Sunday, September 27, 2009

1/2 Marathon Race Report

Well there would be no PR this time.....UGH!!! I do have to say though that it was an absolutely perfect day to run and Jill and I did have a great time running! I love running with her because we don't see each other in the week so we have nice long runs to catch up! Plus Jill is faster than my body wants to be so it pushes me to run faster!

The race started at 7am...pretty early I thought and it was only about 45 degrees...cold but nice and crisp to run in! I wore my "run like a mother" shirt...can't seem to get my picture up so that will have to come later. I had a lot of friends running this race and some people too that I knew that I wanted to make sure I beat (people from my gym) so it was nice to see everyone. The start was great and we ran our first mile in about 8:15. We continued that pace for about 3/4 of the race. We even did pick-ups for a few miles just to get them done with. Then my body just pooped out!!! UGH! I was so close to doing it in under 2 hours!!! I lost it in the last 3 miles really. I finished in close yet not there! I had a nice surprise at the finish though with the hubs and Emma waiting for me! Two of my friends finished in well under 2 hours (way to go to them) Jill finished just before me, and another friend ran her first half and was psyched to finish!

I am happy to have ran it well considering I was so hopped up on cold medication at the start! It inconveniently wore off around mile 9! It is just that I am so close I can taste it! I keep playing the race over in my head wondering where I could have done more...Plus I can't help but wonder if I could find a flat half it would be different. There were about 4 major hills and a lot of little ones. I am convinced there isn't a flat town in New England!

So you all are some of the fastest people I know....I need your advice! You have seen my training...what can I do to be faster? I do 2 tempo runs, a easy run, and a long run. I should do speed work but maybe someone can explain to me what that is really. I need help!!! I have found another half in my hometown of Middletown and Newport, RI in October. What a better one to hit my goal than in front of my whole family! I love running there makes me feel like I am home again! I am constantly homesick so I love to visit my fam and go running! Can't you see it now?! So yes any advice will be well taken!


  1. I really attest much of my SPEED increase to Hill repeats and track work. Running 400's and 800's with rest in between laps has been a GREAT way to teach my legs to turn over faster. And the Hill work just makes your legs stronger. Stronger legs= FAster times. Not sure you can work in any tune up races prior to October..but 10K and 5K races have also made me SPEED up..

    Best of luck. Sounds to me like with a GOOD running day you will have it. Maybe rework what you eat for breakfast and your fuel during the races....that last kick could also be nutrition related.. My two cents...

  2. I think you did great. THe way I got fast was doing 400s and 800s at faster times and then bringing those times into my tempo runs so that my pace just changed and became faster. That was pre-prego and now I"m working back to that! Still, I think you did great. Don't be so hard on yourself!

  3. Cold meds during a 1/2 marathon? You are tough. I would have stayed in bed! LOL!

    Congrats on you race. I think you did great.

    I got faster through Yasso 800's and increasing mileage. Look up Yasso's and you will see how they work.

  4. congrats on your race!!!! they cant all be PRs but crossing the finish line is ALWAYS a good thing :)