Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....almost

My reward to myself for completing my long run....beach!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are YOU Getting Enough Protein

Ok so I nailed my run yesterday, organized my pictures (all 300 of them-for 4 months), and caught up with a few emails.  I figured I was well on my way to reaching my weekly goals!  Then came the protein.  The hubby is helping me out, more like answering every last question I have, and told me that I should be getting a pound of protein for every pound of body weight.  Well after yesterday's total, I would be doing backflips if I weighed 124lbs!  In reality I weigh 140lbs and thus fell short of my total.  However, in all honesty I could not have eaten one last bite!!!  I had a shake in the am, chicken, another shake, scoop of almond butter, egg whites, chicken, and then I rolled to bed!!  I guess I wasn't coming even close to enough before I started paying attention.  All in all I am considering Monday a victory since I really came close!  I'm not aiming at being the next greatest body builder so I am figuring close is pretty good!
What about much protein do you get each day?
                       What guidelines do you shoot for?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Plan for the Week Ahead

So one thing that I know about myself is that I am a best work is done when I have a list written out that I can check off as I make my way through the day/week.  As I said on Thursday I need motivation and a plan to get me out of bed in the morning when my intrinsic motivation is lacking.  Well this summer, for whatever reason, it is low so I have selected a race and I am beginning training on Monday.  Now mind you the training is nothing different than what I have been doing daily really, but having a race in mind and a plan set it will force me to do speed work and kick it into gear with my long runs.  The date is October 2nd so here is to 11 focused weeks!!  Since I need accountability apparently here is my plan for the week!
Running: Mon 6mi,
              Tues 5mi
               Weds long run 14mi (Em is in daycare for the day)
               Thurs Rest
               Fri 5 mi
               Sat 7 mile speed with 4x1600 @ 7:52 (challenge!!)

Diet: Focus on protein(140 grams...yikes!) and veggies
Life: Clean out closets!
         organize pictures (Emma's first year....I know she's 2.5!)
         catch up on emails!

I have it written out in my handy dandy planner because I just have to check off!! I'm leaving you with this quote.....I am going to envision myself successful!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fitness Friday-Get on the Ball!

Hi all!  Welcome again to Fitness Friday!!  This week I have gone back to an oldie but goodie for my ab workouts this week....the ball!  I had forgotten how much this little round thing can really bust your abs!  I didn't feel too tired after I did it but then the next day I was definitely feeling it!  Here are four different exercises that you can do with the ball.  The ball can totally add a challenge to anything that you are doing on the floor, pushups, crunches, squats, chest press, back name it!  I know these are nothing new but wanted to bring you back to an oldie but goodie! You'll have to excuse the blurry pics....gotta love a timer!

What do you use the ball for that you just love?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I'm squeezing this in while Jake and the Pirates find a golden egg so it will be short and sweet! 

1.  Who me? I was so overjoyed and flattered when Jodi over at Run Jodi Run contacted me and asked me to be her Thumbs Up Thursday person!!!  It was so fun answering the questions and a very cool feeling to think that others could be inspired by me!  Head on over there and visit her blog.  She's awesome and clearly spreading the love!!

2.  Hello heat wave!!!  Well I guess we moved to Cape Cod just in time!  Looking at the weather map this morning, the entire state was on an extreme heat watch EXCEPT the Cape!  Now mind you it is still going to hit 90 degrees but it won't be over 100 degrees like the rest of Massachusetts!  Either way I switched things around and did my long run yesterday.  It was great and I am very thankful to have it done!  This morning I was on the mill and probably will be for the rest of the week since I'm not so into heat stroke!  How do you beat the heat when the mercury rises like crazy?

3.  Dangle that carrot!  I am looking at some races this Fall to sign up for.  I think that this will help me to focus my training and give me that motivation to get out there when I would rather stay in bed!  I am looking at a few half marathons to do....some old and some new!  I am hoping to break 1:50 this year so I better buddy up to speed work!  Again, you never know unless you try!  What about you you need a race to train for to get you motivated for you need that danging carrot?

