Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Motivation

I talk about running a lot....I talk about training and PRs and weight loss and all that fun stuff a lot.  After last week and all your awesome encouragement, I've realized I need to start walking the walk.  I  have the knowledge...the power in my legs....the tools in my belt.  Now I need to USE them!  I know people who have all the tools but for one reason or another they never USE them.  I don't want to make that begins my walk.  You can do it too!  Been talking about a PR?  Talking about changing things up?  Talking about trying something new?
Get your walk on and do it!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Friday...Find Your Vice

I am almost 3 weeks down in the 12 Weeks to a Fit Physique program with Jolynn Toma and I am LOVING the workouts!  As a matter of fact, I am barely able to lift my arms to type this after a killer shoulder and tri workout and it is the best feeling!!  This week however I am realizing that I am not doing this program justice because I am struggling...struggling with the nutrition and I need to come clean to all of you so that I can move on and buckle down.
We all have our vices.  Some people eat when they are stressed.  Some people short change themselves on workouts by not working as hard as they can.  Some people don't know what foods to eat so they just keep going with what they've always done.  I know what to eat...I know the macros...I've planned it all out...I just need to do it!!  The challenge (and I knew it would be) is that now I'm home and around all the food.  I'm doling out snacks to the ladies and want to nibble.  It's frankly embarrassing that I am having such a hard time getting a handle on this.  I am rocking my workouts!  I am taking my SD Pharmaceuticals supplements Raspberry Keytone and Green Coffee Bean like a champ!  I start my day off really well....and then carbs come in where they are not welcome! 

I know in order for this program to work the way it is meant to and for me to see and feel the results I have to stick to my macros...focus on protein and clean eats.  Here's my question to all of you....and please know this is hard for me to ask...Can you help?  Any suggestions for sticking to a plan?  Any words of wisdom?  Any cheers from the sidelines you can offer?  Get out your poms poms and help me out!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I feel like it has been forever since I blessed you all with three randoms for your Thursday morning!  Well here you go!!

Clockwork...My children used to sleep at least until 6am.  This gave me time to go for a run before they woke up and also helped me feel better about forcing my hubby to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning....there doesn't need to be 2 crazies in our house!  Well it seems that ever since summer vacation began our oldest has been waking up WELL before 6am!  After the first time which I thought was a fluke, I was flooded with guilt...sometimes I would walk up the driveway after a run and her sweet face would pop up in the picture window waving!  I felt not only badly about my hubby waking up so early but also that she was waiting for me to get home each morning.  I have since scaled back my early mornings but this week it has ended up in me running tired or not going at all.  NO GOOD FOR MAMA!  I'm thinking of making up a basket that she can keep in her room.  If she comes out and our alarm is off then she can do the activities in her basket.  Maybe I can change it up weekly so she doesn't get bored with it.  Any suggestions?  How do you keep your early risers having fun while you are doing the same?

Soupy...After the winter we had this past year you will NOT hear me talking about the weather being too hot!  I will however comment on the humidity....particularly in the evening.  I went for a run the other day thanks to my hubby kicking me out the door when he got home from work!  The first thing I noted was how hard it was to breathe!  I have been lucky to not have too many early runs this summer thus far that were overly humid but give the day a chance to warm up and YIKES!  I was happy with the pace I kept and I'm feeling encouraged for ZOOMA Cape Cod...Don't forget to register and use the code CCAMB8!  The fast times are made as you are slogging through the soupy summer right?

Your pace or mine...I have been tossing around in my mind the idea of asking someone to pace me for ZOOMA Cape Cod in September.  I know the time I would love to get and honestly after running a 1:56 on the VERY hilly course in Jamestown, I think if I have the right training and someone to push me I can do it!!  Enter every last running insecurity I have!  Have I ever told you all that when I used to go to captain's practices for soccer that I used to hold my breathe during the runs so that no one would think I was sucking wind?  Yeah I have a hard time waving the white flag when I'm running with others!  I guess this is a good thing...I mean thus the point of a pacer right?  I know I will try my hardest to stay with them....but why does that scare me so much?  Have you ever had someone pace you in a race before?  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday...Getting Away

As I said on Monday, this past week we piled our family in the car and headed to New Hampshire...because when you live in a vacation spot on the ocean, you head to the mountains to get away!  This week followed my half marathon which I was still riding the high from, but which also gave me a nasty blister that kept me from practically putting shoes on.  Translation...week away from Cape Cod....and running!  Although it was vastly different from when hubby and I used to go to NH to celebrate our anniversary (read lots of sleep and relaxing), the joy on the girls faces was worth the moments of stress!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Motivation

This past week we traded our seaside life for one amongst the mountains in NH.  Driving around there it reminded me of something I was told in college during a camping trip course.  Our group leader hiked us up to the top of a mountain and had us really reflect on how far apart the mountains limitless their span looked.  He equated it to how vast the Lord forgives our was an amazing illustration that has always stayed with me.  This week driving along and taking in all the mountains it made me also think about the dreams we have for our life...for our physical and spiritual life.  Friday I wrote about changing things up a bit and really working hard toward some physical dreams.  This week officially starts my training for ZOOMA Cape Cod which is also most likely my last race for the year.  I am going all in...I'm not putting any limits on my dreams!!!  As far as the mountains big are my dreams!!!
Right when you start to let fear put those limits in the way....push them back!  You have what it takes to live LIMITLESS!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fitness Friday...Finding Strength

This past year I have been discovering how much strength training can really help my running and overall weight loss.  I've been so excited to see the changes in my body as I swing kettle bells heavier and heavier.  I can honestly say that I've always shied away from too heavy weights thinking I would just get bulky and bigger.
In fact just the opposite is happening and I dare say my muscle tone is finally returning!! (If only my mom abs weren't the last to join the party! Lol!)

