Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bring on the Skinny Jeans

My super awesome trainer just sent me the best contest info ever! She loves to do contests to motivate people. She gives away lots of cool prizes including more training with her which I need since my last day is Saturday! Well this contest is to fit into your skinny jeans!! No weight check, no measurements, nothing. All you need to do is go to her with your skinny jeans. She will have you try them on and she will take your picture. Then she will put them away for 8 weeks. Whoever looks the best after 8 weeks wins!

You know I LOVE a good competition! I mean I look for it everywhere I go! It could be seen as some as an illness but it gets me where I need to go! I have a pair of Lucky jeans that were a little snug before I got pregnant but are expensive and would look good if I fit them.

So there you go...8 weeks to fit into my skinny Lucky jeans! How are your skinny jeans fitting lately?

Oh yeah and that picture is not me....not far from it most days though!


  1. Mine are not fitting. In fact approaching the one year mark of baby #2's arrival (already! ack!) I was just starting to wonder if they are EVER going to fit again! I should join in on your challenge!

  2. Love that!! My skinny jeans fit great...but if I keep eating like I have been and not putting in the high mileage I would bet I would be SNUG. Can't wait to see the after picture, we do get to see the after picture right?

  3. Yes Mel you can see the after but not the before! :-)

  4. This is a great contest. I love that it is more about feel than actual numbers.

  5. That sounds like a fun one!! :)