Sunday, September 6, 2009

What the BEEP did I get myself into?!

Ok so I am in full on freak out mode!!! I have my 25K tomorrow morning and I am scared to death! I haven't run that long a distance since before I was pregnant over a year ago! To add to that here is the description of the course from the flyer:
Challenging USATF-certified 25K (15.56 miles) course
along scenic coastal Gloucester and Rockport. Ocean
views and old New England villages with waterfront
sections spread throughout the course. (Oh, and did
we mention the sixteen major hills?) Mile markers and
times, refreshment stations, post-race festivities,
unique awards, raffle, and much more!

Seriously is there a flat course ANYWHERE on the North Shore!?!!! I will give you the play by play tomorrow including pictures! Wish me luck!

number pick-up....don't I look excited! Hey at least the shirt is really nice!


  1. The pictures is CUTE.. That race sounds tough...but you CAN do it!! TRy to enjoy the parts taht you can. Best part you will get a GREAT work out!

  2. hope the run went well! i'm sure it did... but hope you had a blast too :)