Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm So Fancy....

Being Fancy Nancy and all I of course love a little bling in my know besides race medals!  I love getting unique pieces that really reflect my personality and jazz up any outfit that I pick out.  I love big necklaces and bracelets or pieces that not everyone has.  This at times takes a certain amount of time looking through boutiques and online shops.....who am I kidding!?  I'm a working mom of two littles who spends her free time getting sweaty!!  I don't have time much any more to spend hours searching for awesome jewelry like I used to! 

In comes RocksBox!!  I was so excited when I was offered an opportunity to try out RocksBox for three months!  First step...go on and sign up to be shine insider for just $19 a month.  You then go on, take a style quiz, and create a wish list of pieces you would like to try.  You can even link up to your Pinterest page to give your stylist ideas.

Then easy peasy they send you a box based on the things you put on your list!! (Gotta love the fun packaging!)
From there you decide what you want to keep and wear them as much as you want!  Each collection has 3 pieces of premium jewelry worth around $200!  Simply send them back in the envelope provided and they will send you another collection to try out!  If you fall in love with something (which I totally have several times), you can buy it from the set.  Each month you earn $10 towards purchasing a piece. 
This has been an awesome way for me to find those fun pieces to jazz up my outfits without having to take the time...and a tiny tornado of a find them! 
Now because my mama taught me well I brought something for the whole class!!  Use the code mrscapenxoxo to score yourself a free month of RocksBox!
What's your favorite kind of jewelry?  
I'm a chunky bracelet or necklace girl!