Friday, September 25, 2009

Back in Love

I was thinking today as I drove to work that I think that I am back in love with running. Now for many of you this may seem weird that I was ever out of love with running since I have been training for a half-marathon (which is tomorrow) for about 5 months. Let me please explain....

A few years ago one of my best friends and I decided we were going to run the Boston Marathon. She had never run more than 1 mile while I had already been running for about 10 years or so. She was in shape but running was new to her. We had a blast training for the marathon. There were three of us training and we really had fun with it considering we trained through a very cold New England winter. The only struggle I began to feel as the long runs got longer was that my pace was significantly faster than my partners. I would run ahead and then wait until they caught up. Doing this at 20 miles became difficult but we were all having fun!

Fast forward to the day before the marathon. We had a long talk about pace and decided that we would start together but we would use walkie talkies to help us talk if we got separated. Even though there was a Nor'easter that day we had high hopes for the race. We stayed together for 9 miles during which my partner stopped 3 times. Knowing that I wouldn't make it if I kept stopping with her I decided to go ahead. Plus I just couldn't resister trying to beat some of the other runners. After about 13 miles I lost touch with my two partners and was on my own. I had a great time running and felt so accomplished at the end even though my time was slow. I waited at the finish line for 45 minutes waiting for the other two to finish. When they crossed we hugged and then my "best" friend turned around and has never spoken to me again.

In the months that followed, I heard it was because I had left her that she was mad at me. It was so silly since we had been friends for so long. However, she made it so uncomfortable I had to change gyms and find all new running routes. The last time I ran the Wicked Half (the race I am running tomorrow) I was very much out of love with running. The whole loss of friendships just made me so sad and even more so I had lost my love of running which was even more devastating! Soon after I became pregnant and I was not able to run most of the time. This gave me a much needed break.

Now tonight, on the day before the same 1/2 marathon, I am finding that I am again in love with running! It is my solace. It is my stress relief. It really is my therapy...where I find me! I cannot tell you how gitty I am now that I am back in love with my old friend running! It is like finding myself all over again!

Are you in love with running?


  1. What a great feeling.. and what a sad story. It sounds like it was understood that you would split up if needed.. and you would have been in PAIN if you kept stopping and walking. GOOD LUCK tomorrow!! Glad you are BACK.

  2. I'm a little late, but good luck! Hope it went well!!!

  3. I am so sad to read about your friend and it does seem so silly. I once had a friend get mad at me because I wanted to start in an earlier wave than she qualified for. Our friendship was never the same after that.

    I was in love with running and happily training for a 1/2 marathon when I broke a toe 3 weeks ago. I am going on my first run (hopefully) tomorrow and I hope I can get back in the groove again. Hope your race went well!