Saturday, September 19, 2009

Drug of Choice?

So I have been working on eating clean for two weeks now and so far I have lost 1 pound. This week was crazy but being in school makes it a lot easier. I just have to find a way to eat my mid-morning snack...maybe a shake. Not sure yet but I am in the middle of teaching so it has to be something quick. I do have a confession to make....there is one little thing that is most definitely NOT clean that I just can't tear myself away from.....Sugar Free Redbull. I'm sure there is nothing healthy about it but I just can't make it through the day without it! Some days I have two and they aren't the small ones. Ugh! I'm sure it is tearing up my stomach and other awful things but with my new schedule of waking up at 4am (today I did it without the alarm...yuck) I just don't have the energy to do it all! The downfall is also that when it starts to wear off, I'm toast. I caught myself almost nodding off as I tested a little 1st grader reading aloud! Not good!!
What is your drug of choice?
On a side note, my little nugget turns 9 months today! Holy cow!!!! Where has all that time gone??? Today is the most perfect Fall day so we are heading out to go apple picking....Yipeeee!

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  1. You are doing great! I am on day 3 of counting calories + eating clean and this is working well! My drug of choice is homebaked cookies.