Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warning-The title should be WAH WAH WAH!

I have been pretty absent from writing on my blog this week. Truth is I have been barely keeping my head above water with work, baby, life, and everything else! My running has been taking a back seat to all of this stress which only makes my stress level higher! My stress level is starting to take a toll on my physical health too making me have chest pains during the day! I do not want to be this kind of mom for Emma!!! I want to be calm and have time for the little things like a walk after school with her.

How can I do this and still have time for me to get in all my running???

I tried to use my jogging stroller and the bolt that keeps the front wheel on is MIA! I only have a few more weeks around here before it will be too cold to run with her in it outside. I have been having to wait until Emma goes to bed to get in a run and by then I am beat. I tried waking up at 4 before she got up but I always seem to find things around the house that need to be done first! This week I am determined to get my runs in! I ran yesterday morning. It was great Fall weather but my legs felt like lead! I could have sworn I wore my lead shoes! I'm sure it is a result of being tired and not running much during the week. I WILL do better this week!


  1. aww - it has to be super hard to balance it all.
    You make me not want to go back to work until all my babies are in school!

  2. Believe me, you are not alone!
    I battle with this everyday. It is so hard to try to do everything, without feeling like your leaving something/someone behind. I found my jogging stroller to be a savior! (until there got to be 100 lbs of pushing to it!) Also, as much as I HATE running on a treadmil, I do love the gym daycare.
    Don't beat yourself up. It will get better. :)