Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Good morning!!! Thank you for your responses for new mantras...Love them!!!! Today is the first day where I'm giddy about this great weather! It is supposed to be warm....well 50 degrees and sunny! Yesterday Em and I were talking about running to the park. I don' t know who is more excited her or me!! She did make sure to remind me that I needed to bring snacks for her and she would run at the park. Too funny! Since I can seem to stop thinking about this race....sorry are three things I'm running through for Sunday!

1. What to wear what to wear! Yesterday (yes I am a procrastinator!) I went out in search of a pink running skirt. No such luck. I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully get something. I want to wear my Supermom Bondi Band which has seemed to bring me a lot of luck so I wanted to match. It is forcasted to be about 45 degrees but cooler at the coast. I was hoping to break out the shorter pants but not looking like that will happen. This course winds along the ocean at parts so it will probably be a little on the cool side.

2. Keep my eyes on the prize! I have been visualizing myself running it and reaching my goal. Not sure who will be there but I am visualizing myself getting over those two big hills and running strong to the finish!!! When I have been doing my runs this week I have been keeping calm and thinking of the bigger journey!

3. Working out the play list. I am a huge fan of music when I helps distract me but also makes me go faster I feel especially when a good song comes on. I have played out my last half play list to death so a new mix is needed. Jlo and Pitbull just came out with a new one...hmmmm...I love anything with a good beat! I crack myself up at some of my picks. My high schoolers would think I was very hip listening to songs they love!
Any suggestions....what songs get you fired up!

Well Happy St. Paddy's Day! Like any good English/Portuguese girl I went to work decked in green! Growing up with a red headed best friend with the last name Quinn I always wanted to be Irish and have my mom make corned beef and cabbage. Didn't happen but one year I got to be in the St. Paddy's Day parade in town....lots of laughs!


  1. Yay for warm weather! It was 61 here yesterday and they're talking about maybe a 70 today....incredible!
    You're so cute in your green! Hope you find something festive and fun to wear to your race!
    Music wise I am digging Katie Perry's firework and a little Higher and More by Taio Cruz.

  2. I'm sure you'll figure out the perfect outfit. I'm a huge fan of music for running too, it certainly helps. Eminem and lots of hip hop get me through my runs.

  3. Running skirts has a pink running skirt....did you try there.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day - I love the green! Let me know what songs people suggest - I need some new music, too!!

  5. You look gorgeous in your green Nancy!! Great pic!!!!

    Music: I like remixes of rock and hip hop/rap together. 50 cent has some good ones! Really!