Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Motivation

This past weekend, chickie and I ran in her first 5k.  I would love to say that the whole thing went amazingly and we frolicked through 3.1 miles of fun, but it was hard.  The thing I know is that she had to work...hard.  It was a mental and physical challenge but as she crossed the finish and all her friends, teachers, and family encircled her cheering, she knew she was strong and proud!  There were moments when I could have thrown in the towel during that race but she wouldn't have had that moment...that moment knowing she was strong enough!!  That moment I have shown her so many times as I come in the door drained from a hard workout...knowing that you are stronger than you were when you left!  You never know who your example is reaching....her friend's mom even sent me a message later saying that Emma had inspired her daughter to run the race next year!!

Be strong...and inspire others to dig deep and be strong too!!


  1. This is awesome!! Obviously you've set a great example. :)

  2. I love it :) My daughter has run three races with me now and every time she runs across the finish line I tear up a little. So awesome.