Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Proof=Empty House

Today we finally baby proofed the house. We have been meaning to for the past month but never had quite enough time or energy to do so! I'm so glad to have it done now even though it looks like we are moving out! The majority of it was done in our living room....tossing the entertainment center, moving the coffee table, and putting the leaning bookcases in the attic! It is so much better now because now Emma can crawl and roam free and not have to hear no a thousand times a day!

Well Monday is upon us again! I am ending this week being thankful yet again! I did a little better this week fitting in workouts and hoping to do even better this coming week. I am really looking forward to Thursday. My gym is having an open house and there is a 75 minute master spin class taught by 3 instructors! Aside from running, I LOVE TO SPIN!!! It makes me feel like a bad ass because I can just cruise along! Either way here are my five things! Congrats to all of the marathoners this weekend!!! Way to go!!!

1. I'm thankful to have Tom Brady back....we are hardcore Patriots fans and were very sad about Tom Brady playing....well...sucky! He kicked butt today and in the snow no less!!

2. I'm thankful for having two runs outside this week! The treadmill is good but nothing beats a great run outside in the Fall!!!

3. I am SO thankful Emma is feeling much better....that equals much more sleep for momma!

4. I'm thankful I get to talk to my Mom every morning! It started when I was getting married. I would call her and give her a list of things to do each day....that was about 4 years ago and I look forward to talking with her every day! She rocks!

5. I'm thankful for an injury free body! This past July I hurt my back to the point where I had to be taken out of the gym by ambulance....very embarrassing! It set me back 4 weeks in training but I am happy to say that it has stayed away since then!

Have a great Sunday night! Those who finished their marathons this easy you did it!!!


  1. oh my gosh back injuries are so scary! did you do PT or something??? and YESS i love watching snowy football!!!!!!!!!! jeez the P's crushed 'em!! :) i just can't get over this SNOW!!! i added you to my blogroll!!!

    p.s. i am scarred from babysitting elliot's brother's 1.5-year old boy who is walking around now and i was letting him explore and was totally right there but as he was going up stone steps he bumped his mouth and started SOBBING!!! it didn't look bad but then his lip was bleeding and i was like I'M SUCH A BAD BABY taker-carer!!! :( i need to work on baby-proofing my sitting skills. lol.

  2. Ahhh... Baby proofing.:) It's been so long ago, but I can remember perfectly when we had to put up all of our pretties. :)Sad day, but so worth it. :)

    Yes, thankful for no injuries! That is so scary about your back. I can't imagine how freaked out I'd be.

  3. It is great to read about your thankfulness - the baby proofing sounds intense. The patriots game - bet you were thankful! Glad you were able to get in some good runs and the gym open house sounds great!

  4. You and many other Patriot fans are thankful Tom Brady is back!