Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jost Running June

June was a month of virtual racing for the Fancy Nancy family with Jost Running!!  I started the month running the Crank It Up Marathon.  I normally run 30 miles in a week so I used 1 week to reach my 26.2!  If only I could really run a marathon in the time it took me to do 2 10 milers and a 10k...3:48:07!  That would be a major PR for me!!  Either way I finished my marathon and scored myself another MASSIVE medal!!
The real pride this month comes in the form of a mini-me...or 5 year-old Em who when she saw the bling asked if she could do the 10k...well she asked for the medal first and then we came up with a plan of how to earn it!  I said that if she rode her bike the distance of a 10k then she could have the medal!  We split it into 1 mile segments and I pushed Aubs on her bike while Em rode up ahead of us.  Most of the time I was running after Aubs or the scene looked a lot like this...
One day we rode to pick up Aubs from the babysitter...another we covered 2 miles on a bike path near our house while Aubs ran around on the soccer field (you are catching the pattern here...Aubs couldn't just sit and ride!).  As the days ticked by Em was determined to reach her goal.  Yesterday morning we covered mile 5 in our neighborhood...and we finished the day riding in our backyard with Dad and Aubs cheering from the patio!
I figured Aubs deserved a cameo in the collage since she technically did cover the mileage with us!  I am so proud of Em for completing her Crank It Up 10k but even more importantly she is super proud of herself!!!  Her last laps around the yard she was whooping it up!
Jost Running is hosting another virtual race Beat the Heat starting today to benefit Girls on the Run!  Em is ready to start another challenge!  This is a great way to get out and exercise with your kids!  The hubs has been super busy at work so many times our mile was after dinner before he got home.  Get the kids involved and moving!!!


  1. Awwwww. That is awesome. That's a long way for a little kid, even broken into segments. I hope that your family continues enjoying a beautiful summer. Happy Running!

  2. I LOVE this post! Way to go little girls!

  3. So awesome to get our kids involved and staying active. Tonight my oldest and I will go on a 3 mile run to get ready for the 5k this Friday. Not much time for her to build a base considering she hasn't been running at all since Girls on the Run ended...ha ha. But it will nice for her to have a dress rehearsal of sorts. :)

  4. I Love that you are not only a role model to her, but also her biggest supporter and motivator!! Good job momma!!