Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Back!

Ok so I definitely fell off the thankful bandwagon but I am back! Running is still continuing to be a struggle but I know that it is going to get there soon! Starting with tonight! I think that my hubby and I have finally come up with a schedule that works for both of us! I hope that all of you had a great weekend!

1. I am so thankful for Fall evening runs. The colors are beautiful and the air is so nice and crisp! Love it!

2. I'm thankful beyond words for supportive friends! Thank you Carrie! You rock and are going to ROCK your half this Sunday!

3. I'm so thankful that my Mom and sister were able to come to visit yesterday! It was so nice to see them and sit down to a bowl of my Mom's homemade mac and cheese. Not waist friendly but good for the soul! I miss them so much and it was great to see them.

4. Which brings me to this one....I'm thankful I have such a talented sister who took 150 BEAUTIFUL family pictures of my hubby, daughter and I! Seriously it is going to be hard to choose!!!

5. I'm thankful for candy corns! My Mom brought me a huge bag which I really need to bring to school with me tomorrow (can't stop eating them!) but I just love them!

Have a terrific Tuesday!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Proof=Empty House

Today we finally baby proofed the house. We have been meaning to for the past month but never had quite enough time or energy to do so! I'm so glad to have it done now even though it looks like we are moving out! The majority of it was done in our living room....tossing the entertainment center, moving the coffee table, and putting the leaning bookcases in the attic! It is so much better now because now Emma can crawl and roam free and not have to hear no a thousand times a day!

Well Monday is upon us again! I am ending this week being thankful yet again! I did a little better this week fitting in workouts and hoping to do even better this coming week. I am really looking forward to Thursday. My gym is having an open house and there is a 75 minute master spin class taught by 3 instructors! Aside from running, I LOVE TO SPIN!!! It makes me feel like a bad ass because I can just cruise along! Either way here are my five things! Congrats to all of the marathoners this weekend!!! Way to go!!!

1. I'm thankful to have Tom Brady back....we are hardcore Patriots fans and were very sad about Tom Brady playing....well...sucky! He kicked butt today and in the snow no less!!

2. I'm thankful for having two runs outside this week! The treadmill is good but nothing beats a great run outside in the Fall!!!

3. I am SO thankful Emma is feeling much better....that equals much more sleep for momma!

4. I'm thankful I get to talk to my Mom every morning! It started when I was getting married. I would call her and give her a list of things to do each day....that was about 4 years ago and I look forward to talking with her every day! She rocks!

5. I'm thankful for an injury free body! This past July I hurt my back to the point where I had to be taken out of the gym by ambulance....very embarrassing! It set me back 4 weeks in training but I am happy to say that it has stayed away since then!

Have a great Sunday night! Those who finished their marathons this easy you did it!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thankful for Hump Day!

Ok so I missed yesterday but today I am back for my 5 more things I am thankful for! Before I start, I am struggling with wanting to reach my sub-2hour goal and the fact that every half costs $50 or more. October in our family means 5 birthdays followed by an anniversary in November followed by Christmas and Emma's birthday in December....WHAT???...back that up...Emma is turning 1 in just 2 months!!!! I just can't believe that! So yeah I may postpone my goal to be a goal for 2010. It is just too tight money wise around here and I have been burdened with being it being selfish? If it was just me I would go broke trying to reach my goal but it's not. I have one more in November and then I will just have to wait if I don't make it. What do you all do to balance the high costs of races? Besides waiting a little will allow me to figure out a good running schedule that fits all family member's needs!

So back to thankfulness.....

1. Late night gym workouts. I was able to go last night when Emma went to sleep. I was dreading going so late but the gym was pretty empty and I was able to really get in a great weight workout!!

2. No infections....Emma has been sick lately and this morning she spiked a temperature. Well I am so thankful that she has no infections! My family assured me that everyone in our family spiked a fever when they got teeth.

3. Leading me to my next thing...since Emma has been sick she is the #1 member of my fan club! This mean lots of hugs and cuddles! Since she has morphed into a girl on the run/crawl lately, I am really soaking in all the cuddle time that I can!

4. DVR....this morning I was able to watch The Hills, Rachel Zoe, and Biggest Loser in about 1 1/2 hours! All my gossip and secret indulgences at once!

5. Not having a classroom...This year is my first without a classroom and although I miss my kids I was very thankful this morning to just be able to call the school and tell them I wouldn't be able to come in because Emma had to go to the doctor. Last year I would have had to go in at like 6am to make sure that my sub plans were in and everything was set and ready. Today I made the call and went back to my DVR!

I hope you all are having a good night...if you are in MA, I hope you bundle up tonight...tomorrow is going to be WICKED cold!!! Oh and head on over to Tall Mom on the Run for an AWESOME giveaway!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thankful for swag!

So since I have been having a pity party for one lately, I decided that I am going to let this get the best of me NO longer!!! I WILL NOT be a Debbie Downer just because I have been pressed for time and am unable to run whenever I want. I am going to put on my big girl pants and move along! In light of that I have decided that I need to shed more light for myself, and apparently all of you, as to the things I am thankful for.

Our tw
o 5 year-old nieces (pictured left....aren't they so cute?!) have a tradition they do after they say their prayers at night. They say 5 things they are thankful for. I am going to try to do this every night or so. I figure if I set my sights on the good things in my life then the stressful stuff will not take over! So here are my 5 things:

1. I'm so thankful for my hubby this morning who woke up with Emma at 4am so that I could get a few more hours sleep. She has had a bad stuffy nose this weekend because she is getting her two front top teeth.

2. I'm tha
nkful that I was able to see many old college teammates this weekend including my old roomie who has been living in India for 2 years!

3. I just love any swag and I got swag from just going to the game on Saturday. I didn't play due to really (like trip to the ER) hurting my back this August and not wanting to repeat that! But one of my coaches was so great to have saved me a goodie bag! We got a college mug and a college shirt that says "Welcome to scenic Wenham" with a picture of the student center! Hilarious if you saw our very small school!
4. This picture leads me also to my fourth thing I am thankful for...I fit into a pair of prepregnancy jeans today!! Yippee!!!!! Please ignore the pile of sneakers behind me...this is supposed to be a happy post! :-)
5. I am so thankful today for the family that I have been blessed with! I have an awesome husband and amazing little girl. Plus I get to have an amazing Mom and Dad and sister who support me through everything....not to mention 2 nieces and brother-in-laws!

I hope you are thankful today! I do have a downer with running but I am going to save that for I am focusing on thankfulness!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warning-The title should be WAH WAH WAH!

I have been pretty absent from writing on my blog this week. Truth is I have been barely keeping my head above water with work, baby, life, and everything else! My running has been taking a back seat to all of this stress which only makes my stress level higher! My stress level is starting to take a toll on my physical health too making me have chest pains during the day! I do not want to be this kind of mom for Emma!!! I want to be calm and have time for the little things like a walk after school with her.

How can I do this and still have time for me to get in all my running???

I tried to use my jogging stroller and the bolt that keeps the front wheel on is MIA! I only have a few more weeks around here before it will be too cold to run with her in it outside. I have been having to wait until Emma goes to bed to get in a run and by then I am beat. I tried waking up at 4 before she got up but I always seem to find things around the house that need to be done first! This week I am determined to get my runs in! I ran yesterday morning. It was great Fall weather but my legs felt like lead! I could have sworn I wore my lead shoes! I'm sure it is a result of being tired and not running much during the week. I WILL do better this week!