Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Motivation

Today starts my next half marathon training cycle for ZOOMA Cape Cod.  I always get excited to start a new cycle knowing possibility is out there and the only limit is me!  So often we get in our own way but looking down 15 weeks until ZOOMA Cape Cod, I'm excited to see where I can take my body!  The sky is the limit!!
What are you reaching for this week?  This year? 
The sky's the limit so reach far!!!


  1. Good luck with your training!! I start my new plan for my 2nd half on July 1st.

  2. Starting a new training cycle is fun! Good luck with it! I'm currently training for the NYC Marathon. I'm up to double digit miles this weekend!

  3. Good luck with your training! I really need to sit down and figure out what is next for me! I was planning on a 10k this weekend, but I think I may have broke my toe... so maybe not!