Thursday, September 10, 2009

Survived the run....this week maybe not!

Sorry to leave you all hanging about the race! I have been just about staying afloat this week since it is my first week back to teaching. Yesterday I thought to myself, "I don't know if I can do all of this!" There is just so much to do every day. I'm sure you all know that so it is nothing new....just really getting me down right now. It make me feel like such a failure when I can't fit it all in just right!

So on to the run. If there was ever a more true description of a race course it was this one. The medal that we got says "16 wicked hills" and I think they miscounted because there had to have been more. We started counting down at the beginning and then lost count! The weather could not have been more beautiful and the scenery was awesome! The course followed the coast line of Gloucester and Rockport Massachusetts and with a temp of about 65 at the coast it was perfect running weather!

We started off with a 10 minute mile pace. We (my friend Jill and I) kept reminding ourselves that this was just a training run and we were not racing. (probably because we were both so nervous). I get so nervous before a race just looking at the people that are there. I start to look at all the skinny, runner-body people and psych myself out. So today I watched the ground most of the time before the race! It worked...kind-of. I'm always fine once I get started. So most of the race was fun. We talked to lots of people and met some really interesting people. It amazed me how many people ran multiple marathons back to back. One girl had even run two in one weekend!! There were several people too that wanted to run a marathon in every state. Very cool stuff! I even learned that there was a marathon in Newport, RI my hometown! Put that on the list for marathons to run.

I saw my hubby and Emma at around mile 10 where there was the most ENORMOUS hill!! It was a good motivator! I had some knee pain just after that. I think it happened when I stopped to say hi and then ran fast to catch up with Jill. It was so tight from my hip and then down and around my knee. That lasted about 2 miles until I think my leg just we
nt numb! Needless to say the end of the race was not as fun and friendly as the beginning. I slowed a bit because of my knee and then my stomach started to kick in for about the last mile. I really need to get a handle on that because I had more energy left but my stomach was turning. The grand finale was a STEEP, twisting hill to the finish. I mean really people!!!!

Finish time 2 hours 45 minutes. Slower than I wanted but I finished!! I just kept thinking that this time last year I looked like this:

and there was no running going on!! I also think I had hidden motives. I was so tired when I got home and that night that I didn't have any trouble sleeping. This is rare for me before the first day of teaching. I am usually up all night. Add to that that it was Emma's first day at day care and I was a sobbing mess, I think I slept well. I would totally recommend this race to someone prepping for a fall marathon, especially if it is hilly. I will say some of them were worse than Heartbreak Hill!

So sorry for the delay but I have been coming to grips with Emma being in daycare and me being back to work. Not fun but a reality for me. Next stop half marathon!! Here are a few pictures from the race beforehand....I felt like a monster next to my nice, petite friend Jill!

me trying to not have a double chin!!


  1. Great pics! Sounds like you are doing OK with the transition. I think it will get easier for sure! Thanks for sharing your experience and GREAT JOB on the run!

  2. HILLS and you did it!! I am not a fan of hills. DAycare and going back to work all at once, NOT FUN! Hugs to you during the tough transition. I always look like a MONSTER next to people...that is why I tend to pose solo...or next to hubby.. Keep up the geat work. BAby bump is gone and you are going to 13.1