Friday, July 8, 2011

Firecracker 5k Race Report

Yesterday, in case you didn't hear, Em and I ran in a local 5k.  We were decked out in our patriotic gear but I think we were the only ones who got the memo because literally no one else had on red, white, and blue.  I thought with the name Firecracker 5k that it meant let's be festive!  No matter Em was in love with her fancy shmancy tutu!

We got there and first thing we did was sign up Em for the kids' race.  Oh yeah they did this right with numbers and medals that were engraved!  Just what she needed!

Proud Momma!

The kids' race was in two division, under 5 and over 5.  Em had to run from goal post to goal post.  She was awesome and was smiling ear to ear the whole time.  She yelled out the funniest things like, "I'm running!" and "Look at me Daddy!  I'm running in the big race!"  She ran pretty fast too!  I think also she should have won for biggest fan club consisting of Grammy and Bumpa, her Great Aunt Sally and Great Uncle Jim, and of course Daddy!  Finish line treats were medals and freeze pops!
Look at that form!!!  She's a natural!!!

Then it was my turn.  I had forgotten my Garmin which was my first of many mistakes here!  I lined up on the starting line and in minutes we were off!!
Things to note in this picture:
~I'm like where's Waldo....clearly the only one who loves America!
~I'm pretty impressed if you look at my quad muscle
~I'm leaning back while everyone else is lunging forward
~The chick with the EMZ-like abs....yeah she won so did the dude in the purple

Well the first mile came up and I realized that I was still hanging with the first 15 people....major mistake in 80* weather to sprint the first mile!  We finished it in under 7 minutes and my stomach promptly seized up!  We're talking couldn't breathe, move, talk, nothing.  I stopped a second to walk and contemplated walking home but I am NO quitter!  We came upon almost 2 miles and I asked the woman next to me for the time....13 minutes....ummm ok!  Mile 3 sucked as much as the rest especially since I figured my chances of getting anything close to an ok time went out the door.  I kicked it to the end and fought back the puke....there were people watching and all!  I made it in in pr but enough to squeeze into 3rd in my AG and a bronze medal!  Thanks to my hubby who hung around with me to wait for my medal!

Finish line pic.  Here's what to notice:
~I wanted to beat the pink chick and wicked tall guy SO go
~What is up with my form????
~This picture is what has sparked me to eat only celery for the next three months!  I worked SO hard to lose all that weight and I feel like this picture has shown me I've taken one giant step BACK!
~Although I look like it I did not puke!

Although it is hard I am seeing this as a positive and a race I would love to do again.  The highlight of the night most definitely was seeing Em race and how extremely proud she was of herself!!!
Mommy and Em numbers and medals!

I also did this as part of the Independence Day Virtual 5k!!!  Thanks again to Marissa at Lets Move it Mommas for hosting this great race!!!


  1. That tutu is ADORABLE!!!! I bet you were supa dupa proud!! Izzy wants to start running kids runs and I can't WAIT! I would kill for a 24 min 5k!

  2. I agree with Stephanie! I would LOVE to have that time one day! You look great! I don't know what you're talking about!

  3. Oh MY!! Your little EM is DARLING and that awesome!! I've made tutus like that before but nothing like that! so darling!! Sounds like a fun day! And you're too hard on yourself! You go girl!

  4. Great time in spite of the nasty heat! I hate it when I forget my Garmin. Amazing how much we learn to rely on them. Em's skirt is so pretty, she looks to cute running! Congrats on third in your age group.

  5. Dude - you are fast! Great job! And Em is absolutely adorable - love her tutu!

  6. I think you look super strong! And that's an awesome time! And Em is so cute! T Junior said the same things during his race: "I'm running in the race!" They're so darn cute.

  7. the tutu is too cute! nice job on your race!!

  8. Awe congrats!!! Your daughter is adorable!
    Don't worry about the was just the angle. =)

  9. Em is absolutely precious!!! Great job on your run! I'm not a fan of running without my garmin. I feel like it screws with my mind.
    I ran a firecracker 5k, and I think I saw one person actually wearing ed white and blue. I didn't even think about it when I was laying out clothes for it. OOPS!

  10. That little EM is the CUTEST thing ever! Little girls!!! ...sigh....

    OK- so, TOUGH race, WARM day, NO garmin. GREAT JOB!
    You scored a 3rd in AG! That's RAD! and...I think it is just the cut of the outfit. You look strong!

  11. Fun race report and great photos! I ran a July 4th 5k and set a new PR! The patriotic running skirt is too cute!

  12. These pictures are adorable Nancy!! love them! YOu look fantastic and exude happiness!! COngrats on 3rd!!

  13. your daughter's outfit is adorable!! too cute!!

  14. Ahhh love your little girl! She is so sweet! I also noticed the lack of patriotic colors in my July 4th run...very odd!

  15. new follower :) brought the biggest smile to my face reading about your daughter and her accomplishment! I cannot believe more people did not dress up!! so crazy! Congrats on 3rd in your AG...even though everything did not go exactly as you just sounds like there was still so much positive :)

  16. what a great memory and great day! awesome pictures!!! so cute!congrats on the medal :)