Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Motivation

I talk about running a lot....I talk about training and PRs and weight loss and all that fun stuff a lot.  After last week and all your awesome encouragement, I've realized I need to start walking the walk.  I  have the knowledge...the power in my legs....the tools in my belt.  Now I need to USE them!  I know people who have all the tools but for one reason or another they never USE them.  I don't want to make that begins my walk.  You can do it too!  Been talking about a PR?  Talking about changing things up?  Talking about trying something new?
Get your walk on and do it!!!


  1. I agree!!! Did a slow 40 minute run this morning!!! 3 miles!!! It is a work in progress!!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to real training post baby in a month or two!!

  3. Talk talk's time to do! I am and have never felt better!

  4. I'm gearing up for the Chicago Marathon, and I am terrified. I needed this!