Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's's the last day of the school year (yes when you live in New England during the snowiest winter in history you go to school WELL into the summer!)...and our big girl is moving up!  Lots to talk about today!!!

Last day...Today is the last day of school!  I always get a little teary eyed on the last day of school as the kids board the buses and we blow bubbles as they leave....and then SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!
I am so looking forward to having time...time to not have to rush out the door every morning...time for the girls and I to just be!  Yes I love summer but I really look forward to this time every year when I can connect with my girls and really explore together!

Another chapter closed...While I'm psyched that school is out, it now is tied to our big girl getting even bigger!!  Em closes her chapter on kindergarten and becomes a 1st grader today....
Same dress...same bow (we added shorts!)
Pardon me while I rock myself in the corner!  In true Em fashion, she is taking it gracefully like no big deal while I fight back the tears every time I pass her or her teacher in the hallway!!  This girl never ceases to amaze me!  She has grown so much as a person this year....don't even get me started!  I'll just say I'm proud of her and excited to see what next year brings! 

Race weekend...This weekend is our big girl's first ever 5k!!!  She is so's just convincing her of that!  There are so many friends and family that are coming out to cheer her on that she is going to look like a celebrity!  Diddy has nothing on this chickie!!

What's your favorite part about the summer?

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