Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday...Getting Away

As I said on Monday, this past week we piled our family in the car and headed to New Hampshire...because when you live in a vacation spot on the ocean, you head to the mountains to get away!  This week followed my half marathon which I was still riding the high from, but which also gave me a nasty blister that kept me from practically putting shoes on.  Translation...week away from Cape Cod....and running!  Although it was vastly different from when hubby and I used to go to NH to celebrate our anniversary (read lots of sleep and relaxing), the joy on the girls faces was worth the moments of stress!


  1. Family time is the best! It is sometimes hard to balance it all but it looks like you are able to strike that even balance.

  2. Oh yes, the kids look like they're in pure misery.....NOT!! Fun stuff :) Mountains rock!