Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Made It!

Ok so I realize I owe you all a bunch load of pics from our sailing holiday and I promise to get them to you tomorrow......I will however say that it was great!  Lots of sun, laughs, and memories of a 4th of July!

Today I was going through my reader only to discover that Nikki over at The Worth of My Sole had nominated me for the Amazing Blogger Award! 

She is a riot and is so good at squeezing in her workouts....you should head on over and check her out!  I am so honored that you nominated me Nikki!!!  THANKS!!!

My Favorite Cartoon Character: Lucy....I even was her for Halloween once!

My favorite thing to photograph: Em!

My favorite thing to cook:  Ok so I really love to bake and cupcakes have been so fun lately!

My favorite exercise: Really????  If only I looked like her when I did it!

My favorite movie: Old school? yes  Classic? absolutely  Sing songs often? You betcha!

My favorite article of clothing: If I could live in workout gear I would!

My favorite flower: I just love the smell of lilacs!

My favorite breakfast food:  Love me a Green Monster!

My favorite last book I read: Ok so that was probably along the lines of "If you give a mouse a cookie" so this is one I want to read once the library gets it!  I am obsessed with Jodi Picoult!

My favorite place to be: Oh yeah the beach!

My favorite color: pink pink and more pink!

And one I added.....My favorite cross training:  Spinning......I love it! When I was pregnant with Em I never missed a day!  I really love it!!!

Sooooo normally I would tag a number of blogs and have you continue this on yours but I want to extend this to all you out there!  I love learning new things about you all and frankly stink at picking just 5!  You are all amazing bloggers to me.....yes and one day I will be running for president with how politically correct I am being!!! 

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  1. Jodi Picoult writes some very good books! I would live in workout clothes too, so comfy.

  2. I sincerely loved reading this and getting to know you more. Wow, you make some impressive birthday cupcakes. And this is the second time today that someone has mentioned google reader...I really should learn how to use this and maybe keeping up with blogs would be easier.

  3. I agree that is an amazing cake and cupcakes! I also wish I could live in workout clothes. I have thought to ask my principal if I could wear them on dress down Friday when everyone else wears jeans!!

  4. yay!! Fun getting to know you better. I love Sound of Music too and Lilacs!

  5. Love the sound of music. What a great idea for a post. Love the work out clothes...i love that i can wear mine all day. what is funny is when i am dressed up the kids are so confused and want to know what i am doing:) Happy Wednesday!