Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thankful for Hump Day!

Ok so I missed yesterday but today I am back for my 5 more things I am thankful for! Before I start, I am struggling with wanting to reach my sub-2hour goal and the fact that every half costs $50 or more. October in our family means 5 birthdays followed by an anniversary in November followed by Christmas and Emma's birthday in December....WHAT???...back that up...Emma is turning 1 in just 2 months!!!! I just can't believe that! So yeah I may postpone my goal to be a goal for 2010. It is just too tight money wise around here and I have been burdened with being it being selfish? If it was just me I would go broke trying to reach my goal but it's not. I have one more in November and then I will just have to wait if I don't make it. What do you all do to balance the high costs of races? Besides waiting a little will allow me to figure out a good running schedule that fits all family member's needs!

So back to thankfulness.....

1. Late night gym workouts. I was able to go last night when Emma went to sleep. I was dreading going so late but the gym was pretty empty and I was able to really get in a great weight workout!!

2. No infections....Emma has been sick lately and this morning she spiked a temperature. Well I am so thankful that she has no infections! My family assured me that everyone in our family spiked a fever when they got teeth.

3. Leading me to my next thing...since Emma has been sick she is the #1 member of my fan club! This mean lots of hugs and cuddles! Since she has morphed into a girl on the run/crawl lately, I am really soaking in all the cuddle time that I can!

4. DVR....this morning I was able to watch The Hills, Rachel Zoe, and Biggest Loser in about 1 1/2 hours! All my gossip and secret indulgences at once!

5. Not having a classroom...This year is my first without a classroom and although I miss my kids I was very thankful this morning to just be able to call the school and tell them I wouldn't be able to come in because Emma had to go to the doctor. Last year I would have had to go in at like 6am to make sure that my sub plans were in and everything was set and ready. Today I made the call and went back to my DVR!

I hope you all are having a good night...if you are in MA, I hope you bundle up tonight...tomorrow is going to be WICKED cold!!! Oh and head on over to Tall Mom on the Run for an AWESOME giveaway!!!


  1. I hate not having a classroom - good you didn't worry about those sub plans too much!

  2. I struggle with the "selfish" aspect too.. Selfish with my time, and money that I put into running....but I talked with my husband about it and he said that running makes me better...a better mom, wife, and overall person. He sees my confidence and my pride as I achieve my goals. It was truly nice to get that affirmation.

    So the other day I emailed a race director about an EXPENSIVe half coming up. She said that they have hardship programs where you can work off your race fee at $10 an hour. Not sure if any of your local races offer than, but if you have the time it may be a good option. Plus you could learn more about the behind the scenes.