Thursday, June 16, 2016

TTT...Summer Schedules

If you are anywhere but New England, you are probably enjoying a little summer vacation right now.  Due to snow days and the fact that I live/work in a resort town keeping us from starting school before Labor Day, we still have 4 days left.  As much as everyone loves summer, sometimes (especially for moms and dads) the schedule shifts add an extra challenge in getting in your workouts.  You had your schedule all nice and neat and tied up with a bow and now BAM the kids are home!!!  Here are three tips for fitting in your workouts now that the littles are home!

Up with the crows...We have very loud crows in our neighborhood and they have no problem squawking as soon as the sun breaks the horizon!  What does that mean for me?  It means I'm out there chasing them!

I put on my brightest shirt and out I go!  I have been splitting my days lately between running in our neighborhood and hitting the gym.  I like the gym for heavier weights and obviously my neighborhood is good for runs.  Now this is not a deviation for me...I get up at 4 on a school day usually...but I choose to not change that about my schedule because it works best for our family (mama is done early and dad gets it done after work).

The gangs all here...Another tip is to get your kids involved (depending on their ages).  My daughter is training to run a 5k later this month so we have been running together.  I also have what I affectionately call my double-wide so that I can push them for a REALLY killer workout.  I also get them involved by going on hikes and doing weights in the yard.  Maybe even set up an obstacle course for you to do as a family that involves squats, burpees, and sprints!  It's a win-win for everyone!
Chunk and chew...There is a phrase in teaching we call chunk and chew.  Basically it is when you teach a piece of information and then let students practice it before moving on to another.  The purpose is so that teachers aren't lecturing for an hour while the students tune out (anyone remember this in school?).  Well fitting in workouts on a tight summer schedule can be the same way!  Instead of long workouts, try fitting in a few HIIT workouts that only take you 20-30 minutes.  Sometimes if I have a run and weights on my schedule then I will run early and then fit in the weights at another time in the day.  Just get your sweat on!!

Any tips?  How does your schedule change as summer draws near?


  1. OMG we have been out of school for a week and it seems like a month!! But yes, I know that does not happen on the Cape. Love your "chunk and chew" approach to fitness - yes!!! And, love the bright shirt :-) xo

    1. A week?! Yes I'm jealous! However it's nice to have the beach to ourselves in September! :-)

  2. I love that your little chickie is training to run a 5K!