Well I hope you all find a way to stay cool today!!!  We're off to the beach....what else is new!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

We're back and I'm slowly emerging from the massive piles of laundry!  Today I headed out for my long run since it's supposed to be brutally hot for the next three days.  This way I can run shorter on Saturday!  Here are some shots from our week away in RI!  As you can see...lots of beach, cousins, and fun!  Oh and I think we picked enough rasberries to feed a small army!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Sorry to be a ghost!  I have been down in RI with Em all week....6 is all the miles I have run this week.....mentally it's killing me and physically I feel like a blob!  However we are having a blast and are returning to the Cape tomorrow to resume regular and new activity!  I'll give you a complete recap with pics soon!! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011


First let me thank all of you for your kind and supportive comments yesterday!  I guess we are all our own worst critic!!!

Now on for the winners of the CamBand Giveaway!  I wish I could have given you all one but if you didn't win, head on over and treat yourself to one!!  Thank you for making my first giveaway a success!!

The winners are:
     Rani @ Scrapyoga
     Heather @Endless Jubilee
     Jerilee E. @ Mom's Gone Running

Congrats ladies!  Send me your mailing info at mrscapen14 at yahoo dot com and I will have them in the mail asap!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Firecracker 5k Race Report

Yesterday, in case you didn't hear, Em and I ran in a local 5k.  We were decked out in our patriotic gear but I think we were the only ones who got the memo because literally no one else had on red, white, and blue.  I thought with the name Firecracker 5k that it meant let's be festive!  No matter Em was in love with her fancy shmancy tutu!

We got there and first thing we did was sign up Em for the kids' race.  Oh yeah they did this right with numbers and medals that were engraved!  Just what she needed!

Proud Momma!

The kids' race was in two division, under 5 and over 5.  Em had to run from goal post to goal post.  She was awesome and was smiling ear to ear the whole time.  She yelled out the funniest things like, "I'm running!" and "Look at me Daddy!  I'm running in the big race!"  She ran pretty fast too!  I think also she should have won for biggest fan club consisting of Grammy and Bumpa, her Great Aunt Sally and Great Uncle Jim, and of course Daddy!  Finish line treats were medals and freeze pops!
Look at that form!!!  She's a natural!!!

Then it was my turn.  I had forgotten my Garmin which was my first of many mistakes here!  I lined up on the starting line and in minutes we were off!!
Things to note in this picture:
~I'm like where's Waldo....clearly the only one who loves America!
~I'm pretty impressed if you look at my quad muscle
~I'm leaning back while everyone else is lunging forward
~The chick with the EMZ-like abs....yeah she won so did the dude in the purple

Well the first mile came up and I realized that I was still hanging with the first 15 people....major mistake in 80* weather to sprint the first mile!  We finished it in under 7 minutes and my stomach promptly seized up!  We're talking couldn't breathe, move, talk, nothing.  I stopped a second to walk and contemplated walking home but I am NO quitter!  We came upon almost 2 miles and I asked the woman next to me for the time....13 minutes....ummm ok!  Mile 3 sucked as much as the rest especially since I figured my chances of getting anything close to an ok time went out the door.  I kicked it to the end and fought back the puke....there were people watching and all!  I made it in in pr but enough to squeeze into 3rd in my AG and a bronze medal!  Thanks to my hubby who hung around with me to wait for my medal!

Finish line pic.  Here's what to notice:
~I wanted to beat the pink chick and wicked tall guy SO go
~What is up with my form????
~This picture is what has sparked me to eat only celery for the next three months!  I worked SO hard to lose all that weight and I feel like this picture has shown me I've taken one giant step BACK!
~Although I look like it I did not puke!

Although it is hard I am seeing this as a positive and a race I would love to do again.  The highlight of the night most definitely was seeing Em race and how extremely proud she was of herself!!!
Mommy and Em numbers and medals!

I also did this as part of the Independence Day Virtual 5k!!!  Thanks again to Marissa at Lets Move it Mommas for hosting this great race!!!

