Thursday, July 3, 2014

TTT...Talking Janji, Ultima, and Changes

That's right friends....It's Thursday!!
Here's your weekly dose!

Run Janji...Last summer at the Falmouth Road Race expo with ZOOMA, I met Dave...and listened to his great story about a ride to a college track and field champion meet.  He and fellow teammate Mike thought up an idea of uniting runners to help to solve world problems.  Janji helps when we are out training each day not just on race day.  Each piece of apparel you buy will help to fight food and hunger issues worldwide.  That day I bought a shirt with the Haitian flag on it and with my purchase, 8 packets of food were sent to help a child in Haiti.  Their apparel helps in 7 different countries including the United States, Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Peru, and Tanzania.  Each piece is a cool variation of that country's flag including shorts, shirts, tanks, tights, and accessories.  I was so excited when Janji contacted me to try out one of their Haitian Breeze shirts.  The shirts are made with wicking fabric and was honestly so incredibly comfortable! 

Sometimes with shirts I have to pull or tug along my run to keep it in place, but this baby stayed put!  So basically it's an awesome shirt that you will love...and help others while your enjoying it!!  And because I just know you're going to love Janji they are extended the fun to all of you!  Just enter the code "FANCY" at checkout for 20% off your purchase until August!  

Ultima Replenisher...I was sent several packets of Ultima Replenisher as part of being a ZOOMA Ambassador and was leery at first since I have a hard time with electrolyte replacement drinks.  Once I tried it though I realized that this was different.  There is a very subtle taste and what is there is really good!  I now make my drink before I leave for a run and look forward to chugging it down when I get home!!
Changes...If you have been a reader here for a while you know that I am an ESL teacher.  Prior to moving here I taught in an elementary school...3rd grade refugees.  Upon moving here, my job changed to encompass high school as well.  I was scared to death to teacher high schoolers...they are bigger than me....I haven't done Chemistry in 15 years...they smell fear!  I went in thinking I would fake it until I knew what I was really doing.  4 years later I can honestly say that it is going to be hard not working there anymore.  Due to the increase of students since I was first hired, I am going to be only in one school which means I will be leaving my high schoolers behind.  My last talk with them before I left...."Let people know your story...let them in."  They all had such amazing stories of their lives in their countries and what being here means to them but they are not quick to trust others with their story.  I was thankful they trusted me and I know these kids will move mountains!!
my goodbye gift!


  1. So sorry you have to leave your high schoolers! What great advice you gave them and how sweet it is to hear how they've grown on you :) I agree though, as a school psych, the high schoolers scare me!!! Those shirts sound great and I love that the company does so much good!

  2. I'm sure the kids are going to miss you. You were an asset in their lives! You're right...they smell fear ha!

  3. I would be scared to teach high school too, glad you ended up having a great experience with them. I bet they really do have some great stories.