Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Motivation

I spent a majority of my life sweating and starving to look like other people.  I had motivational pictures that would line my workout notebooks...of girls that were tall and thin...of what I wanted to look like.  Let me tell you at 5'2" it's pretty darn difficult to look tall!!  I wouldn't say that I have shaken this demon...that I still don't wish my body looked differently or that the wrinkles that accentuate my face weren't a little less faint, but there are less days I think about it and for me that is a win!  Most days I get up and put on my running shoes to get stronger...I pick heavier weights to get stronger...I chose to sweat instead of lounge on our comfy couch to get stronger.  I may not be perfect at it and my husband will certainly confirm it, but more and more often I am making choices so that I can be stronger than I was yesterday!  Why will you push your limits this week?  Strive to be stronger than you were last week!!!

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