Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Motivation

A week has gone by since "the break heard round the world" and I will say that I threw myself one heck of a pity party!  One week without being able to put a shoe week struggling to chase my week hobbling to get around...and watching our chickie run a 5k we had promised to run together.  I'm not a good injured person and this past week proved it.  However one week down I needed to feel push my body again.  I headed to the gym...did sprints on the bike...put on sneakers...and I sucked it up.  It was uncomfortable but not impossible...we are moving on and focusing on what I CAN do instead of what I can't.  Weights and eats are my focus until I can once again start running my mornings!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Crack Heard Round the World

It was a chilly but sunny day on Cape Cod.  We had just spent the morning as a family on the beach...the girls were particularly crabby but had moments of getting along.  The chilly wind off the ocean had us deciding to head home early.  As we were driving off the beach I suddenly realized that I really had to go to the I had drank just shy a gallon of water and the bumpy beach ride was torture!  I convinced my husband to pull over and let me run over to a porta-potty coming up.  The girls were bickering about something silly as I jumped out of the truck and I decided that I better hurry the heck up...I went to sprint across the soft sand...flip flops in hand...and I heard it....CRACK!!!  My toe met with a large rock buried under the soft sand.  At first I thought I had just scraped up the top of my toe really bad.  It was bleeding a little but not too much.  I did what I needed to and headed back to the truck and said, "I think something is wrong with my toe!"  The throbbing had started along with the nausea of being in extreme pain.  By the time we got to our house (about 10 minutes away) the swelling and bruising had started.  I knew then that something was seriously wrong.  I showered the girls and got them settled...then headed to the walk-in clinic (the ER on Cape Cod is bananas in the summer).
Diagnosis...broken toe...2-4 weeks sidelined.  The more people I talk to the more I want to cry.  Everyone keeps saying how long it took for them to recover!  The next day we went back to the beach....I was much more careful this time...and I spent a large amount of time soaking in nature's ice bath...
After the day was done it was still looking pretty gnarly!
Since I can only wear flip flops but need to also tape it so that it has support here's what I worked out today at work!
After a full day with kids and grocery shopping after, my toe is THROBBING!!!  Tomorrow I'm going to need a new strategy!  I'm discouraged but trying to stay positive.  I had such big plans heading into the summer...getting stronger...running faster...track I'm just praying I can get back in 4 weeks!  I'm going to give myself one more day and then work in weights and strength training.  If I can't run at least I can build some muscle!!!

Any advice for a broken toe?  I have literally have never broken a bone in my life so any advice is perfect!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Motivation

I spent a majority of my life sweating and starving to look like other people.  I had motivational pictures that would line my workout notebooks...of girls that were tall and thin...of what I wanted to look like.  Let me tell you at 5'2" it's pretty darn difficult to look tall!!  I wouldn't say that I have shaken this demon...that I still don't wish my body looked differently or that the wrinkles that accentuate my face weren't a little less faint, but there are less days I think about it and for me that is a win!  Most days I get up and put on my running shoes to get stronger...I pick heavier weights to get stronger...I chose to sweat instead of lounge on our comfy couch to get stronger.  I may not be perfect at it and my husband will certainly confirm it, but more and more often I am making choices so that I can be stronger than I was yesterday!  Why will you push your limits this week?  Strive to be stronger than you were last week!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Healthy Treat Time with #SilverFernBrands

As an active mom, I always try to provide healthy food options for my family. This would work well in a world where your children will eat everything you put in front of them ... but that is not always the case in my world!  

Meet my picky eater...

My fabulous 7-year-old has a very short list of foods she will even attempt to eat and a very long list of rejects. My challenge over the last 7 years has been to pack the most nutrients into the foods she will eat … including her “treats.”  I mean, really, would anyone put treats on their short list? Keeping cookies or treats in the house is not an option for me since I have the willpower of a gnat, so I was so excited to be chosen to try out Silver Fern Brand’s line of Paka Baking Mixes.

