Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday-Reality Check and Frugal Fitness

Happy Friday all!!  Yes it's Friday and you know what that means......another edition of
Fitness Friday!
I have to admit however, that after seeing pictures of myself from yesterday's race I feel a little like a fake talking about fitness.  It reminded me that I can kick my butt running every day but unless I closely monitor what goes in my mouth, it is all for not!  I will give you all a full recap tomorrow but the pictures have provided me a reality check that I have gone in a direction that I do not want to go....if only my friends and loved ones could tell me to "PUT DOWN THE FORK!!!"  

Part of the benefit of relocating was that we had to form a budget, something we should have done a long time ago!  Previously I went to a gym that ran us about $70 a month in addition to paying for a trainer each week.  Although I would love to have my trainer here with me it is not in our budget right now.  I have a much lower gym payment now and have started utilizing my On Demand options.  Much of what you could want is right there.  Today's challenge was Jillian Michaels' 6 week 6 pack Level 1.  It was a challenge and she always gets a sweat going.....oh yeah and it's free!!! 
What great workouts have you found On Demand?

Yeah well nothing earth shattering here but just showing how you can go from spending over $150 a month on gym/trainer to $19.99 a month and still get results.  Now off to tackle my eating so this hard work will actually show!!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I'm so with you on the eating thing. I've got the workout aspect pretty much covered. But oh the food!
    Never did any on demand stuff although I use the Nike fitness app sometimes.

  2. It is such a fine balance to figure out the eating and the work out! Something I too am still working on! Great post - I run outside, at the gym and train with a trainer still.

  3. I wish I still had on demand!! I do use netflix sometimes to find workout videos but I have been unsuccessful in getting it to stream through my tv and watching my computer screen is not very fun!

  4. I have the running down to a necessity - but, yeah... the food. I am taking 21 days to document all of my food and count calories just to see how much is how much. But I have no intention of spending the rest of my life counting calories. I just want to know why running 6 hours a week isn't effecting my weight. I try not to care... but I care. Not an extra 5, though - an extra 10.

  5. I try to use my gym's classes, etc more to keep gym costs under control. I saw the personal trainer once and realized how much it would cost (though I would love to do that!)... but decided that if I was going to the classes and stuff that the teachers could help me reach goals because I would have their expertice, etc. to help me. I've never done On Demand... we dont' have cable, so that's probably why! ;)

    Good luck on the eating... it's the hardest part!

  6. Oh, your post hit home. I did my first big half marathon at the end of April. I worked so hard and was so proud of my accomplishment. Then I saw the finish line pictures and thought, "Wow. I don't look like a runner. My hips are too big..."

    I've found that to be a big motivator, and it's getting better... but I understand that deflated feeling when you see the race photos.

    I'm a new follower so let's do this together :-)


  7. I work out at home and do find it hard to keep things fresh, and cheap, with minimal equipment. Netflix, OnDemand, and Bodyrock help.

  8. Ugh...the dreaded reality check we sometimes get from photos LOL I've never tried the on demand workouts but I have a friend that raves about them. Frugally speaking, I gave up my gym membership and now I workout at home with DVDs. Best decision ever!

    Thanks for linking up with FF!