Fitness Friday-Reality Check and Frugal Fitness

Happy Friday all!!  Yes it's Friday and you know what that means......another edition of
Fitness Friday!
I have to admit however, that after seeing pictures of myself from yesterday's race I feel a little like a fake talking about fitness.  It reminded me that I can kick my butt running every day but unless I closely monitor what goes in my mouth, it is all for not!  I will give you all a full recap tomorrow but the pictures have provided me a reality check that I have gone in a direction that I do not want to go....if only my friends and loved ones could tell me to "PUT DOWN THE FORK!!!"  

Part of the benefit of relocating was that we had to form a budget, something we should have done a long time ago!  Previously I went to a gym that ran us about $70 a month in addition to paying for a trainer each week.  Although I would love to have my trainer here with me it is not in our budget right now.  I have a much lower gym payment now and have started utilizing my On Demand options.  Much of what you could want is right there.  Today's challenge was Jillian Michaels' 6 week 6 pack Level 1.  It was a challenge and she always gets a sweat going.....oh yeah and it's free!!! 
What great workouts have you found On Demand?

Yeah well nothing earth shattering here but just showing how you can go from spending over $150 a month on gym/trainer to $19.99 a month and still get results.  Now off to tackle my eating so this hard work will actually show!!

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Race Day

Hi there!!!  I have been tying up loose ends before the race today so here are my three things!  Enjoy!

1.  Nervous Nelly-This is the first time I have been nervous for a race before I even got there!  I am not quite sure why the heck I am so nervous but I can feel it in my stomach.  I've done the work so what is my deal?  I want to try to place in my age group.....ugh so nervous!

2.  Could it be any hotter?-I'm sure it could and if I was living down south then well yeah it is way hotter.  I think that maybe one of the things making me nervous is that I haven't raced in this kind of heat in a long while.  What if I just suck?!  I've run the course a few times and there are two killer hills so I am hoping I can keep the pace in this heat!

3.  Here comes the sun!- OK so on the bright side Em is running in the kids race!  I modified her tutu from the race when we were Team Blue and added in sparkly red.  It looks so cute!  She is so excited to run in her very own "Big Race" and she's been talking about it since she woke up today!  The only way I could get her to nap is because she wanted to be rested for her "Big Race"

At the end of the day it will be fun to see Em run her race and be together as a family!  But if you could wish me luck and send up a prayer for quick legs that would be great too!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 4th in Photos

What a holiday we had!  Here are some of my favorites!  Stay tuned too since we have our Firecracker races tomorrow!!!

Matching Vineyard Vines Shirts!


The Hubby

Our captain, Brian!

Me and Jill!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Made It!

Ok so I realize I owe you all a bunch load of pics from our sailing holiday and I promise to get them to you tomorrow......I will however say that it was great!  Lots of sun, laughs, and memories of a 4th of July!

Today I was going through my reader only to discover that Nikki over at The Worth of My Sole had nominated me for the Amazing Blogger Award! 

She is a riot and is so good at squeezing in her should head on over and check her out!  I am so honored that you nominated me Nikki!!!  THANKS!!!

My Favorite Cartoon Character: Lucy....I even was her for Halloween once!

My favorite thing to photograph: Em!

My favorite thing to cook:  Ok so I really love to bake and cupcakes have been so fun lately!

My favorite exercise: Really????  If only I looked like her when I did it!

My favorite movie: Old school? yes  Classic? absolutely  Sing songs often? You betcha!

My favorite article of clothing: If I could live in workout gear I would!

My favorite flower: I just love the smell of lilacs!

My favorite breakfast food:  Love me a Green Monster!

My favorite last book I read: Ok so that was probably along the lines of "If you give a mouse a cookie" so this is one I want to read once the library gets it!  I am obsessed with Jodi Picoult!

My favorite place to be: Oh yeah the beach!

My favorite color: pink pink and more pink!

And one I added.....My favorite cross training:  Spinning......I love it! When I was pregnant with Em I never missed a day!  I really love it!!!

Sooooo normally I would tag a number of blogs and have you continue this on yours but I want to extend this to all you out there!  I love learning new things about you all and frankly stink at picking just 5!  You are all amazing bloggers to me.....yes and one day I will be running for president with how politically correct I am being!!! 

Don't forget to enter my Camband giveaway!!!!