Silver Fern Brands launched in April at Fit Con and its products fit the bill for my sweet-loving picky eater! They’re filled with nutrients and taste great, which make them a delicious, healthy snack, even for ladies like me who are trying to keep things low carb!
The Paka baking mixes are all natural and high in fiber and protein. They are lower in calories than similar baking mixes and are sweetened with Kakato sweetener. All this goodness makes them just what I need to cure that sweet craving and a treat that I feel good about giving my girls!
The ladies and I decided to get baking together (I love baking and cooking with my children … time to teach them young!). Each mix just has a few ingredients to add, and we were off mixing!  Honestly, the hardest part was waiting for them to cool so we could taste test!!

The final verdict...

I can’t tell you how many times these bars have saved the day when I just want a little something sweet but don’t want to totally derail my progress … or when the gals want a treat, but the last thing I want for them is more junk! We loved our Paka baking mixes!

I was provided three Paka baking mixes in exchange for a review but the opinions expressed are all mine!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

TTT...Summer Schedules

If you are anywhere but New England, you are probably enjoying a little summer vacation right now.  Due to snow days and the fact that I live/work in a resort town keeping us from starting school before Labor Day, we still have 4 days left.  As much as everyone loves summer, sometimes (especially for moms and dads) the schedule shifts add an extra challenge in getting in your workouts.  You had your schedule all nice and neat and tied up with a bow and now BAM the kids are home!!!  Here are three tips for fitting in your workouts now that the littles are home!

Up with the crows...We have very loud crows in our neighborhood and they have no problem squawking as soon as the sun breaks the horizon!  What does that mean for me?  It means I'm out there chasing them!

I put on my brightest shirt and out I go!  I have been splitting my days lately between running in our neighborhood and hitting the gym.  I like the gym for heavier weights and obviously my neighborhood is good for runs.  Now this is not a deviation for me...I get up at 4 on a school day usually...but I choose to not change that about my schedule because it works best for our family (mama is done early and dad gets it done after work).

The gangs all here...Another tip is to get your kids involved (depending on their ages).  My daughter is training to run a 5k later this month so we have been running together.  I also have what I affectionately call my double-wide so that I can push them for a REALLY killer workout.  I also get them involved by going on hikes and doing weights in the yard.  Maybe even set up an obstacle course for you to do as a family that involves squats, burpees, and sprints!  It's a win-win for everyone!
Chunk and chew...There is a phrase in teaching we call chunk and chew.  Basically it is when you teach a piece of information and then let students practice it before moving on to another.  The purpose is so that teachers aren't lecturing for an hour while the students tune out (anyone remember this in school?).  Well fitting in workouts on a tight summer schedule can be the same way!  Instead of long workouts, try fitting in a few HIIT workouts that only take you 20-30 minutes.  Sometimes if I have a run and weights on my schedule then I will run early and then fit in the weights at another time in the day.  Just get your sweat on!!

Any tips?  How does your schedule change as summer draws near?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So I'm not going to completely blame age (even though I'm living dangerously close to another age group), but my need for a good recovery plan is becoming more and more important, especially after those long runs or days at the gym when I'm lifting heavy.  If I'm going to continue on with my day of being a wife, mom, and teacher then I need to make sure my nutrition is on point!  Protein is a key factor in building muscle and feeding it right so I was super excited to be selected to try out Bob's Red Mill line of protein powders.
You may be familiar with Bob's Red Mill products for their extensive line of gluten free and organic products.  I was new too to seeing their protein powders.  The pea-based protein not only packs a punch of 20 grams of protein but with chia seeds and probiotics you are also getting a healthy helping of omega-3, fiber, and iron!

This month I have been sampling the chocolate and chai flavors after my long runs.  I actually find myself looking forward to a nice icy smoothie about 1 mile from my house!  They don't have the aftertaste that you may have experienced with some powders and they keep me full for hours (which keeps the snack monster away).
Today I mixed things up a bit and mixed my cold brewed coffee with the chai flavor....oh my yum!
I have been loving fueling my awesomeness with Bob's line of protein powders and am looking forward to trying out some of the recipes that came in my goodie box.  Stayed tuned this month for a giveaway that will give you your own samplings of awesomeness!  Also keep up with my Instagram and Snapchat (lilfancynancy) for my experiments with the recipes!!

How do YOU fuel your awesomeness??

Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Motivation

After this past weekend, we are reminded that we are not guaranteed breaths....we can't take them for granted.  We instead need to fill our lives with moments of love that take our breath away!  After a day at the beach yesterday, I sat watching our girls twirling in the backyard as they let bubbles fly from wands all around them...I was overcome by just how much the little moments can fill our lives with joy.  Moments like that one are reminders of just how blessed this life is!  Fill this week with moments that take your breath away...fill it with love!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Whoop whoop!!  It's Thursday!  Can you hear it?  Can you hear the weekend knocking?  Well here's your randoms for the week!!

Book please...With the summer coming soon, I have been thinking about getting some books to read.  Now I am well aware that these will not be the beach relaxing reads that I once had pre-children.  My days at the beach are fabulous but they are certainly not the read and check out mentally days!  I am thinking of sitting on my deck and easing into the day with a good book...or enjoying the coolness of night with a good book.  Any suggestions?

Sparklet...The past 8 weeks I have been running a cross country enrichment with the 3rd and 4th grade girls at the school I teach in.  I started it as something to do while my daughter was in Lego group but I have to say that I have LOVED it!!  The girls are just so impressive and have really challenged themselves over these 8 weeks.  I even have one that wants to be the youngest marathoner!  I am so thankful to Momentum Jewelry for providing me with a fabulous Sparklet for each girl in the group!

They were so over-the-top excited and the motto "Never Give Up" was just what I want for them...they can do anything they set their mind to!!

Free Race Photos...I am working on my race recap for Newport 10 Miler this past Sunday but I wanted to share my photo...

I just love races that give out free race photos!!  This one was around the Ocean Drive and I turned just at the right time!  Can you tell I was having a blast?!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Motivation

This past weekend I surprised myself...I pinned on my number...stood at the start line...and proceeded to run 10 miles with faster splits than I have pulled out in months!  I crossed the finish line encouraged and proud realizing that I may not be so far from my goals as I thought!  There is something about that ritual...being surrounded by others pushing toward a finish...being challenged by others all around!  It really has the power to bring out the best in us!  My take-away...believe that you have it in you!!!  Believe that all your work really does pay off!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Global Running Day...A Look into My Miles!

Today is of course Global Running Day....aka get out and run day!  I'm joining in with my fellow Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassadors and doing a fun interview to let you have a look into my miles!

Why do you run?
Oh my word....let me count the reasons!!!  Here's a graphic I did a few years ago that sums it up!  Basically running to me is a way to reconnect with connect with have fun with my push myself to limits I thought were long gone once I became a mom.

How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?
I have no firm plans since it's the day after my race, but I know I want it to include my chickies!

How many miles have you run so far this year? Do you have a mileage goal for the year?
After continually pushing for more and more miles this year, I have decided that I would like to reach 1000...anything above that is gravy!  So far this year I am sitting pretty at 585.1!

What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?
This is a light racing year for me.  This weekend I'm psyched to be running the Newport 10 Miler for the 4th year in a row!!!  My back has been super cranky lately so I'm not sure what my goals for this race are going to be.  Also this month, my oldest and I are running a local 5k together.  We ran it last year and I'm excited to do it again!  I also have gotten my cross country girls to join us too!

Before I leave for a run I must have...
My phone....I started running with my phone when I was pregnant so that I would be able to call anyone if there was an issue.  Now it's my, miles tracker, and emergency line all in one!

Do you track your runs?  If so what do you use?
Yes....I'm way too Type-A to just wing it!!!  I use my Garmin (when I remember to charge it) and the RunGo app to track my miles.

Who is your favorite running partner?
If you've been around this blog for any time you will know the answer to this one....Jill my BRF!  We have been running together now for 7 years since I had my oldest daughter!  Can't wait to run Newport with her this weekend!!!
Our first race together when Jill coined the phrase..."If you don't feel like you're going to puke you aren't going fast enough!"
What races have you run so far this year?
My only race I've run this year was Hyannis Half Marathon in February!  I ran with Dani and company...selfied the whole race and had a blast!!!  I'm thinking that is a theme developing this year...having fun!

If you have to give someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be?
Only one piece?  I would say take it one step at a time....Ok and don't compare your journey to another person's journey...we are all on our own path!  Oh and get yourself to a running store and get a pair of shoes that work for you!  Sorry that was more than one!!

Describe your relationship with running in one word.
Oh jeez....I'm awful at one word!!  Transformative...

Play along!!!