Thursday, July 24, 2014


I feel like it has been forever since I blessed you all with three randoms for your Thursday morning!  Well here you go!!

Clockwork...My children used to sleep at least until 6am.  This gave me time to go for a run before they woke up and also helped me feel better about forcing my hubby to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning....there doesn't need to be 2 crazies in our house!  Well it seems that ever since summer vacation began our oldest has been waking up WELL before 6am!  After the first time which I thought was a fluke, I was flooded with guilt...sometimes I would walk up the driveway after a run and her sweet face would pop up in the picture window waving!  I felt not only badly about my hubby waking up so early but also that she was waiting for me to get home each morning.  I have since scaled back my early mornings but this week it has ended up in me running tired or not going at all.  NO GOOD FOR MAMA!  I'm thinking of making up a basket that she can keep in her room.  If she comes out and our alarm is off then she can do the activities in her basket.  Maybe I can change it up weekly so she doesn't get bored with it.  Any suggestions?  How do you keep your early risers having fun while you are doing the same?

Soupy...After the winter we had this past year you will NOT hear me talking about the weather being too hot!  I will however comment on the humidity....particularly in the evening.  I went for a run the other day thanks to my hubby kicking me out the door when he got home from work!  The first thing I noted was how hard it was to breathe!  I have been lucky to not have too many early runs this summer thus far that were overly humid but give the day a chance to warm up and YIKES!  I was happy with the pace I kept and I'm feeling encouraged for ZOOMA Cape Cod...Don't forget to register and use the code CCAMB8!  The fast times are made as you are slogging through the soupy summer right?

Your pace or mine...I have been tossing around in my mind the idea of asking someone to pace me for ZOOMA Cape Cod in September.  I know the time I would love to get and honestly after running a 1:56 on the VERY hilly course in Jamestown, I think if I have the right training and someone to push me I can do it!!  Enter every last running insecurity I have!  Have I ever told you all that when I used to go to captain's practices for soccer that I used to hold my breathe during the runs so that no one would think I was sucking wind?  Yeah I have a hard time waving the white flag when I'm running with others!  I guess this is a good thing...I mean thus the point of a pacer right?  I know I will try my hardest to stay with them....but why does that scare me so much?  Have you ever had someone pace you in a race before?  


  1. send yer oldest here to play with MY CHILD please :-)
    then we can go walkandrun :-)

  2. I haven't complained once about the heat this year! I'm still too happy that it's not icy and snowing!

  3. B can be hit or miss with the wake ups, and I too feel bad. IF he wakes up before I get home, Nick usually brings him his milk to our room and he watches an episode of Mickey, so Nick can still relax before I get home.

    I used a pacer for my first 5k because I didn't know if I could do it. If you are seriously considering one and don't haven anyone in mind, shoot me an email I know someone who would totally do it!

  4. I advise against having your husband pace you. Every time I've done that with mine, we get in a fight, haha!

    1. Yeah my husband and I wouldn't make it through too well!!

    2. i wish i could like Kim's comment

  5. LOL agree with Kim!! I have used a pacer during a race, but not had a running partner pace me.