!

6. Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?  Lately I have loved using the RunGo app to track my runs.  It has a feature that will tell you how far you have gone as well as your pace which keeps me from staring at my Garmin a million and one times!  Also you can search other people's routes if you want to change things up!

7. Who is your favorite running partner?  While I love sharing my runs pushing the double wide with these ladies in tow...

My favorite running partner has to be Jill!!!  She has pulled me across more finish lines than I can count including my first post baby....I wouldn't be half the runner I am today if it wasn't for her!!

8. What races have you ran so far this year?  This year has been the year that I have cut way back on my racing.  I set my sights on a few races and have focused more on quality rather than quantity.  That being said, the only race I have run so far this year was Ragnar Cape Cod in May.

9. If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?  Only one piece?  How about...If you don't feel like you're going to puke at the finish then you didn't run hard enough....Lol!  That's Jill's!  I would say believe in your own greatness.  We all have the ability to do something great within us...put in the training and you can reach your dreams!

10.  Describe your relationship with running in one word:  Ok so I have never been able to do anything in one word!!!  I would say I would describe my relationship as.....transformative.  Throughout the years running and my relationship has transformed me and my life.

How will you celebrate National Running Day 2015?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Motivation

At any given moment you may spot my girls and I driving down the highway belting out this song!  I mean with lyrics like "This is my fight song..take back my life song...I still have a lot of fight left in me" how could you not belt it out?  This weekend I slogged through my last long run before the Newport 10 miler.  Between the newly settled in humidity and the lack of caffeine consumed beforehand, I was left with heavy legs and an even heavier heart doubting my ability to do well next weekend.  However I remembered what my BRF Jill told me the night before...you've put in the training...keep your eyes on the horizon and fly up those hills!  I'm not going to let a bad run rule out...cause I DO have a lot of fight left in me!!  I'm not done improving...not done in the least!!
How will you play your fight song this week?!