Last week I was chosen to try out a new workout program as an ambassador for Fitfluential that is going to be a 12 week journey...12 Weeks to a Fit Physique with Jolynn Toma and I couldn't be more excited to see the changes that are going to happen through this journey.  I'll be running 3 days a week with one being my long run while keeping my eyes on ZOOMA Cape Cod, and strength training using workouts from Jolynn.  I started last week and boy oh boy was I sore!!  Using free weights again taxes my muscles in whole new ways!  Since I can't just workout hard and not pay attention to nutrition, Jolynn's program is designed to teach us HOW to eat by counting our macros.  I think it will take a little time to get just right but I am using My Fitness Pal to count my calories, fat, carbs, and protein...feel free to offer suggestions!  Coupled with my Raspberry Keytone and Green Coffee Bean supplements from SD Pharmaceuticals, I should be a fat burning machine! :-)

I'm excited to be trying something new...all be nervous about shifting my focus from all running all the time...I know these 12 weeks will be a learning journey ending actually on the day of ZOOMA Cape Cod!  I'm not quite ready to show off before pics but I'll be giving you all updates along the way.  I've never been anything but honest on here and this is no different.  I know my struggle will be nutrition but I know it's a hill I need to tackle!  Enjoy your Friday!!!
Have you ever shifted your training to a different focus?  What happened?

ZOOMA Cape Cod is 90% full so make sure you hit the register button and join the fun!  Remember to use the code CCAMB8 to get 10% off!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jamestown Half Marathon Race Report

I didn't talk much about this race going into it...didn't think much about setting goals...didn't know what to expect except a lot of hills.  I was nervous and watching the weather reports since I am NOT a good runner in the heat, but God smiled down on Saturday and gave us a sea breeze and cooler temps (around 75).  Let me start from the beginning before I get ahead of myself!!!

The girls and I had spent the week in RI visiting my parents, sister, and nieces (they all live on the same property so it's an easy way to see everyone!)  Jill came down Friday to catch the tail end of VBS and some cousin time before we went to pick up our numbers.  Pick up was only a few miles away and was a breeze....I was even able to pick up a pair of new Yurbuds since mine have gone missing!  With an early wake-up looking us in the face (4am), we had a few slices of pizza and hit the hay!

Saturday morning we were up early and catching the shuttle to Jamestown by 5:15!  The weather was PERFECT!!!  The sea breeze was keeping things pretty cool!  As a side, Jamestown is one of the islands that are part of Rhode Island...I grew up on one of the them and nannied in Jamestown!  It's not a large island which is why we literally had to run from one end to the other to get in 13.1 miles!
We got to the start in plenty of time....for you know what....SELFIES!

Also this race was special in one of many ways for was my 30th half marathon!!  It shaped up to be an amazing way to celebrate!

The gun went off around 6:40 and we were off!  My one goal for this race was to keep my splits fairly steady and I nailed it!  They ranged from 8:36-8:55...steady considering the MILLION hills!!!  This race was a mental challenge for me and there were times that I wanted to slow down but then I would see an orange shirt in the distance or pass a one of the awesome Team Challenge aide stations along the route and I would remember who they were running for.  They were running for the starting line I thanked a sweet woman for running for CCFA and told her about my Dad.  He is really struggling to find strength right now and the doctors are frankly stumped.  I refuse to let Crohn's win!  Seeing the over 200 runners there in support of finding a cure reminded me to keep push my body to its not quit!  Those hills were steep...and plentiful...and there were times my own stomach was angry...but I couldn't quit!!!

It is hard to pinpoint each mile along the course...they were a little lost in the up and down of the hills...but it would be correct to say that even though my legs were tired, everything just clicked out there on the road.  The breeze would kick up and sun would sneak behind a cloud when I would start to feel too hot.  A downhill was on the horizon at that moment I wanted to walk.  My music kept my feet in rhythm....and those orange shirts!  Before I knew it the Newport Bridge was in my sights and so was the finish!!
I ran my 30th half marathon...and shed that 2 hour monkey yet again!!!  I couldn't be happier with how this race went!  I was consistent and I NEVER gave up on myself!!!

