Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#1MillionMinutes Summer

I love all things summer...you have to know that this beach girl is all about the summer!  Aside from having more freedom to spend days at the beach, I love the weather and the ability to be out and active!  I honestly try to use up every drop of sunlight being outside and active.  This was why I jumped at the chance to join in with Fit Approach and my SweatPink sisters for their #1MillionMinutes challenge aimed at making this your most active summer yet!
It started on June 21st but honestly you can join in at any time!  Grab the kids...your friends...or head out on your own and MOVE!  It really doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you are moving your body!!! 
Last night I headed out as the sun was starting to go down and literally raced the sun...with no street lights around I was in just as dark was coming in!!  We spent time playing basketball as a family and showing our girls how good it feels to be moving!!  My goal for this challenge is simple...find ways throughout the day to get myself and my family moving...whether it is through running or working out at the gym or riding bikes...swimming...obstacle courses in the yard...dancing...playing hopscotch...hiking...whatever as long as we are moving!!!
Come join in and get moving!!

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