Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are YOU Getting Enough Protein

Ok so I nailed my run yesterday, organized my pictures (all 300 of them-for 4 months), and caught up with a few emails.  I figured I was well on my way to reaching my weekly goals!  Then came the protein.  The hubby is helping me out, more like answering every last question I have, and told me that I should be getting a pound of protein for every pound of body weight.  Well after yesterday's total, I would be doing backflips if I weighed 124lbs!  In reality I weigh 140lbs and thus fell short of my total.  However, in all honesty I could not have eaten one last bite!!!  I had a shake in the am, chicken, another shake, scoop of almond butter, egg whites, chicken, and then I rolled to bed!!  I guess I wasn't coming even close to enough before I started paying attention.  All in all I am considering Monday a victory since I really came close!  I'm not aiming at being the next greatest body builder so I am figuring close is pretty good!
What about you......how much protein do you get each day?
                       What guidelines do you shoot for?


  1. Ha! Your hubby sounds like mine--totally into protein. But they're right, most do not get enough, although there's controversy over how much is enough.
    So far today: whey protein = 27g
    Leftover steak and veggies/quinoa = no idea
    Looks like I've got a ways to go!

  2. I do so great with protein when I am focused on it...but if I am not actively trying to eat protein then I probably get about half as much...eek! good job yesterday!!! you were definitely close!!

  3. i've got some good news for you...
    are you read for it?!?!

    your hubby had it right when saying how protein you need is dependent on your body weight, HOWEVER its your weight in kilograms. So take your weight and divide it by 2.2 and that is what you should aim for protein-- probably why you thought the 140g was far fetched :)

  4. looking at the post the font makes it hard to read... its 2 . 2, not 22 lol. and also it does vary- most people in the wellness field recommend that you do .8 of your kilogram weight.

    140 / 2 .2 = 63.6 x .8 = 51

  5. This is such a timely post! Check my blog for something that might help you hit your protein goals :)

  6. pretty sure I said a gram of protein per pound...a pound per would probably kill you! :)