Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rah rah sis boom bah!

I am trying to motivate myself to get my bootie downstairs to run while my hubby is at the gym and Emma is asleep. So far I have checked Facebook and now I am on to blogs!

So I have found two more 1/2 marathons to try. One is in October and the other November. The one in October is near and dear to me because it is in my hometown. I mean my parents could practically step out their front door and watch me run by. The only downfall with this one is that it is SO HILLY!!! I'm not a whiner but New England is just hill
y! I would love to do this one! My family is the best group of cheerleaders! I have been involved in sports since I could put one foot in front of the other which means my parents and sister have attended everything from gymnastic meets to weekend long softball tournaments. My biggest sport was softball and the experiences I have had through it with my family will be ones that I always treasure! When I ran Boston they even put a huge sign on the front lawn that said "Way to Go Nancy!" On a funny note, my Mom is the best example of unconditional support. She would
ys be the loudest cheerer no matter the sport even when she really didn't know anything about the sport. She knew a lot about softball since my sister and I played and my Dad coached but she didn't know too much about soccer. That didn't get her down though...I can remember in high school laughing to myself on the field as I heard my Mom yell out, "Run!" because that was what she knew! Now I live way too far for my liking away from my family (2 hours). It would mean so much to me to have my Mom yelling "Run!" at me during the race!! Plus the last half they came to they suffered through wicked cold weather just to surprise me at the finish and didn't see me run by!

Ok so enough procrastinating! My timer went off! I have to get the run in so I can relax and watch Glee!


  1. You family sounds very sweet. Family support is so important. Finding races close to home is always a plus.

    Nice job on the half too. I just read your post.

  2. You're mom sounds awesome - and just like my mom! Aren't moms the absolute best?!! Anyway- hilly or not - you have to do the one in your hometown!! I bet your mom would love to cheer you on again!!