I'm off running for the week to rest my legs and nurse a wicked angry blister on my foot....but the glow of my race is still shining bright!!  Jill rocked her race too!  She has been nursing a very sore heel but that girl has no quit!!!  She battled through and did awesome!!!  Read her recap and check out her beautiful pics!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Motivation

Hi all!  Sorry I disappeared on you all there!  We've been visiting the fam in RI and just having fun doing the summer things we love.  Don't you worry though I have been hitting the gym there(so excited to share a new adventure with you) and getting in my runs....and I have some exciting race news to share too!!  For today here is your weekly kick in the pants!!!  One thing I have realized lately and even more this past weekend was I need to really work...I mean work hard with intention toward my goals.  Fast times on the road and strong muscles come only when you work...not when you talk about wanting them!!
Get out there and WORK!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Motivation

With just one more race left of my year I am taking on this quote...words of wisdom from one amazing mother runner...a runner who embodies the idea of being unrelenting...Kara Goucher!  As I work hard towards finding a balance in my life which reflects the things that are most important, I also know that I have one more chance this year to hit a mark which I have dangled in front of me.  A half marathon PR is not impossible but it will take me believing in myself...knowing that if I work hard I CAN do it!  Believe in yourself no matter what your goal is.  If you don't, who will?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Wishing you all a very happy 4th!  Spend the day enjoying the freedom our country fought so hard to gain!!!  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

TTT...Talking Janji, Ultima, and Changes

That's right friends....It's Thursday!!
Here's your weekly dose!

Run Janji...Last summer at the Falmouth Road Race expo with ZOOMA, I met Dave...and listened to his great story about a ride to a college track and field champion meet.  He and fellow teammate Mike thought up an idea of uniting runners to help to solve world problems.  Janji helps when we are out training each day not just on race day.  Each piece of apparel you buy will help to fight food and hunger issues worldwide.  That day I bought a shirt with the Haitian flag on it and with my purchase, 8 packets of food were sent to help a child in Haiti.  Their apparel helps in 7 different countries including the United States, Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Peru, and Tanzania.  Each piece is a cool variation of that country's flag including shorts, shirts, tanks, tights, and accessories.  I was so excited when Janji contacted me to try out one of their Haitian Breeze shirts.  The shirts are made with wicking fabric and was honestly so incredibly comfortable! 

Sometimes with shirts I have to pull or tug along my run to keep it in place, but this baby stayed put!  So basically it's an awesome shirt that you will love...and help others while your enjoying it!!  And because I just know you're going to love Janji they are extended the fun to all of you!  Just enter the code "FANCY" at checkout for 20% off your purchase until August!  

Ultima Replenisher...I was sent several packets of Ultima Replenisher as part of being a ZOOMA Ambassador and was leery at first since I have a hard time with electrolyte replacement drinks.  Once I tried it though I realized that this was different.  There is a very subtle taste and what is there is really good!  I now make my drink before I leave for a run and look forward to chugging it down when I get home!!
Changes...If you have been a reader here for a while you know that I am an ESL teacher.  Prior to moving here I taught in an elementary school...3rd grade refugees.  Upon moving here, my job changed to encompass high school as well.  I was scared to death to teacher high schoolers...they are bigger than me....I haven't done Chemistry in 15 years...they smell fear!  I went in thinking I would fake it until I knew what I was really doing.  4 years later I can honestly say that it is going to be hard not working there anymore.  Due to the increase of students since I was first hired, I am going to be only in one school which means I will be leaving my high schoolers behind.  My last talk with them before I left...."Let people know your story...let them in."  They all had such amazing stories of their lives in their countries and what being here means to them but they are not quick to trust others with their story.  I was thankful they trusted me and I know these kids will move mountains!!
my goodbye gift!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jost Running June

June was a month of virtual racing for the Fancy Nancy family with Jost Running!!  I started the month running the Crank It Up Marathon.  I normally run 30 miles in a week so I used 1 week to reach my 26.2!  If only I could really run a marathon in the time it took me to do 2 10 milers and a 10k...3:48:07!  That would be a major PR for me!!  Either way I finished my marathon and scored myself another MASSIVE medal!!
The real pride this month comes in the form of a mini-me...or 5 year-old Em who when she saw the bling asked if she could do the 10k...well she asked for the medal first and then we came up with a plan of how to earn it!  I said that if she rode her bike the distance of a 10k then she could have the medal!  We split it into 1 mile segments and I pushed Aubs on her bike while Em rode up ahead of us.  Most of the time I was running after Aubs or the scene looked a lot like this...
One day we rode to pick up Aubs from the babysitter...another we covered 2 miles on a bike path near our house while Aubs ran around on the soccer field (you are catching the pattern here...Aubs couldn't just sit and ride!).  As the days ticked by Em was determined to reach her goal.  Yesterday morning we covered mile 5 in our neighborhood...and we finished the day riding in our backyard with Dad and Aubs cheering from the patio!
I figured Aubs deserved a cameo in the collage since she technically did cover the mileage with us!  I am so proud of Em for completing her Crank It Up 10k but even more importantly she is super proud of herself!!!  Her last laps around the yard she was whooping it up!
Jost Running is hosting another virtual race Beat the Heat starting today to benefit Girls on the Run!  Em is ready to start another challenge!  This is a great way to get out and exercise with your kids!  The hubs has been super busy at work so many times our mile was after dinner before he got home.  Get the kids involved and moving!!!