Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Motivation

This past week we traded our seaside life for one amongst the mountains in NH.  Driving around there it reminded me of something I was told in college during a camping trip course.  Our group leader hiked us up to the top of a mountain and had us really reflect on how far apart the mountains limitless their span looked.  He equated it to how vast the Lord forgives our was an amazing illustration that has always stayed with me.  This week driving along and taking in all the mountains it made me also think about the dreams we have for our life...for our physical and spiritual life.  Friday I wrote about changing things up a bit and really working hard toward some physical dreams.  This week officially starts my training for ZOOMA Cape Cod which is also most likely my last race for the year.  I am going all in...I'm not putting any limits on my dreams!!!  As far as the mountains big are my dreams!!!
Right when you start to let fear put those limits in the way....push them back!  You have what it takes to live LIMITLESS!!!


  1. I so need this! Fear is on my mind a lot right now. Thanks Nancy! And glad you enjoyed the mountains of's so pretty up there!